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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Personally I believe that a person should be able to marry their bloody gold fish if they want to and they can have their budgerigar as best man and their hamsters as bridegrooms... good on ‘em, I hope they all live happily ever after. But it’s another story to allow pillow biters and carpet munchers to adopt children. Most will agree so beware the gay Green Left and a misleading plebiscite based on the lie that is “marriage equality”.

“Marriage Equality” is what the gay Left have named it. But that name is no more accurate than their outrageous “Safe Schools” misnomer. The hard Left is conducting a takeover of the State by stealth, but we are now aware of what they are up to. 

The Left don’t want a plebiscite on, a’hem “marriage equality” simply because we will need to discuss it over dinner tables, and when we do we will discover that they intend to destroy the marriage Act completely and all related marriage oaths and replace them with non gender specific poofspeak. 

Penny Wong bleats that a plebiscite will encourage “far Right extreme homophobes” to discredit her own family situation. She is telling lies again. No-one is fearful of homosexuals.

I couldn’t care less about the marriage Act really, but there are a lot of old people out there still holding hands and bonking each other who think their normal marriage ceremony was of special significance. 

Not any more if the Left has its way 

A Bill can have any misleading title but a plebiscite must ask a question, and that’s where the fun starts for the sexually confused Penny Wong and the Greens who fear exposure... and a free vote that will kill the Bill.

No wonder the Left wants the Government to decide all by itself without reference to the people. It doesn’t want their dishonest question asked!

Every political Party including the Libs and all Government Agencies including the CSIRO, Defence Forces and six separate Security Agencies have been slowly infiltrated over half a century. They all now work to support unrestricted Islamic immigration, highly subsidised Green (renewable) energy and gay rights. 

Oh, and if you need a sex change better join the Army first or rob a bank and go to gaol because then the taxpayer will fork out for all the expensive odd bits to be changed over.

The Left establishment wants you and me to continue paying for unsightly wind turbines. They want electricity prices to skyrocket as they close coal-fired power stations at the behest of the UN’s corrupt IPCC who are entitled to cream $100 billion a year from taxpayers for their trouble. 

All the while India and China are opening a new coal-fired power station every week using dirty brown coal and China has undertaken to continue to do that until 2030. But the Paris global warming conference is claimed to be a success... just ask Turnbull, Julie Bishop and Greg Hunt

What a shame that Australia’s clean coal was freely available to assist with their “global warming” hoax.

                                                    The 'destroy the joint' crew

Shorten’s Labor Party only wants to talk about the entire budget going to health and education. Health (remember the HSU) and education are highly unionised where our taxes trickle down to the unions that support the Labor Party in its attempt to destroy the joint. You see, to change our democratic system to a totalitarian Socialist one, first you need to destroy what obtains... ask any old Communist dictator.

            Gaoled ALP Nat Secretary and HSU Chief isn't telling where $20 million                        disappeared

Shorten sequestrates the HSU in an attempt to hide the fraud... it didn't work.

                                                         Both gone to Gowings

The corrupt EU Establishment is panicking, the UK is installing Boris and showing Jeremy the door, Cameron has resigned, France wants their own referendum now, the US has discovered Donald and this time next year Australia will have replaced Turnbull and Shorten with Parliamentary leaders who actually reflect the will of the people.

It’s not only the far Left, the arrogance of the Libs is also astonishing. Turnbull and Victoria’s President Kroger haughtily claimed, after the knifing of Abbott, that all their disenchanted Party members would return to the fold on election day. 

Hmmm, well they won’t be returning this time fellas. A plethora of off shoot smaller conservative Parties are about to eat away at a dishonest electoral duopoly. Labor and the Libs have already lost 25 per cent to the minor parties.

But there is a change in the air, people are awake to what is going on despite what they are being told by media... and they are finally fed up and prepared to deal with it.

What a shame that a media that once informed us of these things is dying in a fen of Left lies.


Warrick, not sure within what context you mean...I can certainly see plenty of problems existing right now.

I too don't care who they marry. However, I am fed up with their campaign. I have many gay friends who are also disgusted with the way that, if you don't agree with them you are called names. As a result, if the vote comes up I will be voting against it because I am fed up with minorities and specialist groups that are intolerant of anybody having an alternative view.

Love the ads for the pillow biters and the Greens Larry. Grab that pink and green dollar while they're offering it. I bet they thought you'd refuse to run their ads and they'd be able to sue you. Now they get to waste their money for no return.

Nor have many of us BK!

Billy B... Winston's only problem was that she didn't include a 'quotation' mark around that particular phrase!

Dyson Haydon summed up Shorten best when he said to Shorten: “I’m worried about your credibility as a witness”

I was married. For 25 years, we had the same sex. I don't know what the fuss is about. It was okay.

and everyone politely forgets about the 1986 rape of a 16 year old girl in Victoria, and slimey Bill just smiles and waves!

Yes blyth, Shortarse will be jogging all the way to the unemployment office.

Well it didn't take London's new muslim mayor long to start implementing sharia law. He has decreed that London busses can no longer carry pictures of scantly clad young women. Instead he has arranged for the words "Allah is Great" to be portrayed on the sides of the busses. It is clear that the British Labour party is being taken over by Islam.

I have given you the copy and paste from 13 entries above in this thread and it shows the time stamp.
You never bothered to check before showing your ignorance. All indications are that W wrote it. Have seen no complaint about imitators for W

Can anybody tell me then why are they going to have a vote in Parliament?

Socialists despise democracy.

Thnx MOS that does make it easier to forward

Bk you may not have physically put in a $ BUT our taxes go to subsidise these establishments that do NOT pay taxes themselves...crazy

Love to see a new party with Latham and Bernardi. Cut the crap would be their slogan. Can't you just hear the squealing elitist, lefties spitting chips.

If they want to cohabit with another bloke or woman ,. ok,. but dont bring little kids who have no choice into it.

Tony gets a great reception where ever he goes but will Shortarse still be jogging after the election!

Can anybody question that we are creating a two part country, given that Islamic Finace has been made law , muslims can now get loans and not pay ant interestm some body has to pay , how does that work. A question how many muslims do not attend Mosque,a very few i would suggest,what is the message that they hear there? do not vote Liberal! vote for the party that will allow your family and your relatives to come to this country,do not associate with infidels and especially Jews,there for i suspect that the Islamic community will vote as a block , for either labour or the younger ones might vote green,it is so obvious, hob nobbing with the favoured elite muslims such as Mr Waleed will not change muslim voting patterns,