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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Free Speech- What the Heck is it?

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Freedom is a funny thing. Everyone is in favour of freedom in some way, but few people understand what it actually is. That isn’t really all that surprising because freedom – total freedom that is- doesn’t really exist. There isn’t such a thing.

There is an old saying that a smoker and a non-smoker can’t both be free in the same railway carriage, and that sums it up pretty well.

Some people’s idea of freedom is the freedom to rape, murder and/or enslave others. Often times, one person’s freedom comes at the expense of the freedom of others. Aiming for total freedom is like aiming for eternal life (on earth). If you ever achieved either, it would probably drive you insane so be careful what you wish for.

When we strive for freedom therefore, we need to understand that we are striving for maximum freedom for the greatest number of people. We try to arrange things so that the most people get the greatest benefit. Sometimes this means restricting the freedom of some people, up to and including incarceration, to increase the freedom of others.

That is why Christian societies tend to have the most freedoms. It is because people are encouraged to restrain themselves and their behaviour to not impact negatively on others. There is also a system of carrots and sticks in the afterlife to keep people in line. This means that brutal and violent leaders are not required to hold societies together (think Iraq after Saddam or Libya after Gaddafi).

Likewise, freedom of speech does not mean open slather for young and old. Words are powerful. Words affect actions. Words can do damage.

Threats, intimidation, direct incitement to violence or harm, lies, deception, slander or libel are all examples of speech which impinge on the freedom of others. All are harmful, and all can limit the overall freedom of the society at large. As such, all of these things have been subject to legislation in countries which champion free speech.

There are two main benefits to allowing free speech. One is to restrict tyranny; the other is to solve problems and find the truth. These are no small matters.

Yet currently, free speech is under increasing attack and as a consequence, our societies are becoming increasingly despotic and increasingly irrational.

For that reason, I have always seen the Pickering Post as an important beacon of free speech which is vital in the current climate of censorship.

Big tech platforms are increasingly trying to shut down free speech. Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Brin’s Google/Youtube and so forth are being policed by left wing censors who are determined to shut down opposing opinions.

 I believe that much of what passes for “mainstream” opinion is actually the opinion of a radical few who do not have the best interests of the majority at heart. These people however, seem to have a stranglehold on much of the mainstream discourse and as a consequence, are given far more credibility than they deserve.

The Pickering Post is a place where this “mainstream” dogma can be challenged. I try my best to do this in a way which is interesting, credible and authoritive. My aim is to warn people of the dangers that we face and to bring people around to my way of thinking.

The great thing about the Pickering Post is that the articles are only half the story. Each article attracts a multitude of comments with a wide and diverse range of opinions. This is what Larry wanted, it is why he started this blog in the first place.

People are free to say pretty much whatever they please here, and Larry rarely stepped in (in the time I have been involved with the site). As far as Larry was concerned, people were free to read or comment and if you didn’t like it, you shouldn’t be here.

Whilst I have always respected Larry’s views on this, particularly as it was his site, I see some major weaknesses in this approach.

Firstly, there will always be an element of people who will try to win any argument by intimidation. I’m not talking about discourteousness here. I am talking about people who have had a couple too many suburban and cokes and hop into other posters with gratuitous potty mouthed tirades designed to scare the living bejesus out of anyone who they happen to disagree with.

This has two serious negative consequences. Firstly, it stifles the discussion. Many people have told me that they no longer comment on the Pickering Post because they are simply too scared. That means that discussions are being stifled by threatening behaviour which is unacceptable and against the tenets of true free speech.

The other disadvantage of allowing this kind of behaviour is that it trashes the credibility of the Pickering Post in the eyes of people who we should be seeking to influence. The people who write articles on here put considerable effort into making compelling arguments which will sway both the general public, and those with their hands on the levers of power.

There is nothing more frustrating than putting up a serious article and then finding that the comments section is just a cesspool of abusive ranting. Not only does it repulse potential readers, it also repulses potential writers. I am constantly trying to find quality contributors who will add to the site’s appeal and also take weight off my shoulders.

Having some degree of decorum and common decency in the comments section makes that job far easier. I don’t expect everyone to act like choir boys. I come from a lifetime on construction sites and I understand that people like to blow off steam sometimes. I do however, expect people to use some restraint and if I think people are going too far, I will simply dump them.

I don’t have time to spend adjudicating between different parties and trying to be completely fair and consistent. If people are dragging the site down, I’ll just can them like a tuna.

Another form of intimidation is what is known as “doxing.” This is the practice of exposing people’s identities online. The Pickering Post comments section is supposed to be anonymous. That way, people can express opinions without fear of physical reprisals. By doxing someone, you expose them to possible attacks in the real world.

Even if people’s names and addresses are not listed, references to people who have already been outed are intimidatory. I don’t tolerate it and if I find people doing it, I will be likely to remove them without warning. Down the track, I will be looking to find ways to stamp this out more effectively so please desist.

At the same time, this is not a safe space for snowflakes so please don’t come crying to me whenever someone calls you a rude name. This is a place for robust discussions and if you can’t handle at least some rough and tumble then you might be better off somewhere more genteel.

That might sound like a fine line to tread, but I’m sure you all understand the difficulty of this task on top of my other responsibilities.

It is my aim to make The Pickering Post into a much more influential site than it already is, and I am counting on you all to support me in this goal.


even if your photo reminds me of Mclovin

Im on board the Harry bus

Well said Harry!

Harry, I'm glad to see Lazza had the right back up staff ready to take up the load upon his demise! Your succinct outlines are logical and fair and should be acceptable to any sane person, go for it mate!!

Harry, I find absolutely no problem with the approach you have there and, if I had time and enough material that would probably not pass as ranting, I'd be inclined to contribute as well.

you can say anything you like ,as long as you dont say anything bad or truthful about you're Massers da jews

Wholeheartedly support your approach Harry. The foul language and personal feuds are tiresome and do nothing to further our cause.

Montalbano, your correct, and it is for the simple fact that elections in Qld are decided on the S.E. corner of the state. Inspite of the vital wealth that comes from Central and North Qld. Hence we have had a few rumblings about Nth. Qld going it's own way which is perfectly understandable.

Tiger, you like many others fall for the smear campaigns that Labor promote come election time. I lived through those years and saw the transformation of modern Queensland, under Joh's Govt many things were cheaper in Queensland, a good functioning hospital system, you entered the public service you had a job for life. While all this was happening you had the dysfunctional, communist govt' of Whitlam and strikes everyday under the Bob Hawke run ACTU working against it. Then Labor come to power in Qld by rigging the election and they pull Qld to pieces and destroy it. Investment in Qld then dried up and is still at a standstill.

Thanks Harry for a great post. It sounds like a little tidy-up will be good all around. May I make a small suggestion. I don't get to the PP very often and by the time I do, there are usually many comments posted. Today 1254. Perhaps there can be a button somewhere near the top of the comments that will sort them also the other way i.e. the oldest at the top. No doubt for those who are conducting vigorous conversations the current setup is the way to go. The downside of this is that most comments by this stage are not "on topic". The ability to sort the other way will give us the "on topic" comments first. All the best as you take the bit in your mouth, or is it that you take the reins?

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new post up

You can never convert the Left. It is pointless trying to get them to see your point of view. They hate us. "Leftists don’t merely disagree with you. They don’t merely feel you are misguided. They don’t think you are merely wrong. They hate you. They want you enslaved and obedient, if not dead. Once you get that, everything that is happening now will make sense. And you will understand what you need to be ready to do.

You are normal, and therefore a heretic. You refuse to bow to their idols, to subscribe to their twisted catechisms, to praise their false gods. This is unforgivable. You must burn.

Crazy talk? Just ask them. Go ahead. Go on social media. Find a leftist – it’s easy. Just say something positive about America or Jesus and they’ll come swarming like locusts. Engage them and very quickly they will drop their masks and tell you what they really think. I know. I keep a rapidly expanding file of Twitter leftist death wish screenshots.

They will tell you that Christians are idiots and vets are scum.

That normals are subhumans whose role is to labor as serfs to subsidize the progressive elite and its clients.

That you should die to make way for the New Progressive Man/Woman/Other.

Understand that when they call Donald Trump “illegitimate,” what they are really saying is that our desire to govern ourselves is illegitimate. Their beef isn’t with him – it’s with us, the normal people who dared rise up and demand their right to participate in the rule of this country and this culture.
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They hate you, because by defying them you have prevented them from living up to the dictates of their false religion. Our rebelliousness has denied them the state of grace they seek, exercising their divine right to dictate every aspect of our puny lives. Their sick faith gives meaning to these secular weirdos, giving them something that fills their empty lives with a messianic fervor to go out and conquer and convert the heathens. " Town Hall

"Why is it that our so called 'Elites' or, radical 'Lefties' to us, can designate conservative groups, patriots that love their country as 'hate groups' while ignoring violent radical leftists like Antifa? The answer is as disturbing as it is simple. The left believes it is so morally and intellectually superior to the right that it can see nothing wrong with its extreme positions and hostile words." Town Hall

"Attacked Iraqi cab driver fears for life amid ongoing Outback Northern Territory taxi wars"

"A bitter, bizarre and increasingly heated Outback Northern Territory taxi cab rivalry is threatening the sanctuary of an otherwise tranquil town.

Two warring Nhulunbuy taxi companies have been hurling allegations at each other, from accusations of violent threats to petty insults about religion, with neither team willing to abate or forge peace."

You're gotta give it to these parasites they know where and how to milk the system. The Aboriginal Industry is a lucrative client of taxis in these communities.

All courtesy of the Australian taxpayers thank you very much.

CO2 now 400 PPM of atmosphere (0.040%)?
“Is Carbon Dioxide A Pollutant?
So, this is actually a “trick” question that the AGW cult likes to pull. Recall that virtually anything can be deemed a “pollutant” under the right circumstances”. Too much oxygen will kill you. Too much of anything can/will kill you. So, context is vitally important when positing such a question.
I would respond with:
Is Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide A Pollutant?
Is Human Contribution To Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide A Pollutant?
Obviously, the answer to both of these questions is an emphatic NO!, not by any stretch of the imagination, and in FACT, exactly the OPPOSITE is true.
Ideally, we should be working to obtain an atmospheric CO2 concentration of around 1200-1500ppm. This would be ideal for our planet. [extract].

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John Hewson - former Federal Liberal leader;
Christine Milne - former Federal Greens leader; and
Simon Corbell - former ACT Minister for Environment and Energy.

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