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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There were some things Abbott wasn’t prepared to do to gain Government in 2010... one was to “sell my arse” to Bob Brown, the other was to plaster the beautiful Aussie landscape with wind turbines. Julia Gillard was willing to do both, and anything else that secured her the keys to The Lodge.

In a previous article I said the problem with windmills is that they will all become unserviceable and useless at the one time. These hideous turbines have a life span of between 10 and 15 years and replacement costs will not attract the generous subsidies that allowed them to be built in the first place.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s slush fund consisted of a borrowed and unimaginable amount of $10 billion (by 2010 Rudd had already drained the treasury dry unnecessarily).

But one of the requirements needed to dip into this borrowed bank was that only uneconomic green schemes were eligible.

Applicants who wanted a piece of Bob Brown’s deficit bank had to show that other financing alternatives had been exhausted. In other words, every crazy green scheme had to have already been rejected as uneconomic by investors who can do simple sums when it comes to their own hard-earned.

Gillard had instructed the CEFC to hurriedly hand out as much in subsidies as was legally possible in the lead up to the 2013 election... (A) because she knew the contracts would be irreversible, (B) she knew struggling farmers would agree to have wind turbines installed and (C) it was clear the ALP/Green Government would lose Office even with a change back to Rudd and there would be nothing Abbott could do to reverse it anyway.

With the Greens certain to hold sway in the Senate from their 2007 six-year terms it became impossible to rid Australians of one of the most costly and destructive of the Brown/Gillard land-mine deals.

Of course they are both now in voluntary retirement sucking off the taxpayers’ teat and laughing their cosmetically challenged heads off.

One of these delightful people is intent on saving whales aboard the Green Peace while the other is intent on saving her own neck from upcoming Victorian Major Fraud Squad charges. (Once Blewitt and Wilson are charged, and they will be, Gillard is back in the witness box.)

The best course to take with these carpets of visual- and noise-polluting windmill disasters is to join two D9s with a heavy duty chain and keep motoring until every last one is flattened.

Is it any wonder the world is finally waking up to the UN’s IPCC global warming hoax. The object of publicly-funded green energy financing is to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gasses but since its inception the C02 level hasn’t changed at all yet, through normal climatic variations, North America, Europe and even Australia is experiencing record cold winters with snow extending to the Queensland border for Christ sakes.

If these ridiculous windmills are responsible for this new cold then that’s reason enough to get rid of the hideous things.

Please give us back our C02 cos we need to grow stuff to eat and we are using more coal-fired energy just trying to keep warm!

When the normal financial checks and balances of democratic free enterprise is replaced with disastrous, no penalty, taxpayer funded programs of the far Left, pull the covers over your head and pray, because that’s exactly what we’ve got with these damned windmills.

The damage wreaked by Rudd/Gillard/Brown/Rudd and a prospective Shorten carries Greek overtones.


The leftard train to economic ruin!

Greg Hunt wants a Big Effing Coal mine so he can stuff all that farming land and leave a big effing hole in the ground ,pollution ,stuff the water etc ,but wants to ban pig hunters ,what a hypocrite ! how much is he getting paid for all this ?

These looney-toons wanted everybody to paint their house roofs white, and the major rock formations white. Don't know how the abbos would feel about AYRES ROCK being painted WHITE. I am starting to think that they are on a drug more dangerous than ICE.

Who but a rusted on labor leftie or a CFMEU stand over grub believe one word from Shortonbrains, AND a Get Up Galah of course !

AUSTRALIANS needed to stand up to anti-fossil fuel activists who were jeopardising the country carrying out its moral obligation of helping developing countries like India lift its people out of poverty, Institute of Public Affairs energy and innovation policy director Brett Hogan said.

Miss Piggy's budget makes Wayne Swan look even more like the amateur he was. A bucket load of smoke, mirrors, fibs and " surlpus", " surplus ". Electricity prices have to go up because SHE transferred government debt to the electricity provider.Same debt, same interest bill. Same labor economics.OMG.

you go there, wispy....hang don't live next to me, do you?

Why in heavans name does the AFP want to have a meal with the muslim mob? We only have one enemy , muslims.They should devote 100% of their time and resources to tracking down the MUSLIM TERRORISTS and SHARIA PROMOTERS.

Why do Get Up Galahs waste their time posting their peurile rubbish here when they know no one takes one ounce of notice of their repetetive nonsense. They should stick to their banners on Q&A .They at least would be being seen by their braindead comrades.


Coal fired energy provides 75% of all energy used in Australia. A mix of renewables provide the other 25%. Some facts: From that 25% base, Hydro provides 63.4%; Wind provides 22.9%; Bio provides 11.5%; and Solar provides just 2.1%. For the massive taxpayer and consumer subsidies amounting to $$$ BILLIONS annually, where is the value. On any rudimentary understanding of commercial enterprise - this would not stand up to any kind of cost / benefit analysis. Do the carpetbaggers and rent seekers who infest the renewables industry seriously believe that Australians are that dumb??? Abbott has made the right call on the wind scam. Australians should thank him for standing up for taxpayers and consumers who, to date have been ripped off royally by these treasonous shysters.

HEY ! ... how to guide you kids and grandkids for the future

Accepting the apparent inevitability of the NWO, Agenda 21 and Islamisation ..

Guide you child to study areas such as: administration, policy making, management, project evaluation and management, international relations, land use, technical .....

Why ? ... well the OWG will employ large numbers of bureaucrats ..
(better to be on the inside pissing out ... so to speak)

Lord Mockton explains that over 1000 UN centres have already been set up for the coming Global Government ... he says more will come and they will soak up all the bureaucrats ....

So ... better to try and be a part of that ... middle management and upwards !

Can't beat .... join them ?

The price to pay ? .. poorer, less freedom, prescribed lifestyle

What a load of unmitigated CRAP!


Yes wasp, it stuck out like dogs balls to me? and OZ you are bang on the money or lack of it in this case.


PattayaPete 53 minutes ago

How a culture treats its children is up to them …
Child rape is OK if its just muslim culture ..
All those lovely black and muslim kids ..learning the ways of sex and Islam


Germany and France Vendor Financed Greece to ensure that their markets were stimulated. It backfired on Germany and France

It seems the serial pests on this site do not confine themselves to just this site. This from Michael Smith, "Dan said in reply to Glenn...

It would come as no surprise if the imbecile who wrote this dribble of a letter to Michael Smith is no other than "Caller Mick" the loony left caller who calls 2GB to lecture Steve Price and Andrew Bolt all the time in regards to Abbott-Abbott-Abbott.

There is also a lunatic troll that posts on both Andrew Bolt's blog and others within News Corp and goes by the name of "Mr Jordon"

Check out Bolt's blog where this particular individual makes a complete fool of himself on a daily basis and has for years now. He is a certifiable nutcase and posts ramblings that always ignore fact and simply defend the indefensible in relation to topics like ABC bias and trade union/ALP corruption.

There is a similar theme to it as the letter that "Michael J" wrote to the our mate Michael Smith.

I've always wondered if "Caller Mick" the staunch Labor 'true believer' who harasses 2GB all the time is in fact "Mr Jordon" the person who harasses Andrew Bolt's daily blogs.

I've spoken to many people who have wondered the exact same thing.

If anyone can look into this I'd be extremely grateful.



good idea, enjoy your day