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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The US is falling into a universal, socialist, unaffordable, healthcare system like that in the UK and Oz, most of Europe of course, Asia and even South America. It seems there is nowhere else to go for the Yanks, as a core promise in repealing and replacing the doomed Obamacare is a guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Insurance companies work from a simple, tried and proven formula that ensures a fat profit. These companies have no intention to gamble when it’s simply not necessary. If they are hampered by over-regulation they move off somewhere else. As they are doing because they know where this is going.

The World Health Organisation has praised Greece for its World Class universal health system... but look at Greece.

The insistence by Dems in the US Senate, and many in the GOP, that pre-existing conditions must be covered is not part of the insurance formula and is certain to sabotage a proposed Trumpcare because people will wait until they need the care before joining up.

Universal health care is part of the socialist Nirvana and is most of the reason for many EU countries being insolvent.

The proposed US health care framework will ensure women will wait until they are pregnant or diagnosed with breast cancer before enlisting. Old blokes will wait until they contract prostate cancer or are diagnosed with dementia before they go looking for insurance.

Young people believe they are supermen and superwomen… bullet proof! That is until a stray bullet gets them. Yet it is these perfectly healthy people’s insurance premiums that companies depend on ...and they won't be there!

Insurance companies’ profits rely on the “fear of the unknown” and who gives a stuff if there will always be someone else there to pick up the expensive pieces anyway. That’s human nature but it's not the way insurance works.

Try looking for insurance after your house has burned down, after your boat has sunk or after your aeroplane has crashed... a pointless exercise. What is so different about after you have contracted a disease?

Surely Trump, the wise one, must already know that.  


The statesmanship of Rand Paul.

In the ongoing health care debate, Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., has emerged as the most consistent champion of and advocate for real repeal of Obamacare. One of the select few conservatives in the U.S. Senate pushing against the current GOP health care plan, Sen. Paul has been leading the repeal fight for months, showing true statesmanship.

"It's going to take a little bit of work to get me to a 'yes' vote, but I do have an open mind," Paul told Neil Cavuto in May. "There's not been a louder voice up here for replacing Obamacare. I really want to repeal it. I just don't want to replace it with 'Obamacare lite' or another federal program."

Senator Paul has been not only the Senate’s loudest voice for replacing Obamacare, but also its most consistent. What he told Cavuto in May, he repeated this past week as Republicans discovered that they cannot muster the votes to pass a tepid, watered-down Medicaid reform package masquerading as Obamacare repeal.

The fundamental flaw in the Senate Obamacare bill is the Obamacare regulations and insurance plan mandates that are preserved, which will cause premiums to continue to rise. As Sen. Paul correctly points out, Republicans will get stuck with the blame for failing to fix the premium problem.

“I think this thing still could be done, but we have to keep our promise to the Republican voters as well as all voters that we were going to repeal the disaster that is Obamacare. But, in order to get rid of the high prices of Obamacare, you have to repeal the regulations. And if we tinker around the edge with one or two regulations, the prices won’t come down and guess who they’re gonna blame? The Republicans. So we gotta fix it, we gotta really repeal it.”

In Sen. Paul’s approach to health insurance reform, he has demonstrated the qualities of true statesmanship. The statesman’s chief virtue is prudence – the knowledge of what is the right thing to do and when it is best to do it. The right thing to do is to fully repeal Obamacare, but the divided Republican conference that cannot agree on this course of action requires our members of Congress to find a place for compromise.

This does not suggest, as some have argued, that Republicans should pass “whatever compromise” will garner 50 votes. Any compromise that sustains these intrinsic problems of Obamacare and fails to lower premiums will incur the wrath of the electorate just as assuredly as failing to pass anything at all will.

In no uncertain terms, if the current Obamacare replacement plan becomes law, the Republican party will own every premium increase, every insurance company withdrawal in the market death spiral, every cancelled insurance plan, and every insolvent state budget wherever Medicaid is expanded in the U.S. Passing this bill – which currently polls only 12 percent support from the electorate – would simply be stupid.

Senator Paul has the presence of mind to grasp this. His pointed criticisms of the bill stand in contrast to blind reassurances from some Republicans that the GOP plan will lower insurance premiums without repealing so-called “patient protection” regulations – an impossibility. Put simply, Senator Paul is telling the truth about the GOP bill when he claims it does not go far enough to fix the insurance markets Obamacare ruined and that Republicans will get the blame if they phone in their “fix.”

"The half of Republicans that hate it are conservatives like myself who went to rally after rally after rally saying 'We're going to repeal ObamaCare,' and now we're not repealing it, we're keeping it," Paul reiterated in an interview with Fox News Wednesday in which he harshly criticized his moderate colleagues.

"These weak-kneed Republicans up here who are saying, 'Oh, we got to spend more money and we got to keep Medicaid forever, the expansion,' they need to get over themselves."

Senator Paul is not being polemic, but prudent. The opposition to real repeal by the moderates is harmful both to the country and to the GOP politically. Paul had the prescience to see that the more moderate members of the GOP conference would refuse to repeal Obamacare wholesale and that the Democrats would attack Republicans on grounds that they were cutting Medicaid spending while lowering taxes on the rich.

As such, while House Republicans were still drawing up the American Health Care Act, Senator Paul introduced his own plan to repeal Obamacare – one that left Medicaid expansion and the Obamacare taxes untouched while focusing on repealing regulations and expanding consumer options with health savings accounts. This is exactly the compromise position advocated by CR’s Daniel Horowitz. Paul’s plan was savaged at the time, yet if Republicans had adopted it, they would have neutralized the Democratic talking points on Medicaid and taxes while enacting real reforms in the private insurance market that would demonstrate how health care costs can be brought down – making a roll-back of Medicaid expansion politically feasible, as people on the program would then be able to afford private insurance on the free market.

Paul was the first Republican on the scene ready with a repeal bill once it became clear GOP leadership would not take up the 2015 repeal bill.

What distinguishes Senator Paul is that his objections have been accompanied by ideas that would improve the legislation. He has not refused to compromise, nor is he insisting on a libertarian purity test for health care reform. He is attempting to guide his colleagues toward passing a bill that will actually help people and save the party from political disaster.

Sen. Paul believes his efforts in Congress will ultimately lead to a bill that actually repeals Obamacare, at least partially.

“I think it’s important that some of us stand firm now,” Paul said earlier this week. “Now is the time to change the bill and I think by my steadfastness in being for repeal, I think I can get this bill to look more like repeal before it goes through.”

Whatever health care outcome is adopted by the Republicans in Congress and ultimately becomes law, conservatives will have Senator Paul, a true American statesman, to thank for being a consistent proponent of liberty and responsible governance in the halls of Congress.

Is anyone aware that the Hippocratic Oath is not an oath of altruism or benevolence? It is actually an oath of protectionism and secrecy. Hippocrates stated that he and his family would only share medical secrets and methods to close family and friends, and would not aid the sick or dying unless they were rewarded in kind. "In kind" can be interpreted as "You give me goods to the value of ten pieces of silver or one piece of gold and I will administer my learned skills to TRY and remove your ailments". Hippocrates essentially created the first form of union protectionism. Capitalist countries all have these medical unions. Australia's medical union is known as the AMA. They side with politicians who promote socialist medical systems like Medicare, because it involves a massive money pot.

The big elephant in the room of this socialist medicare/medicaid is the cost of medical administration. Everyone asks WHERE is all the money to be sourced, instead of WHY does it cost so much? The medical fraternity (including BIG Pharma) charge 10 pieces of silver or one piece of gold for goods and services which has a true value of 1-2 pieces of silver. People who are in pain or at risk of dying are prepared to pay the asking price. It's called extortion. That is why Medicare is extremely costly. Socialization of Medicare/Medicaid simply enables abuse of the expensive system by non-contributor users and the medical fraternity themselves. Prove me wrong.

The following article shows shocking numbers of child abuse in the Catholic education system, I am sure Pell knew about what was going on.

Taken from a SMH article-----------Catholic education system under a cloud after child sex abuse commission findings .

-Most staggering were the proportions of abusers within some of the semi-autonomous Catholic religious orders (spiritual communities, often with roots in the church's European ancestry).

These organisations had tentacles deep into the Catholic school system, with some of the worst abuse reported in the schools they ran. They included the Order of St John of God, where the proportion of alleged perpetrators was estimated at 40.4 per cent; the Christian Brothers (22 per cent) and the Marist brothers (20.4 per cent).
These are terrible numbers.

Can someone tell me with the contact details of Campbell Newman ,was Premier of Qld ?

The First Token follower of Islam that reaches the Primeministership of the First Nuclear Country they can take, will have a button that will reset Everything, and the Jewish area's are the first in their GPS Co-ordinates list...Let's see, Germany,France and who ever else has Multiple Nuclear Warheads....In the last 5 Years ...Islamic Mayor of London, and numerous other area's...Time is the Single and Sole Variable unless Islam is stopped...How are the Jewish community going to stop an Islamic, Nuclear German or French, Elected Government?

Pelican...I do believe that we also will have to agree to disagree on parts of our respective arguments..I do see and agree there is collusion between leaders which appear to be a consorted effort to promote the NWO, however am not prepared to lay it all at the feet of the Jewish community. Especially when Islam is the Single Direct Threat to the West and all it stands for....If the West does fall, How the hell, and whom the Hell is going to save the Jewish Community...It just makes no Logic to me...Without the West to protect it, the Jewish community is Doomed, just as we are....

New post up !

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Things gone pretty quite on that little scrubber.The MSM musnt have liked her background.She's been round the block a time or two.

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They can't write just now, too much egg on their faces

The Bosun's thoughts on George Pell note- The Bosun's thoughts are not necessarily my own due to his vivid imagination. Think about it, George has been placed in a job where he must sort out expenditure from the Vatican Bank. Having enjoyed God Father 3, I have to wonder if George has been deliberately set up to keep him quite?

Today sees the launch of the first book ever dealing with subject of sex with herbs.
It's about fucking thyme.

I do hope that Mr President gives Hungary, Poland and any other country being bullied by the UN and Merkle etc, a helping hand should they decide on sanctions against those that refuse to take in muslim's. Summer is well established in the Med and there will be a flood of these people. Looks like Africa also.

Just when you thought CNN couldn't go any lower:
"CNN presents Elmo’s “wonderful trip” to refugee camps"
" “Elmo thinks it’s important to know that everybody is the same deep down and that’s very important.”

"Really? Cute little Elmo could not possibly tell the truth about what’s really happening in refugee camps, now could he? Innocent people are suffering in refugee camps at the hands of jihadists and barbaric Islamic supremacists. That would not be suitable for children to hear. But in light of the reality in refugee camps, it would have been best not to have him spread this propaganda to children."

I started my new job as a garbage collector this morning.
No training was required, I just picked it up as I went along.

Feel Good Story Of The Day:
"Jihadi Work Accident: Five Suicide Bombers Killed When One Of Their Explosive Vests Detonates Prematurely… "

Singapore has a superior health system to Australia at less than half the cost because Marxist "Health" Unions don't have their hands in the till.

" Singapore has a universal health care system where government ensures affordability, largely through compulsory savings and price controls, while the private sector provides most care. Overall spending on health care amounts to only 3% of annual GDP. Of that, 66% comes from private sources.[36] Singapore currently has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world (equaled only by Iceland) and among the highest life expectancies from birth, according to the World Health Organization.[37] Singapore has "one of the most successful health care systems in the world, in terms of both efficiency in financing and the results achieved in community health outcomes," according to an analysis by global consulting firm Watson Wyatt.[38] Singapore's system uses a combination of compulsory savings from payroll deductions (funded by both employers and workers) a nationalized catastrophic health insurance plan, and government subsidies, as well as "actively regulating the supply and prices of health care services in the country" to keep costs in check; the specific features have been described as potentially a "very difficult system to replicate in many other countries." Many Singaporeans also have supplemental private health insurance (often provided by employers) for services not covered by the government's programs.[38]
Singapore’s well-established health care system comprises a total of 13 private hospitals, 10 public (government) hospitals and several specialist clinics, each specializing in and catering to different patient needs, at varying costs.
Patients are free to choose the providers within the government or private health care delivery system and can walk in for a consultation at any private clinic or any government polyclinic. For emergency services, patients can go at any time to the 24-hour Accident & Emergency Departments located in the government hospitals.
Singapore's medical facilities are among the finest in the world, with well qualified doctors and dentists, many trained overseas.
Singapore has medical savings account system known as Medisave. "