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Tuesday, 17th July 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“The sea is the sharks’ environment and we are trespassing”, is the reason the Greens tell us they will not allow drum-lining for great whites to make our favourite beaches safer. Mention netting and the Greens go into an hysterical meltdown. 

Shark attacks have been on the rise, with more attacks reported world-wide last year than in any other year on record. Half of all fatalities are suffered by surfers, but the Greens dismiss this statistic saying the increase is because there are, "simply more people in the water". Hmmmm.

Perth beaches have recently suffered increased unprovoked attacks from sharks and former Premier Colin Barnett’s move to protect swimmers has been shelved by the incoming Labor Government under Green pressure for an inquiry into swimmers potentially using shark repellents. (Repellents? WTF? Give me a break.)

Crocodile attacks are also on the increase. Northern Australia has these prehistoric killers in plague proportions and, despite multiple human deaths, the Greens have imposed a $10,000 fine if you touch one... even a dead one. But crocs are amphibious which makes a mockery of their claim that we are encroaching on their environment. We share an environment with them! 

And the Greens don't want us to carry a weapon, they want us to sprinkle ourselves with halal-certified tomato sauce!

Don’t we and our children have a right to enjoy our beaches and waterways? Aren’t our kids’ lives more important than a shark’s or a crocodile’s? 

The Greens have more respect for a bloody Pobblebonk frog than an energy-starved nation that needs dams for hydro electricity.

Kill enough sharks to let them know where our swimming areas are and they won’t return... shoot enough crocodiles and it will be safe to fish from our shores again. 

They used to flee from the sound of outboard motors... now they are attracted to the sound of a motor as it means a free feed from bloody silly tourist boats.

Clever Greens playing God culled the Asian Buffalo almost to extinction. Their complaint was that the buffalo were making tracks that allowed fresh water to mix with salt water and stopped the hermaphroditic Barramundi from breeding. 

Now there are no Buffalo, so guess what the crocs’ favourite tucker is... yep the native barrabloodymundi.

And how smart is it to feed sharks from cages surrounded with bloodied chum? Both croc and shark are now attracted to humans as a major food source.

It takes a special type of twisted insanity to evolve into a Green.

Their loony Left madness knows no bounds.


It's most likely going to happen anyway, micro plastic in the seas will probably do for most sea dwellers in the end, but you won't want to swim in that soup !

Get my message you idiots !

OK Lets start killing ALL the nasty s then well have a perfect Planet! Start at the lower end, fleas and Mosquitoes! move on to mice and Rats, OH I forgot the Ants--but only the ones that eat our houses and our food,, but start with the stinger types-- then the Leeches (Put the Banks in with this lot) Now, wot's next Porcupines they hurt! Kangaroos knock people off bikes -- YEAH they gotta go, Wombats - same -- Bees -- they get on my windscreen --Grasshoppers them too---- and Birds Blasted Crows and Willy Wagtails ! Now for the big nasty s Lions and tigers Panthers and Jaguar, Moray ells,, they bite as well

Im no greenie or leftie SJW , I have been SCUBA diving for 30years, I accept the risk of going into the seas that there is a chance some creature might want to have a go at me. Its is the shark's domain after all, if humans were meant to be in the sea, evolution would have given us gill and flippers

Sharks are dangerous early in the morning and late in the afternoon, some people never learn

Very clever...and funny...from the whole lot of you.I will just perch ' here and see what 'cod' come up next.

Busy emptying out their undies.

“The sea is the sharks’ environment and we are trespassing”: UTTER BULLSHIT!!!

The Human brain (excluding the Greens and other obvious Morons) put us at the top of the food chain. Our brains make earth, sea and air all our environments and put us at the top in all these areas. So the argument that the Sharks should be allowed eat humans because Sharks rule the seas or is their environment alone is utter crap; if they truly ruled anything, then why do they need protection from Humans?

If a Shark attacked anyone in my family, I'd spend the rest of my life killing every shark I could find!

Here goes BK spruiking for Abbott again. There is no need BK. It's all over. The public just won't tolerate him or anyone in Politics for that matter.

They are probably picking out rooms in the bunker as we type.

Reading and comprehending are not necessarily compatible as you so often show us.

Brilliant in its simplicity.....

A. Back off and let those men who want to marry men, marry men.
B. Allow those women who want to marry women, marry women.
C. In three generations, there will be no Greens.

New post.

Hitler in Argentina, a couple of photos.

Actually, the US and Australia are close allies. The US has strategic assets here like Pine Gap in the NT and military assets and personnel at various ADF bases. We are also a signatory to ANZUS Treaty on defence and a similar treaty with Japan & US. And the US VP is here. Why make a silly comment about our leaders getting us into trouble?

Geta grip now THORN ... sit down ... slow deep breaths ... relax the entire body

By the way MBA, in 2015 PM Abbott said that he would not stand for socialism masquerading as environmentalism, and he was targeted by climate change alarmist fraudsters. President Putin around the same time announced that man-made global warming is fraud. They think alike on various issues.

That's right Thorn,

Absolute BS media misquoting MBA ... to shirt front a person in Australian slang means simply to confront, no physical violence planned. Putin came to the G20 Meeting here and as he departed praised his "friend" Tony Abbott, the organisation of the Meeting, etc. I wonder why people are so naive.

Wonder if he would do this to a muzzie?