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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Without a major terrorist event in the next two weeks Marine Le Pen cannot win the Presidency but she has already won the hearts of what were once socialist tadpoles across France.

The old, over-fed, angry, warty bullfrogs will now throw their significant weight behind centrist Emmanuel Macron to give him the Presidency. 

This French election has the smell, but not yet the substance, of Trump and Brexit.

But the National (legislative) Assembly and the Senate (Senat) in the short term will make a lame duck of whoever the incoming President is, in the same way as Trump has had to fight both Houses for the people’s will. 

Nevertheless this result is the sweetest yet for the new movement, and it’s not going away.

Within a few weeks millions of tadpoles will again go to the polls for a general election with the Republican/Socialist Parties lagging far behind. 

Along with Italy, France has been arguably the most Socialist/Communist, Red/Green sympathetic nation in Europe and the fact that neither of the two majors could make it to the run-off is the real story. 

Already university students are tearing the joint down and that is also significant in that it draws a firm line under the electorate’s wishes, and against an entitlement philosophy, Muslim immigration and the Euro farce.

Anything uni students protest over is invariably good for others.

President Macron will now doubtless hone his platforms more toward the people’s will. 

Exciting times ahead for Sauerkrauts... and dare I say Aussies? 


Some deluded people just cannot handle the truth can they ? Perhaps because they tell so many porkies themselves they cannot cope with the truth when they hear or read it.

One can only hope that Indignant one never drove a school bus before he suffered the "crook back"

Who for the time being is our sovereign at present? –
Acts Interpretation Act 1901
16 References to the Sovereign
In any Act references to the Sovereign reigning at the time of the passing of such Act, or to the Crown, shall be construed as references to the Sovereign for the time being.

I live in WA

TUH, you always tell the truth, I know and respect that. This J7 certainly has many of the traits of Siggles.

The communists/Marxists/Left wingers, the elites, the bankers, the jihadi islamists and the EU will be using every nasty trick in the trade to get that puppet Macron into the top job, but the millions of French people just might decide they want Le Pen to be their President.

“Mass immigration is not an opportunity for France, it’s a tragedy for France,” said Marine Le Pen, “I will protect you. My first measure as president will be to reinstate France’s borders,” promised Ms. Le Pen.
Bravo, Marine le Penn, for blasting globalism and islamism.
Marine Le Pen for President of the French Republic on May 7th 2017.

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Rinaldo Wed 26 Apr 2017 06:04:32 pm

Le Pen has a Jewish boyfriend.
WOW! I thought she was a racist?.

TUH, well if J7, a relatively new poster (in name only, LMAO), isn't Sigley, then it's definitely one of it's crew. Funny how a new Poster immediately goes after waldo, the only PPoster of the year and claims him to be fake; Sigley and her crew can never help themselves in attacking others and thereby giving themselves away. This Troll has started trolling me over the last few days too; derogatory in tone from the get go.

The Scottish guys do not like nagging wives getting into their drinking time. This bird Sturgeon is now sounding like a nagging politician, and believe me she is on the way out. The boys in the pub will be saying she is just like the mother-in-law, all putrid hot air. They recon that only 25% of the population are now for a new referendum, so stick that up your pantyhose Sturgeon. Can you imagine going home to that after a night out with the boys. The nightmare of all nightmares, divorce would be a day in paradise. The Muslims have the best remedy, stand in the street and shout I divorce you three times then go up and throw her gear out of the window.

Yeah blame Abbott for everything ! Loser!

"All are mad but me and thee, and I have serious doubts about thee"

johnno7, In the end, we work with what we have, not what we wish we had. IMO Abbott is the safer pair of hands. He's not in the game for ego or reward like the other two most definitely are.

Ha, ha. Foul-mouthed feminist Clementine Ford's petition supporting that ugly African muslim woman who insulted ANZAC Day has just 604 supporters. Meanwhile the other petition calling for her to be sacked from the GayBC has 25,108 supporters.

mmmm - sounds wicked j7. I prefer poached eggs but they are a pain to prepare - even with the new, smart, silicon egg poaching pouches.

The flies around here are starting a Gofundme Page to pay to get the kitchen flyscreened to keep themselves out.

LE, I know of no poster that goes by the name of Dotty.


A Current Affair on Nine has gone full green tonight, hailing green politician Jeremy Buckingham as a hero fighting to reduce our electricity bills by campaigning against gas exports. Not a mention of green impositions like windmills and solar arrays, let alone the RET subsidies to support them.

HE 117 charge 3. Troop.