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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In an astonishing Fairfax report, compiled from freedom of information documents, an estimated 120,000 illegal entrants flew into Australia between the years 2008 and 2013... and they remain here on fake passports and false documents.

The majority of illegal fly-ins are on fraudulent student visas and work permits and they departed mostly from Middle Eastern hot spots, including Afghanistan, under the auspices of people smugglers. 

Perhaps Sarah Hanson-Young might be convinced to call these people illegal immigrants? Hmmm, no. Sarah will shed another tear while she describes them as more desperate refugees escaping persecution.

The SMH complains that. “... they arrive unchecked while the Government focuses on stopping boats.” 

In a comprehensive lead article not once is it mentioned that illegal arrivals on both boats and planes began and continued under the Gillard/Rudd regime.

Fairfax continues, “The confidential Immigration Department files reveal repeated internal warnings over several years that widespread visa fraud is 'business as usual' yet remains largely untreated because the department's investigation and enforcement capacity had collapsed.

“... an internal inquiry into Afghan visa applicants in 2012 assessed that more than 90 per cent of cases contained fraud of some type and raised people smuggling, identity fraud, suspected child trafficking and national security implications.

“Also, a 2010 report reveals that immigration investigators had uncovered a Somali people-smuggling cell in Melbourne linked to terrorist suspect Hussein Hashi Farah, who ‘is believed to have links to the al-Qaeda offshoot al-Shabab’ and who fled Kenyan counterterrorism officials using an Australian passport in 2010.

“But the departmental file shows that a 2009 investigation into the cell's activities was deemed low priority and ceased due to a lack of resources". Hmmm, 2009? Again no mention of the responsible Government of K. Rudd.

* “Tens of thousands of immigration fraudsters living freely after being assisted by migration crime networks exploiting weaknesses in working, student, family and humanitarian visa programs, including loopholes that have left the department sometimes 'generating the fraud'.

* “The (immigration) department is 'responsible for granting a record number of student visas to people who may not be considered genuine students as well as granting permanent residence to skilled migration applicants who do not have the appropriate skills being claimed.

* “In 2013, department chiefs were warned in a confidential report that the agency's investigations arm had collapsed, risking the integrity of its programs and ultimately national security."

Hmmm, let me think, I'm almost certain that was under the Gillard Government. 

Fairfax continues, “A 2010 report into a Somali people-smuggling network stated that despite evidence pointing to multiple breaches of the Criminal Code Act and the Migration Act, the department had secured only one minor prosecution. Media attention and three PMQs [prime minister briefings] on this issue have not been enough for the government to address this situation, the immigration file states.

“Another 2010 report states that evidence uncovered to date indicates that fraud within the General Skilled Migration program is extensive with estimates at around 90 per cent [or] more than 40,000 suspect visa applications lodged per year for the last three years.''

And still no mention of the culpable governments of Gillard's or Rudd's. 

Oh well, I guess that’s our culpable Fairfax.


Please read this link Communist Party of Australia, organizes the Marches against GOV under banners for CFMEU /PUBLIC services unions.

Proof of this story is surely evidenced by illegals all called for AU Navy help on arrival in AU waters someone was feeding info to them PUBLIC service Unions backed by Communist party of Australia behind the anti GOV marches and demos, read this link

About time these traitors were held responsible for compromising our national security, exposing us to infectious disease, ignoring the duty of care to Australian citizens, but most of all, being the most corrupt, self serving, traitorous and inept bunch of idiots that ever drew air.

when will this page be filed? the pics at the header are too creepy and need to be censored.

all part of a much bigger plan! read agenda 21 & the lima declaration these documents cover off on every event of the last 100 years

I cannot understand how the Immigration Department don't check on their own staff , does this mean the entire public service is corrupt ? Each State have had enquiries into their police services over the years and now this happens ..

seems odd to me that Fairfax would break a story like this.?? perhaps they have turned a corner ?

stevo290, you are like a breath of fresh air. We know all about labour. We don't want to go there Tony Abbott is PM. Put a rocket under him and get him to perform.

Obama on Iraqi Airstrikes and Airdrops
President Obama spoke about actions taken by his administration in Iraq, including airdrops of humanitarian supplies and the authorization of airstrikes against ISIS forces.

There seems to be a unwillingness on behalf of authorities, bureaucrats, and politicians to address these issues head on, and to question the accountability of those minority social engineers, self-serving legal fraternity opportunists, and the multicultural industry lobbyist who continually make decision on the behalf of the majority of Australians on immigration policy.
You don’t have to be Einstein to realise that the immigration policy of the last twenty years has failed miserably, even with all the growth of all the multicultural grandees propaganda that still has not resulted in a harmonious assimilated society, but instead has produced a society of separate ethnic tribes, encouraged not to assimilate into the general populace, which is borne out on the streets of our country cities

Hey at least Fairfax got rid of that disgrace Carlton, so at least be grateful for that Laz. He took a bit of moving but he's out of there

About a fifth of private colleges are visa factories set up to let international students stay in Australia, the author of that report says it is a $17 billion sector.
A federal government-commissioned report by former Liberal MP Bruce Baird into the nation's third largest export industry was released last year.The sector has been beset by rorting by international students - especially Indians - and claims that some education providers were exploiting foreigners. Mr Baird said the industry had been significantly "distorted" by unscrupulous providers cashing in on overseas students' desire to live in Australia. "We have permanent-residency factories (and) if you ask any of the good providers they'll quickly name those who they believe are the dodgy operators rorting the system," he said.

The majority of Voters don't agree with you smartgirl so how smart are you? Shouldn't you be asking yourself what is going wrong and how can we fix it in 2 years?

No argument there. Get used to it because from present performance of the LNP they will be handing us back to what we dread., The Union Party. People keep telling us how bad Labour is and how good Tony Abbott is and signs are the masses will vote the LNP out. That's a direct indication of Tony Abbots' lack of judgement. One catastrophe after another and his supporters stick by him. Very Noble but not going to save us from being voted out.

Will anyone go to prison.......Nah its not the Australian way......Poor fella my country!

I don't understand liberal or labor they are bad as each other .The liberals have signed more UN agreements than labor to the detriment of the Australian people .The liberals brought in the double taxation act in the 60s which has decimated Australian manufacturing.Both parties have done nothing about the 4500 multinationals that pay no tax and takeout over $ 1 trillion dollars a year tax free .Fix the tax system and this country in 12 months will be on its way to being wealthy again

David of Sydney 58 seconds ago
Leave Golda Meir out of this.

I am 'totally sick', that's a good thing isn't.

this despicable duo ignored the fact that they were required to provide governance in the interest of the Australian People. not the UN and definitely not in their owm.

O/T Just heard that Sarah Ferguson has now gone to 2GB which puts that station down in my eyes. She's now talking to Ben Fordham who seems to be kissing her butt and I thought he had more sense than that.

Our big problem is that governments, both state & federal, make laws as a PR exercise, without having the means or intention of enforcing them. Bullshit reigns supreme.