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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As the media had taken over my joint yesterday I was unable to get back here to talk with you guys. Instead I tried to get through to some yobbos out there just how important freedom of speech really is. 

SKY, as usual got the story all wrong (the police certainly did not tell me to "tone it down") the other networks and most radio stations got it right and the ABC, after wasting a good two hours of my time and a good few thousand of our dollars, decided to drop the story all together.

But here’s the guts of it; freedom of speech is a cornerstone of Australia's way of life but it is a two way street and no-one should have the right to pick and choose who has the freedom to speak! I treasure that right and, unless others are allowed that same right, then the term “freedom of speech” becomes absurdly meaningless and a contradiction in terms.

Hizb ut-Tahrir’s aesthetically challenged spokesman, Uthman Badar, was prevented from delivering a lecture in the Sydney Opera House on the virtues of honour killings. 

Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in many countries but not here, so he should have been afforded the right to speak. (He is pictured here during a discussion on how radicalised Australians could best get to join the ISIS without coming under the notice of authorities.)

I would have taken down the number plates and taken photos of everyone who attended the Opera House lecture and discovered more about what they were up to rather than force them further underground. 

Failing that, Abbott should do what he promised to do and ban the bastards. But as long as they remain a legal entity, then their rights should be no different to my rights.

The Charlie Hebdo cartoons I find unfunny, amateurish and lack creativity and impact but that’s just me! The arbiter of whether that is true or not, as it is with every other newspaper, is the circulation figures. 

There were 60,000 French people out of a population of 67 million prepared to buy the magazine. In Australia it would have failed.

The print run of three million this week is a one-off anomaly.

Fairfax circulations have plummeted because readers have decided its news dissemination is appalling and have gone elsewhere. 

Television and radio networks have to play by the same rules. But really, there are no rules except for financial viability! It’s self-regulating, with the only medium allowed to escape the rule of viability being the ABC.

If you aren't satisfying enough of at least what one sector of the public wants, you will fail. My readership at the SMH was different to that of The Australian. My readers now are different again, I must paint with a broader brush because you are everyone and I lose some and win some. 

Those who wish to rid the net of “hate speech” are really saying they don’t want anything published that they disagree with. My success or otherwise has always depended on you the readers not on those who want to stifle debate and destroy forums.

The "Hate Speech" website gloats over who they have been able to close down this week.

Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, said yesterday that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons could not be legally published in Australia under 18C. That is incorrect, the magazine is highly critical of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, it is devoid of racial slurs and could easily and legally (albeit unprofitably) be published here. 

I have never felt I was in violation of the Racial Discrimination Act simply because I don’t attack people on the basis of their race. 

Islam is not a race, it is a belief system, there are Russian, Japanese and Chinese Muslims. Islam is a highly destructive faith-based dogma that exhorts and excites people of all races to commit atrocities on others. 

If I am ever prevented from discussing that, then they’re welcome to shoot me, I will be of no use to anyone.


Bear with me. It still hasn't worked. My choice of picture will never beat yours - A RESPONSE from all of my work colleagues. However they do appreciate what I have chosen to represent me and can see the sarcasm and irony that the avatars represent. Hopefully all will be well picture wise shortly. Also I have forwarded your avatar to everybody I know. BRILLIANT


Hi, I've tried this and it doesn't happen ...what are the words after your message because.....THANKS

4BC has become even a more dumb down, biased, ignorant radio station than the ABC. Patrick Condoms expert commentator - Kaisyer. A convicted electoral fraud. BUT important business. I think that your avatar is the best I have ever seen. I have told everybody at work and my friends about it. I have one that I want to attach to my name but I don't know how to do it. Can you help me? Please contact me on [email protected]

also for a bit of light reading google "islamic haddiths" and Khomeini's little grreen book

All those people concerned about Islam, please cut and paste the link below to your browser and see what one of the muslim worlds most revered leaders say about sex and women!!!!!

All those people concerned about Islam, please cut and paste the link below to your browser and see what one of the muslim worlds most revered leaders say about sex and women!!!!!

Sir Winston Churchill said it best : " Islam in a man is as bad as rabies in a dog ! ".

The Pope would have to be the Boss of the most Hypocritical Cult going at the moment. What right has he got to tell people what to do from his ivory tower and not going without anything. The Boss of cover up of a well organized pedophile ring, only throwing a couple of rockspiders to quell the angered crowd whilst still hiding hundreds or thousands in among it's church. I am offended being told if I do not believe in God I will burn in hell, can I go out and shoot some people. If people wish to believe in fairy tales that were made up years ago good luck to them just do not force it on me.To the Pope enjoy being pampered whilst your flock starve. Here is a way to get Australia out of Debt let's start taxing all religouns Halal is a tax but who gets the money.

Its odd how we keep getting bogged down with UN policies from 1961 in reference on "refugees/asylum seekers" but Treason appears to be a law that is overlooked? Let's overlook the former?

The Pope is CEO of the largest, richest, most influential and most corrupt business on Earth. Don't expect any wisdom or consistency from him.

I am still unable to work out why you are classed as a racist when you take the piss out of a fairy tale someone believes in, my kids never killed anyone when I told them Father Christmas wasn't real.

The Pope is a silly old Bastard>

Everyone got so alarmed when that dopey Roxon put forward her legislation limiting freedom of speech. It was pretty obvious that she was trying to put a gag on Alan Jones or Andrew Bolt and others including our Larry, by threatening all sorts of recriminations if anyone was offended by their articles. I thought it was hilarious because IT CUTS BOTH WAYS! If that legislation had passed then I would have relished the chance of being offended by almost all articles written by the usual leftie rubbish vendors, so I could report them, with them carrying al the costs. That hilarity was tempered to some extent by the realisation that bloody Labor would have stacked whatever tribunal was set up to make judgements about it - as per the highly politicised Triggs in Race Relations.

Media complicit and indispensable to “false flag” success

Posted by Jim Fetzer on January 14, 2015

Boston bombing, Charlie Hebdo and Sandy Hook would never have stood a chance against a vigilant press but for abdicating its responsibility to the public. William Shanley's suit against the media over Sandy Hook may be the most important ever lodged--and might be the reason he is now missing

Nicola Roxon tried to inhibit the flow of ideas and make offensive opinions illegal. She was stopped by ordinary people raising their voices in opposition. Never take freedom of speech for granted, we must continually guard and defend it.

I'm pretty sure freedom of speech is not a constitutional right in Australia. Just something you'd assume is a given.

I just hope someone is keeping tally of how many westerners these pieces of human excrement (no right to be called human beings) have killed since 9/11....if you know what I mean. The balance of things, as they say.