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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Mark Latham looks more like a CFMEU cage fighter than a political commentator. And anyway he is more of an opinionator than a commentator but lately he has shuffled to the Right to become a regular with a giggling Alan Jones on SKY.

Mark sees himself as an intellectual but intellectuals don’t have heads like his. Those eyes are far too close together, his neck is far too thick and that mealy mouth is fashioned for picking fights with.

Okay, so he got into a fight with a 65 yo lady swimming instructor and broke a cabbie’s arm over a fare disagreement. No big deal... I’ve broken more bones than that in various altercations but why has he been kicked off every media gig he has landed?

After a decade of trying to keep a media spot he has had to admit that it appears nobody likes him, nobody wants him... he hasn’t attracted one advertiser and there is no Friday pay packet for his hungry family.

With his agro attitude to feminists he was never going to make it at the ABC and it’s doubtful he will last at SKY but you have to hand it to him, he has tried valiantly to reinvent himself as a comedic political know-it-all.

He knows his politics (obviously) but his humour is yawningly weak. He tries too hard, it’s not really him. He is much more at home balling someone out and threatening to punch their lights out. That’s what viewers, readers and listeners expect.

He just doesn’t cut it as a nice guy. My memories are vivid and are of him angrily imposing himself uninvited on election campaigns... 


As a political pundit he is prepared to shit on every friend he ever had in Labor and he was Labor leader for a whole year! Now that might be a gift for Jonesey but he has no friends on the Lib side either, so it’s a lonely cab trip out west each nite, with little to argue about other than the fare.

Don’t know about you, but I still can’t cop him... I am trying to because I should like him. But there is something there that makes me grind my teeth. Something in his eyes is unsettling.

I will keep trying ‘tho.


At least he's a foil for all of the ex-ABC types who are drifting across to SKY

Latham was a leader who would have led us all into a meat grinder. At least he was some kind of leader even if he was (and is) a dickhead. Shorten is however no leader at all. He's just a numbers man. Numbers, numbers, numbers. The only story he has is one of resentment and envy about those who have a go and do something with their lives. Shorten has no need for these people, he wants NUMBERS of people who want to rely on a government to live their life for them. Numbers, numbers, numbers - no ideals, only numbers. If he has his way, the nation will become one large union of rank & file numbers.

Well he makes more sense than TurnBull,

Latham looks like a boofhead and sounds a bit like a poof (which he's not) but the guy is actually quite smart. And because he is no longer a politician he can now tell the truth albeit with his pro-union opinions.

Thanks . Go the Don !

Trump will have Shortarse for breafast.....with Ketchup.....of course.

If Mark Latham continues on this track he will continue to earn a quid as a commentator. When he was a Labor thug he was obnoxious, but he seems to have turned around, realising that there is more to life than towing the thug union Labor line. We hope he continues to shine a light on the evil Marxist politicking of Labor, Greens and their union masters.

Thanks K. Very interesting.
Can you do a summary of Hillary & Bernie?

On the Turnbull, Shorten talkfest. were there any conservatives in the audience! all the questions came from the same old abc left wing biased reporters, the result was as usual like watching paint dry!How about a panel of conservative questioners next time to even things up.

The people have no powers over their elected representatives , we are served up with what suits them personally .

For a Presidents personal details not being made public stinks of a cover up and the same powerful people are serving up Hillary Clinton who reeks of deceit .

I see that person who got the sack from her Vic, gov, job a Ms Ward, over the the safe sex in schools thing has complained that her E mails were private and should not have been made public, so what she really means is that she and others like her have an agenda that she does not want the public to know and wishes to keep secret, this could also apply to many who have positions in government or who are in or trying to get into government,both of the left and the right, the greens for , one, how many people have read their plans for the country if they ever get into office, they like some others knew that if people really knew that they hope to happen , then only an idiot would vote green,

I think Mark Latham Is entertaining and says it as he sees it . That Sky show with Jones is a good one.

pretty much spot.. Latham has a few scores to settle with some past and present ALP figures. In particular in his book he mentions he was sick of all the white anting and openly referred to Rudd as a serial leaker. Absolutely spot on...

What were the surnames of Karl and Freidrich?
Harry says -
".....This might not sound like such a big deal, but it kind of is. One particularly unfortunate example was the case of a couple of spoilt German rich kids called Karl and Freidrich. They put together some crackpot theories based on this common misinterpretation of Robin Hood’s adventures....."
Unlike the Communist Manifesto co-written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels which robs everyone of the right of real ownership, except of course the Chosen few, Robin Hood redistributed stolen wealth back to the victims of the Chosen Ones policies.
Karl Marx was the son of a rabbi.
. Smith vs Karl Marx.ppt#18

It has been reported that up to thirty crime families are operating in NSW mainly in the drug and extortion game, and the majority are of Lebanese exractraction . That obviously means a lot of people are involved,I wonder if those ""family "" links go to the bikie gangs and even so far as the NSW labour party and its fund raisers. given that in Queensland the fight against bikies has been wound back , how much influence do these crime gangs have and are they pulling strings in the Q/Land labour government.

Stop the world, That oh-so-unconvincing fraud Bill Shorten has delivered his latest bullshit the ALP Muckraking and Bullshit Department. Here's Bill's latest effort: "Systemic racism (is) sill a barrier to indigenous reconciliation.".....Well, look Bill, what's stopping you having a talk to them, hey?

Try living in Rotarua NZ.

Karl Marx was right, "Religion is the opiate of the masses".
“Government” is a religion. (Larken Rose)
This is an excerpt from Larken Rose’s new book, The Most Dangerous Superstition.
The Religion of “Government” (TMDS pp. 28-32.)
“Government” is neither a scientific concept nor a rational sociological construct; nor is it a logical, practical method of human organization and cooperation. The belief in “government” is not based on reason; it is based on faith. In truth, the belief in “government” is a religion, made up of a set of dogmatic teachings, irrational doctrines which fly in the face of both evidence and logic, and which are methodically memorized and repeated by the faithful. Like other religions, the gospel of “government” describes a superhuman, supernatural entity, above mere mortals, which issues commandments to the peasantry, for whom unquestioning obedience is a moral imperative. Disobedience to the commandments (“breaking the law”) is viewed as a sin, and the faithful delight in the punishment of the infidels and sinners (“criminals”), while at the same time taking great pride in their own loyalty and humble subservience to their god (as “law-abiding taxpayers”) And while the mortals may humbly beg their lord for favors, and for permission to do certain things, it is considered blasphemous and outrageous for one of the lowly peasants to imagine himself to be fit to decide which of the “government” god’s “laws” he should follow and which it is okay for him to ignore. Their mantra is, “You can work to try to change the law, but as long as it’s the law, we all have to follow it!”
The main factor distinguishing the belief in “government” from other religions today is that people actually believe in the god called “government.” The other gods people claim to believe in, and the churches they attend, are now, by comparison, little more than empty rituals and half-heartedly parroted superstitions. When it comes to their everyday lives, the god that people actually pray to, to save them from misfortune, to smite their enemies, and to shower them with blessings, is “government.” It is “government” whose commandments the people most often respect and obey. Whenever a conflict arises between “government” and the teachings of the lesser gods — such as “pay your fair share” (taxation) versus “Thou shalt not steal,” or “duty to country” (military service) versus “Thou shalt not murder” — the commands of “government supersede all the teachings of the other religions. Politicians, the high priests of the church of “government” — the mouthpieces and representatives of “government,” who deliver the sacred “law” from on high — even openly declare that it is permissible for the people to practice whatever religion they wish, as long as they do not run afoul of the supreme religion by disobeying “the law” — meaning the dictates of the god called “government.”……

ALP DIRTY TRICKS DEPT: "The fallout from the charging of former NSW Labor Party boss Jamie Clements with misuse of the electoral roll is threatening to embroil the party in a deepening scandal, with details emerging of widespread abuse of confidential electoral roll information by ALP head office.

Allegations have emerged that party officials misused details they obtained from the electoral roll to rig a community preselection to ensure that head office's preferred candidate triumphed."