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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... and that’s exactly what the gays don’t want

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


How to tell if you’re ready to accept gay marriage? When you’re ready to accept two blokes kissing and they stop calling you a homophobe.

Now, let the real debate begin! Having the people decide on a new “gender-neutral” Marriage Act is something the cashed-up gay lobby didn’t want the wider community thinking about for too long.

With typical gay cunning the push for “marriage equality” sounded fair and reasonable to all. But it is far from that and the truth will now out as it slowly becomes obvious that proposed “marriage equality” is a hoax equivalent to that of “global warming”.

Abbott didn’t need to call in the Nats to reject a free vote and support a plebiscite. The margin of around 60 to 30 indicates the vote would have been carried by the Libs alone, but better safe than sorry.

All those people who thought that “marriage equality” sounded fair enough will now have a chance to hear what the proponents of these insidious private Members’ Bills were really up to.

A plebiscite, rather than a referendum attached to a general election (where it could be obfuscated under the misleading title of “marriage equality”) is a master stroke and gives Abbott a victory over his party’s progressive minority led by Malcolm Turnbull and a huge victory over the tearful Penny Wong and the rabid Greens.

Labor’s noisy Left, led by Plibersek, will come out swinging over this but Labor also has its doubters over “marriage equality” and forces are already being marshalled across Party lines in preparation for a fierce battle for the hearts and minds of the unaware.

And the gay lobby isn’t used to losing. It used our taxes to successfully convince us that AIDS was not a promiscuity problem among gay men but very much a heterosexual problem. What a lie that was!

Anyway, this is what they want now, and it has nothing to do with “equality”. They are demanding the Marriage Act be scrapped.

They want a new Act without any reference whatsoever to a “man” or a “woman”. They want no reference to a “bride” or a “groom”, only gender neutral titles are to be used such as “people” or “persons”. Don’t believe it? Then read their now obsolete private Members’ Bills.

And guess what? Current anti-discrimination law means no-one can object to commercially participating in a gay marriage, be they a florist, a dressmaker, a wedding cake supplier, a limousine operator or driver or indeed anyone who doesn’t have a religious objection. Bugger...I’m a lowly atheist, so I would have no bloody say!

In other words they don’t want “marriage equality” at all, they want to hijack the “man and woman” Marriage Act and change it to a gender neutral (gay) Act.

Now if that’s seriously what most Aussies want then I’m out of here... and I have no affection for marriage at all but my daughters and sons might have, and those already married might have.

To be honest I couldn’t give a stuff who marries who (probably end in divorce anyway) but to degrade the status of the marriage of a man and a woman who have been together for 50 years or to deny those couples who intend to be married of their legal, gender specific, solemn vows, is a damned outrage only the gay lobby would dare to impose on a straight majority.

The gay lobby has refused the option of accepting parallel, non-gender specific, marriage legislation. You see, they prefer to plunder and ransack a ceremony normal people have held dear for millennia and alter it to suit only them... and that’s a fucking outrage they almost got away with.

No fair person wants gays subjugated as an underclass. They should be able to marry each other if they wish and I’m certain most would agree to specific legislation that would allow them to do that.

They can even marry their pet pythons, budgies or poodles, or even include multiple mates, but if they intend to gatecrash and bastardise the marriage ceremonies of normal people, they can get stuffed.

Don’t be hoodwinked by overseas “marriage equality” referenda or stacked US Supreme Court rulings. Neither represents legislation and when it comes down to Parliamentary debate the gay lobby will need to justify its unjustifiable depraved intentions.

Gay marriage promises a labyrinth of future legislative time-bombs and if two or more sexually confused blokes reckon they can legally snaffle a little girl (or boy) as their own play thing, then prepare for a real fight!

Do what you damned-well want among your sexually confused selves, but leave us and innocent children out of it!

A "marriage equality" plebiscite will fail in the form they want it, despite a massive gay warchest.


Gays and their supporters are abusive of anyone who wants to debate 'gay marriage'.

“I am getting out before it is made compulsory.”

It used to be a facetious cliché now it isn’t so facetious.

• Under the guise of equality, homosexuals were given all the rights given to normal heterosexual couples.
• The marketing fraternity mostly composed of left-wingers and homosexuals successfully promoted the adoption of the euphonious label, “gay” for homosexuals.
• Tax-payer subsidised mardi gras, and other “gay” festivities promoted that homosexuals should be proud for being “gay”,and going beyond the aspects of intimidation, bullying and equality.
• The fundamental cornerstone of a sustainable society i.e., the institution of a normal heterosexual marriage for the procreation of children and their raising with the love and care that is inherent between one’s own flesh and blood, should be enfeebled to include the abnormal proclivities of homosexuals.
Beyond tolerance, acceptance, equality, our society is now progressing well into realm of affirmative action with regard to the advancement of the homosexual lifestyle.
If we are to accept this human anomaly to that extent why not some other anomaly such as paedophilia, schizophrenia or any other mental disorder or sexual deviancy?

Of course it will fail - the polls are skewed in spite of the left ABC And Fairfax media plus a lot of other should know better journos saying different. People may say OK when asked as dont want to start an argument but come a plebiscite where can secretly state their view without anyone else seeing - it will be a resounding NO> Said same with The Republic and ETS again just trying to force their views upon what they consider a dumbed down majority - well sorry folks of the left not so bloody dumb as thinking its equality when its a push to be seen as normal t marry man to man etc when clearly if Maker wanted this woul dhave designed all duplicate genitals and a womb so can procreate which is the purpose of having 2 sexes to continue the species. Not for pleasure - thats a bonus.

NZ has been trying for years to get same sex marriage accepted but the sheep still don't get a vote to defend themselves.

Well Done....Game Set and Match.

Should you find yourself drinking in a gay bar ...

Then ... for Heavens sake ... when toasting

Don't ever say ...

"Bottoms Up" guys .....

They look like identical twins

Does that include me Stoney?

After this BS comes into being, then we will have the whole Plethora of the so called Gay Culture ,Radio ,TV ,Newspaper columns,advertising , etc pushed on us ,

What about bi sexuals ? will they expect to be able to marry both a man and a woman ?

Labour do not want a Referendum on ss marriage as they know it will be voted out. Why do these idiots want to get married anyway, I know lots of heterosexual people living together without a marriage certificate, who cares....

Breaking news. A union poof has been committed for Thuggery Buggery.

Worth a read

For homosexual couples, the marital act is physically impossible — the pieces don’t fit — and the attempt to imitate it through sodomy is incapable in any circumstances of generating new life. One thing that same-sex couples all share is a unique disability to express either the unitive or procreative essence of conjugal relations. For these reasons, among many others, common law has held through the centuries that marriage can be only between a man and a woman.

As I have stated many times, two adults can do whatever they wish to each other, as long as both parties agree to the terms of impalement on bowling balls or the bowling pins. Consexual sex between two adults is nobody's business but theirs, and a bloke being knobbed on the sand by a beanie bothers me none, though seeing a bloke impaled by a beanie is another issue. I'm glad I live here, not having to tolerate all the homo bullshit that it is not their fault, they were born that way whine. If they are so out and proud to be anus-penis receivers, who gives a Triple F why they are what they are? Bring on the plebiscite or referendum, sadly though the no vote will only outrage these peaceful homo activists even more, and they will just be more in your face, demanding more and more.

Where one sees almost everything when one goes walking the streets and beachfront for 3 hour walks during the wee hours of the night and morning (any time between 11pm-6am, when all the fun and games occurs). Beanies (ladyboys) knobbing blokes behind trees, some of the working girls too, blokes being fondled brazenly in the streets, and it happens to me too, by both working girl types, trying to entice me into some cheap loving, homos mincing around everywhere, there's a homo street with all homo bars, very mincey type homos, but it doesn't bother me. They don't try to shove it down your throat, even if many of the mincers would love to, or up your arse, unless you want it.

The photo of the two homos kissing doesn't bother me in the slightest. Same with a man and woman kissing in public. I just wish they'd keep it to themselves, or just a chaste peck on the lips, without me having to witness slobbering lip locks with tongues going in and out like a penis jackhammering a palpitating male anal orifice. Or so I have heard. Why the need for people to show how much love they share with whoever? What happened to just walking in public holding hands, or arms around each other, without the arse groping and frontal bits fondling? I have no need to know that you fist fuck your boyfriend's clacker. Just like the homos screeching and shrieking, keep it the fuck out of my face. And I am an ex-sailor (23 years in the RAN), and now live in Pattaya.

Just the photo makes me vomit.

Headline news in the Australian this morning; the quarry up the road from Grantham had absolutely nothing to do with the devastation caused by the Jan 2011 Flood. This follows the most comprehensive flood modelling completed independently for the commission of inquiry. The report says that the quarry had only a beneficial factor reducing the flood volume while its void space filled with water. We await apologies from Bagman and the Pillow Biter Jones for spreading malicious lies based on heresay, no evidence, and a complete lack of common sense. I hope the owner of the quarry launches civil action against Jones for libel he has spread over the last few years.

I have not seen the anti same sex marriage ad that channel 7 and 9 won't show until early morning hours when no-one is watching. Anyone seen it?