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Monday, 18th June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The sordid saga of the four Italian girls simmers and still no-one is winning this awful tug of war. Okay, my involvement with the father, Tomasso Vincenti, was an emotional one as I witnessed his willingness to suffer to see his children.

Channel 9’s 60 minutes last night attempted to stamp an epilogue on this shameful episode but there may never be an epilogue. The wounds remain open and raw while irresponsible media shrugs its shoulders and walks away from the devastation it promoted.

Rupert Murdoch sacked Brisbane’s Courier Mail editor and Leftie Michael Crutcher and others responsible for, among other things, one of the worst cases of editorial incompetence ever seen in Australia’s shrinking Press. 

Media’s Left and incompetence seem to go hand in hand without a care in the world for the damage it leaves behind. 

Readers who were sucked in by this Courier Mail travesty now suffer the anguish of having unknowingly contributed solace and money to a horrific cause concocted by a mother from hell. 

Crutcher embraced an emotional story that had torn a family apart but he chose the wrong side. He didn’t look in the dark corner where every journo should first shine a light. 

The mother, Laura Garrett, proved more media savvy than the editor whose job it was to filter the bullshit that comes across his desk. 

Where was this newspaper man’s missing nose for news? Even the shock jocks (except for 4BC’s Greg Cary) didn’t smell a rat. 

Even Bob Carr’s Foreign Affairs Department ran with the hounds, illegally facilitating this awful tragedy. Yet, in the end, not a single apology was to be heard, just the sound of craven perpetrators slinking from culpability.

One unpretentious and broken Italian father of four abducted daughters sat in an Australian Family Court, desperately trying to find the right words through broken English. 

He was alone in a foreign land against a hostile media fanning public outrage and stoking a firestorm of lies and deceit from the mother’s family, topped off with despicable accusations of paternal perversion. 

Why didn’t someone see something was wrong? Where were the intrepid reporters with a nose for the story behind the story?

The girls are back with their loving dad in Tuscany but something is terribly wrong... their mother is missing. 

A year later she is still here encouraging her daughters, via social media, to hate their father.

Tomasso encourages the girls to have daily contact with their mother despite the unsettling sessions laced with bile and hatred. He understands the importance of maternal contact no matter what the cost. Reciprocation is a word unfamiliar to the mother. 

Why didn’t Laura Garrett return to Italy with her daughters? The judge suggested she would naturally do that, but she didn’t! I know why she didn’t, but that’s an unrelated story and beyond Tomasso’s control. 

He doesn’t want her back but he understands how much his daughters do. Tomasso holds no bitterness as he tries to rebuild disenfranchised lives.

A good parent would surely risk a few lousy months in jail (more than likely a suspended sentence) to be with her children? 

Tomasso would, I would, I think most parents would.


TT I think a lot of new south welsh people are that mad. They cant even distinguish betweem democrat liberal and LNP, either that or they are too lazy to go past column A. Doesnt say much for their sanity!

What about Reuben?

What is the problem these boats are Indonesian with Indonesian crew entering our territorial waters illegally ever turn them around or sink them end of story.

Shaz is taking a break.

Delfino, Suzuki must do OK try very much , he travells the world stays in best hotels speaks to audiences he is a pollutant himself, and getting handsome renumeration for it!

Big boy is now famous, anyone that would roll about in bed with Shortass, looking for a place to park his big boy, must be in love. B.B. should be careful because he may get a good dose of herpes, as Shortass was with Roxon last week in Melbourne, and she had a mouth full of the dreaded blisters, and she kissed ass on a regular basis, mostly Gillard`s.

Word got out about Centerlink, become a citizen get benefits, end of story, no contributions no responsibility to repay any of the payments. Australian tax payers have a responsibility to work and pay tax , we have unemployment benefits if hard times engulf, we have pensions for those who worked long lives and played tax , we all played for benefits during working lives, Superannuation is now mandatory. We pay for our benefits one way or another. WHY should a boatload of People who bypassed many OTHER countries to get to Australia be Given Benefits meant to sustain Taxpaying citizens with no responsibility to repay or contribute in any way,

WALDO . . .Just extend your walk to 6 hrs! left,right,left right,left,right

TRANSCRIPT of part of Bill’s speech yesterday.

…you ask how I’d like to be known as PM,..I’m sorry but I don’t think
I’m gunna make it.
You see after conning the GGs daughter into marrying me I then
found out the GG was ‘besties’ with then PM, Julia something or other.
If that wasn’t bad enough, then my missus goes and becomes
President at Arms of some Bikie Gang called ’Women for Gillard’.

Then to get where I am today I had to ‘knife’, my wife and mother in laws
best friend Julia, in the back… you can imagine things are a bit tense in the
Short-one household at the moment.

Anyway back to the question of being known or remembered, let’s just
say I’d just like to BE remembered.
I’ve not long to go as I’m pretty sure that gang ‘Bitches for Gillard’ or
whatever it’s called, has a contract out on me….but lucky me I’ve got a
new friend like Tanya to watch my back,…sweet!

Well said Noosa - my thoughts exactly -. for a viable ALP opposition in Fed Parliament there has to be a `Complete routing of all Unionism influence'. - As for the labor leadership – for my mind they still haven’t learned their lesson. They are still engaged in the psychological barrier of unionism that is a structure or object that impedes free movement of the original idealism’s of the Labor movement.

I think this will continue to be a roadblock for many years until perhaps `the great awakening’ happens, or when the commo union hierarchy factions die off, the likes of Ludwig, Howes, Shorten, Arbib, many etc’s – however, though more than likely then they will be replaced with the same culture having had the same indoctrinations!.

p s I can spell bloody iPhone present from grandlkids cheersT5

@tomo they say there is not one can of whitewash to be found in Brisbane RE QLD racing it will go the same was as GILLARD anakead the AWU slush fund ,a thought if it was an ordinary person who was being investigated on the same charge,s THAT person would have been before the beake discharged or inside lookins my opinion.g out ,there train of thought is the longer it go,s lesser people will remember ,thats .my opinion.

I have never understood the rationale behind the carbon tax. I cant see how it will reduce carbon (even if this was necessary). Could someone (politics aside) explain how this carbon tax will reduce CO2 emissions.

Alwaysleazy and shorten the pie eater now there,s a good double ,reminds be of the fine cotton caper all those years ago , if that's the line the lab green have taken , WHO,S the ring in piggy howe,s no means yes with these arseholes

lets not forget who is also involved in this scam.

Qld racing inquiry begins public hearings, with former industry chair and Bligh government ministers to appear
By Brad Ryan

Queensland's racing inquiry began public sittings today, with former industry heads and several former Bligh government ministers summoned to appear.

Commissioner Margaret White is examining activities in the

How come roxsoff was not in company with short willy has he old man confined her to barracks?

Heard Julie Bishop on the radio this morning, gee Isn't it nice to hear someone who actually speaks correctly. Every time Gillard or Albert Sleazy speak it sounds like a cat being strangled and I reach for the phone to call the RSPCA.
As for Krudd, well he only spoke child speak or shorthand did Kevvie from Brissie.
As for Shorten,I guess he has been to the Marlon Brando school of elocution?

Well the last time the ALP was in opposition was 12 years and that was after what was considered a" reasonably" good period of Labor government. Hawk's almost 9 years being better than Keating's 4.
After a 6 year period of the worst government that this country has ever had and a mentality within the Party that will not accept the reality of their efforts in government, I suspect that a period in excess of 15 years should not be out of the question.
Actually whilst ever the vision of the senior Labor leaders does not extend beyond what's good for me and what's good for my Union mates that 15 years may be 20.

It is very hard to change Avatars.