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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The unquestioning media said nothing when that member of the lauded UK intelligentsia, Bob Geldoff, caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children. No-one ever accused Geldoff and his “Feed the World” campaign of this atrocity. Why? 

Because the feel-good, gift-giving public does not want to even consider the cause and effect of artificially feeding a starving child once. 

Animals breed prolifically in marginal areas when conditions are right to do so. Some animals can even prolong a pregnancy until conditions improve. 

Kangaroos, who have learnt to survive the most severe of droughts, can do this as well as lactate an embryo at the same time, plus carry a joey. But nothing happens until the rains come and green grass shoots.

The whole regeneration process can be slowed to a stop and booted up when food is plentiful. 

It’s unfortunate that we refuse, or we are at least reluctant, to compare human behaviour to that of the animal kingdom, yet it is remarkably similar. 

A human being, to survive over thousands of years in the drought-ravaged wastelands of the world, needs to react to conditions in the same way as does the animal. And he does. 

Indigent peoples of the world cry out for someone to teach them how to fish not for someone to give them a f***ing fish. 

Bob Geldoff, in pursuit of propping up his failed rock-star career, fed the world. Once! Yes… once! It may have got him notoriety and a lucrative job as a presenter on cable television, but it killed thousands of innocent children. And now he is short of money again.

How did this happen? 

Simply because when artificial conditions are imposed on a people who have sustained and adapted to their normally extreme conditions over millennia, they breed accordingly. 

The problem is when the result of artificial or temporary sustenance becomes an inevitable higher birth rate, there is no Bob Geldoff (or anyone else) there to perpetuate the artificiality, he has already had his moment in the sun.

Extreme poverty and unsustainably high birth rates are linked. 

Where no social services apply there is a dependency on children to support aging parents... and sometimes in nasty ways like selling them to old men, begging or child prostitution. The wealthier the nation the lower the average birth rate. 

The world’s birth rates are arse about tit.

Thousands more young kids are doomed to die a horrible death, forgotten, out of sight, ignored. Now, if these poor people had been given tractors and instruction manuals it may have benefited them beyond Geldoff. 

The trouble is a song about tractors with three point linkages and well-boring augers doesn’t sound as sexy as “Feed the World” or “Do they know it’s Christmas Time”. 

Wealthy, donating people don’t see mechanical infrastructure in the same way as they do food. But you should not feed a starving child unless you give him/her continuity of sustenance. 

Miniature starving infants with bloated, malnutritioned stomachs and soulful, pleading eyes have become fodder for the money boys who have taken over charities like Red Cross, Oxfam and myriad others with slick TV ads. 

The promo boys make millions in commissions while trashing the names of once great charities in their wake, leaving very little, if anything, for the hungry toddler with the pleading eyes. 

People only give from their hearts once. “Adopt little starving Ari for so much a month" is a con trick to ensure continuity of funds, and they never reach “little Ari”, they are lost in the money boys’ administration structures of excessively paid executives. 

Bob Geldoff never missed a meal. Soon after his “Feed the World” campaign he was swanning around the world doing documentaries on unrelated issues. 

The children of those once-fed parents now starve to death in their thousands unaware of the wonderful meal their parents and elder siblings enjoyed… once! 

Compassionate donors had their one moment of that warm feeling of giving… where are they now? Where did Geldoff go? 

So what did they do to punish the perpetrator of this travesty? …they gave the bastard a knighthood. So now we call him “Sir” f***ing Robert Geldoff. 

Or some people do. I call him an arrogant, short-sighted, moronic, self-aggrandising, murderous, Pommie prick. I wonder what those children dying of starvation would call him if they understood what he had done to them. 

So where is Geldoff now? Oh yes, on a populist Ebola kick, publicly rubbishing any celebrity who refuses to join him.

And yes! I know he’s not a Pom and yes! I know I misspelt his name. 



Thant Aljazeera article is spot on. I've printed it out show it to others so that they can see what good journalism is.

People think that these malnourished kids may one day be great people. Name one great Ethiopian, Somalian, Guinean or Liberian. We all acknowledge the world is over populated but to reduce the population will curb growth. Are we callous to still believe in survival of the fittest when it comes to humans? I am! Don't live along a fault line, under a volcano, low lying ares, flood plains or in the tropics, if you do you won't get sympathy from me when you lose your home.

Your right Larry these pinup people are actually mass murderers yet the masses fail to see that. What about Bill Gates immunizing Africa so they can be future consumers but with all the tribal fighting, corrupt politics and GDP per person under $1K USD what is the point??

Really and truly an ugly gnome of a man. Is he from the Hobbits?

wonder how much of the original Band-Aid collection got to those at the needy end, and how much was siphoned off in administrative expenses and into the promoter's pocket.

Murderous Larry? Aye, in more ways than one. I still would like to know the true story behind the death of Michael Hutchence, seems strange for someone that had everything going for him should suddenly commit suicide. I suppose it had nothing to do with someone partnered to Hutchence was an ex of Geldoff now was it? Personally I wouldn't trust Geldoff as far as I could throw him.

Common sense is such a rare thing.

Geldof made it our (his) business to feed the blacks of Africa.In the meantime, that's no longer good enough. Now they're moving to Europe, thousands arrive daily and demand "their rights…."

Sometimes you have to walk away and let Karma take over....

When Geldoff finally has a bath, he will disappear down the plughole.

cont.....Oh, and remember that the African American communities in the US are almost exclusively dysfunctional. And that's in a country with more opportunity than anywhere else on the planet. Have you ever wondered why the all-black basketball team has an old white guy for a coach?

I can feel a racist rant coming, no, must resist, mustn't offend, just shut up and pretend. Ahhh, bugger it. Africans don't have the brain capacity to be anything but basket cases, Larry. These people have existed for eons and their dismal rate of progression is a symptom of limited capacity. We bring them here with the deluded vision that they'll seamlessly integrate and contribute. But that's like racing in a Leyland P76 in next weekends Supercars. Sure, one in ten have the intelligence to succeed in the modern world, but when South Africans elected a guy who'd admitted raping an aids sufferer, but had showered afterwards so all was good, it goes to show that all the tractors and fishing rods in the world could not overcome the real barrier of collective, natural stupidity.

Dont forget about the wonderful job he has done with his own family.they all had the look at ME disease

The phone calls, the phone calls........just I sit down to eat.........

Ah - thats what drugs will do!!

Don't want to appear physiological, but I think that I'm better looking than Bob Geldof. I asked my wife her opinion - she said she wants to think about it. I'm sure she doesn't want to hurt Bob's feelings.

It is all about "seeming to do - f**k actually doing it"

Bob Geldoff was on stage at one of his extravaganzas slowly clapping his hands. He said, every time a I clap my hands, a child dies in Africa. Someone in the audience yelled out, "Well stop clapping ya bastard!" Seems he never stopped clapping.

I disagree diddums Bono has an ear and skill for song design.. they are not the same `type` imo. One designs satisfaction for many, the other does not.

True -very bad people

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