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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Get Well Soon Larry

We are all missing you.

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


As many of you have probably guessed, Larry is not feeling too well of late. He has however finally seen a doctor, much to his disgust, and is back at home recuperating. He continues to defy the medical profession with a constitution that Rasputin would have been proud of.

I know he is not one for sentimentality, but I think that now would be a nice time to send messages of thanks and support. Larry has done so much for us all here as well as for Australia and its traditional values.

I will be putting a new article straight up on top of this one so if you want to cut and paste or wander OT to discuss global warming, chemtrails, alien invasions or whatever tickles your fancy, please do it on the next article and save this one for get well messages to Larry and support for his family.

I’m sure he will read them all so don’t hold back.

Larry has put in long hours and given us the benefit of his amazing talents. I for one am very grateful what he has done for us all and am looking forward to having him back on board when he is feeling better.


Hope you’re feeling better Larry, keep fighting. Best of luck mate.

Get well soon Larry. We need some more cartoons.

Best wishes Larry. Look forward to your return. Wisdom and common sense will prevail.

Really enjoy your work Larry. Get well mate.

Best wishes Larry

Get well again Larry..................... Know the feeling when you pass close by the Heavenly Gate. Just been given the " all clear " re my heart valve and quad bypass of ten years ago. Even showed me the vision straight after the op. Medication has increased of an extra 100 bucks a month...............forever................

Get well Larry, you are missed by countless thousands.

Looking forward to your posts once again when you are feeling better. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

As us golfers know Larry - life is really about golf - all the other stuff runs second. Hope you enjoy the Australian Open over the weekend and it puts the spark back in you. Appreciate the enormous time and effort you put into your articles on this site. All the best.

Hello Larry, I really do hope you are okay. We miss hearing from you. Even though you do not like it I will say it anyway, God Bless and know that we are all thinking of you and hoping you are better soon.

Thanks CS. I have said my piece and I respect your comment.

Dear Larry, whilst the world has been going mad you have been a very rare source of sanity and wisdom, for many a year. Thank you for your guidance, and for the world's best cartoons.

This is a website I click on average 10 times a day. Get well. I can't imagine has gone.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant, with a lot of common sense, too! Get well soon.

Larry you have been an inspiration to thousands. Get well soon, you are in my thoughts. Thanks Mate.

Been too busy for the last couple of days, but so happy that Harry put this up. Thank you heaps for Pickering Post, Larry - it has kept me sane in this mad world. You are a hero to me.

Love and strength to you Larry - Thank f... that you started this site!

My wife and i wish you only the very best, Larry, and a very speedy recovery. Thanks very much, Harry, for your wonderful support.

All the very best Larry. So indebted to you for rejuvenating my life all those years ago when I discovered this blog. Been away for some R&R and catching up today. Thinking of you.

Larry, I hope you haven't given that other Larry another run of late with regard to his racing tips. The result of punting on his selections would make anyone feel ill. Stop listening to him and I am sure that you soon feel much better. All the best mate.

Talking about tips. There is a horse racing at Queanbeyan today - Race 2, No. 9 - it is a "special". I think its name is "Golden Shower".