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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Stoljar had not done his homework, Galbally should have stayed in bed and Gillard lied through her teeth... but she had her ducks in order. Wilson is still clearly under her spell and other witnesses had changed their evidence overnight to suit Gillard's account of events.

Slater & Gordon don’t sack staff for no reason and for Gillard to say she didn’t know what the fraudulent association and bank accounts were for indicates she is either extremely dumb or a very good liar.

Wilson has so far been successful in claiming privilege over Slater & Gordon files but the question must be asked, if he and Gillard have nothing to hide, why then has privilege been claimed?

Jeremy Stoljar avoided going for Julia’s exposed jugular and he may have good reasons for doing so because Vicpol has had 12 detectives shadowing Wilson and Gillard for the past for 18 months and may not wish to telegraph their punches. 

An awful lot was missing from Stoljar’s examination today and I for one was expecting critical questions that never came. But history shows that lawyers never like interrogating lawyers, perhaps they imagine themselves in the same dock one day.

It’s just as well 12 fraud squad detectives won’t feel the same way.


Sergeants Porno and Bribeasy as the great white hope re busting gillard is delusional. You'd be hard pressed to meet a cop who hasn't achieved the trifecta of incompetent, moronic and corrupt. Rare exceptions do exist but not in any sort of senior role.

Rosa-- The absence of Nick Styant-Brown and Peter Gordon at the R.C. hints to me the police have them lined up for their case. They are prime witnesses and would have to appear at the R.C. unless there is a bigger trap being set. These two guys fired Gillard, and must give evidence unless the police say no we need them fresh to get a prosecutions. These facts are very important, and I am sure Gillard is wondering why the two smart cookies that gave her the boot have not been called.

Best wishes to you Bob. It's great to see you in the audience and you have my prayers for strength. Keep your chin up as many here and elsewhere support you. :-) xxxx

paisley, I agree with you. She cut and pasted the rules from her socialist forum incorporated association she said to Peter Gordon in the exit interview. Ralph and Wilson had no clue about such a scam to "instruct" her to do it. Murphy knew it was corrupt and gave himself away by his hands trying to keep his jaw closed every time he was asked about Gillard. Peter Gordon should be called to explain why she left or perhaps Nick Styant Browne. That would be very interesting.

Rosa--- Wilson and Blewett would not have known about this type of association, and Gillard did all the work to set it up as she was experienced. She is up to her neck in it. She would have been told she would be alright when the scheme gets going, therefore no file was opened. i.e. no billing from S.G. They had to put AWU in the name to give the impression it was a union fund for training, if it were for election of office bearers it would have been impossible for the businesses to regularly send out cheques for these large amounts. She even was in print to the WA authorities when the first application was rejected and it was her that convinced them it was a legitimate union fund, and we all know it was not.

Very much off topic and my apologies...but I think this is funny.
Talk about stick this up 'em....HA

Gay groups angered as heterosexual men marry to win rugby trip
Sydney Morning Herald -

Two men got married in New Zealand this morning and people aren't happy about it. Heterosexuals Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick tied the knot on Friday morning as part of a radio competition to win tickets to the Rugby World Cup.

I was astounded Wilson's Hanscombe didn't question JEG at all. JEG had dropped Wilson right in it about setting up the scam AWU WRA. Whereas I think Wilson said in his 7.30 appearance and also on the stand, words to effect, that he wanted it fixed and Julia just fixed it. Wilson had no clue about such a scam association, whereas she had considerable previous experience. That other memory loss couple were totally unbelievable. Convenient memory loss is so common amongst all the crooks including JEG.

I'm not a legal person , and I realise it's an RC .
Just that it seemed almost to get past over in a rush to get the liar into the box .
Trust ZK2A and paisley are correct that the VICPOL will act in accordance of the law in regards to his so called recant ..

GTD---I believe the document as a whole was still entered as evidence. I am sure Victoria police will be onto this guy Eliott and he will be grilled. The performance of him and his Victorian upper house gravy train wife was terrible to watch, and made one sick in the stomach. I would think a Labor heavy told her to be good, and to get your husband to change his story, or your easy money upper house job will be gone.

I'm still at a loss how this f##kin tool Elliott could could just change his statement ..

Snippet from Michael SMITH'S :
Mr Elliott has declined to adopt these paragraphs in the witness box. He says he has changed his mind from the time when he made this statement. He says as a result of discussions with his wife he has now refreshed his memory of events and he now states that his memory as reflected in this statement is a false memory.

Good to see you in the hearing room Bob. I'm sure it's good therapy for you and for many of us here. I'm still hopeful that Gillard will be held to account one day. Sadly this investigation should have happened years ago and saved a lot of heartache. Hold your head high Bob, you have a lot more integrity than the whole Labor leadership combined.

Thanks Bob. I saw you there when I watched online. I think I saw Olive Palmer as well sitting across from you. I saw the hard faced and botoxed liar deny deny deny everything sitting there in her laboratory coat.

Potty-mouth leftist.

Below: Posted on Piers Ackerman site this morning...

Has Julia Gillard’s tenure been a positive or negative for Australia?

Because of her:

We have spent millions on a royal commission
We are paying millions a day on interest on her deficit
We are paying billions for a NBN
We are paying billions in SS for the 50,000 boat people she let in
We are paying billions in SS for the 100,000 fly-ins on her watch

She introduced a Mining Tax that generated no income
She introduced a Carbon Tax that decimated industry
The national airliner paid $200M in c-bon tax and is today on the verge

Has there been a previous PM that has left such carnage in her wake
Has there been a previous PM that has had their signature policies (c-tax, m-tax) both reversed, in haste, by an overwhelming mandate from the voters.

But worst of all:
Because of her tenure 1200 boat people have died.

Has there been a worst Prime Minister in the history of this nation?

Seaforth of Melbourne (Reply)
Thu 11 Sep 14 (08:43pm)

I saw Silk on the ABC last night. One of the barristers made this comment........a helpless Victim but pulling all the strings. OMG i thought that sums up Julia Gillard to a tee.

its all over she has been judged in the court of public opinion
and it is not a good look''

this royal commission is many years too late

had Howard acted when he was asked we would never had that nasty piece of work
or shorten and his girlfriend either

Bob - please give us all a heads up that VicPol are still hot on Gillard's trail and that [hopefully] there is documentary evidence that wasn't put to Gillard by Stoljar lest it compromised their investigation and successful prosecutions.

I noticed Gillard occassionally glancing in your direction Bob, geesuz i hate that bitch. Her arrogant contempt of decent hard working Australians she trashed in her endevour to please her Union Masters is truely sickening.

The National Geographic had a project where they were doing free DNA tests to trace aboriginal ancestry. With women it is easy to make the link.