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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Julia Gillard cruelly gladdened the hearts of the disabled, but it’s Tony Abbott (and now Malcolm Turnbull) who had to wrestle with the reality.

Three years ago, here on PP:

Gonski and the NDIS were unfunded land mines a heartless Julia left for her nemesis Tony Abbott. In the 2013 election Abbott agreed to fund both as far as the forward (4 years) estimates, but Gillard had promised ten and twelve years into the future knowing full well she would not be around.

Rudd continued with both hoaxes and the State Premiers, both Labor and LNP, and of course Bill Shorten were keen to see a non-existent $80 billion in Commonwealth funding "honoured". This week the Gillard hoaxes were finally laid bare and PM Turnbull has finally admitted that, “The money just isn’t there”. It never was and now the Premiers have to accept the truth.

There is no doubt these imaginary funds, even if they had miraculously materialised, would have been misspent on union extravagances. Hockey had realised that Government funding to industries invariably trickles into union bank accounts in return for industrial peace, that’s why he finally told the craven carmakers to fornicate off back home.

For decades billions in taxpayer funds found their way into union crooks’ pockets to ensure industrial peace... not to create better and less expensive vehicles.

Amid howls from the ALP, Hockey also refused to provide hundreds of millions to prop up Qantas in its “time of need” only to witness Qantas report record profits a couple of years later. Hockey was right again.

The same applies with Shorten and South Australia’s Labor Government demands that submarine contracts be given to the uneconomic SA ship builders, when other international builders can produce twice the quality at half the price.

So far the SA ship builders, who “can’t be trusted to build a canoe” have only produced submarines that submerge, surfacing is a bit complicated for them.

So Shorten cares about a few metal workers’ jobs, eh? Bullshit he does... he has cost thousands of union members their jobs in the past when he can get an “industrial peace” deal for himself. Not himself personally but to purloin the funds that are desperately needed if he and his Labor Party are to be re-elected.

That’s not likely now and the IR legislation triggers for a DD will put paid to this union corruption at least during the life of an LNP Government.

But sooner or later swinging bogans will decide Labor needs another go and the corruption will re-commence because Labor cannot survive without unions and unions will not be denied their Labor Party milch cow. The Gillard style hoaxes will also re-commence in anticipation of an incoming LNP government.

This election will be a political watershed with Labor fighting for its survival in the arms of their Islamic electorates. Islamic atrocities are set to have an unrealised electoral impact because even bogans have taken to reading the Koran and the LNP under Turnbull still believes we need to nurture Islamic communities in order for them to “dob in” their budding Jihadists. Hmmm, what a load of smelly old camel shit!

They didn’t dob them in in Paris or Brussels... or here. 


ellis was the douche after an enema from gillard's putrid arse.

So Turnbull, the great "conservative" messiah has slipped in the polls. 51-49 is still pretty close, but how could the great one ever allow himself to be in this position. Bring on the election, bring on Shorten and he'll spend us into Greek style oblivian. Like a bad flu, we can feel the change coming so let's get it over with and take what we deserve.

The government now tells you what views are acceptable. Racing Minister (Qld) Ms Grace was scathing of Mr Rundle's view on halal certification, labelling them “unacceptable”. He was made to resign as member of the Racing Board. Freedom is on the 'endangered civil rights' list

i'm one of those 'say no to drugs' people

After Gillard's disastrous stint as the first female PM of Australia there seems to be no hurry for a second. Nice legacy, Julia.

Glad you never ended up a junkie.

Not all Frenchmen can cook!

I always can't help but worry about the meringue setting and not going runny though (sigh) the story of my life

my mother liked it, and i wanted to be Debbie Byrne (I was a rebel)

mike..dont forget the glass was so tough a few small pebbles thrown at it by that unemployed basketballer it smashed it to pieces...the cops are jokers

Google Radio 2CC to vote Poll best federal leader MT, TA 60%, Scomo 40%, Andrews, someone else are the options.

Conker - packet soup into REAL soup? What are you trying to do, poison someone?

It wasn't the job of Tony Abbott to make himself available to criminals. The police have a job to do and it's best left to them to get on with it.
Have to agree with you Lights.... it most certainly would set a precedent - it's a police matter - end of story.

"there's no relationship more special, more sacred, more time-honoured, than the one between a white boy and his cupcake. Threaten this and there'll be consequences. Boy oh boy will there be consequences." ... this from the feminazi author of "Menstruation in Film and Television" and "Masturbation in Film and Television"

Malcolm Turnbull when one day looking over the table in parliament, saw his buzz words of flexible, and adaptable in Gillard. He knew how she could go both ways and said “eureka” flexible, Then he thought adaptable as he knew from the coffee machine chats she could perform in any sexual position with male or female. He then said to himself I will store these word for use in the future.
You can all thank Gillard for the words now used for the economy, she never goes away that bag from the south.

national bank is the solution to Australia’s budget crisis

While Malcolm Turnbull scurries from thought bubble to thought bubble to balance the budget—first raise the GST, now return to different state tax gauges—his ideology and banking connections make him hostile to the obvious solution: a national bank.

The cause of the budget crisis is the shrinking productive economy; therefore, the solution is growing the economy, not taxing it further. (Tax the parasitical financial speculators, however—they aren’t productive in any way.)

A national bank is a government-owned bank, such as the original Commonwealth Bank. The government can use its bank to finance costly, long-term expenditure such as infrastructure, plant and equipment through a separate capital budget. It is ridiculous for the annual budget, which is short-term and funded through current tax receipts, to fund long-term investments such as infrastructure which can take decades to build. Separating capital expenditure out of the annual budget will by itself go a long way towards balancing the budget; moreover, by investing in such capital using credit instead of taxes, the projects will actually get built, instead of being perennially put off because “there’s not enough money”. This in turn will create tens and even hundreds of thousands of productive, full-time jobs that will both expand the tax base and reduce welfare expenditure, which is how to balance the annual budget.

Ship 'em out. It's been done before.
"Overall, there were 1,078,168 apprehensions made in the first year of Operation Wetback, with 170,000 being rounded up from May to July 1954. In addition, many illegal immigrants fled to Mexico fearing arrest; over half a million in Texas alone.[39] "

HH, it was an old bank. They have heavier calibers available. They just needed the will.

I was make watch that show with the parents and two sisters, must have been Saturday nights. Too young to roam the streets and only one tele. The cute girls were the only bonus.