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Tuesday, 19th June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


This site has consistently claimed that Kevin Rudd can never lead Labor again. Polls that show a Rudd return might give Labor a fighting chance are misleading and indicate only the extremity of the public’s distaste for Gillard.

I have a ripper little dog called Blinky who would poll well when compared to Gillard. Even Ivan Milat would poll well if voters were forced to a choice. That’s the extent of Gillard’s unpopularity and it holds no Brownie points for Rudd.

Media have been beating up Rudd’s prospects for years, he makes great copy, but if Labor is to field more than a lacrosse team after this election it needs to ignore the Milky Bar Kid.

Let’s face it, Kevin (I have to zip folks) Rudd is a political simpleton who was used as a footstool for Gillard’s elevation.

When the AWU could stand him no longer, it ruthlessly killed him off. Seriously, would it now agree to his reinstatement?

When union thugs and crooks like Howes and Ludwig decide who leads this nation what more can we expect than an ideologically driven gangsters’ moll like Gillard.

Ludwig’s heir in waiting, Bill Shorten, will certainly lead what’s left of this once-great party after the election.

He could replace Gillard now, he has broad factional support, but he has a few problems.

First problem is he can’t keep his dick in his trousers.

Second, he is embroiled in the coming explosive expose on the AWU/Gillard/Slater & Gordon fraud case under investigation by the Victorian Fraud Squad.

Third, he doesn’t want to be the one to lead the Labor Party to an embarrassing defeat.

But in Opposition he will need numbers he can build on and that will not be possible if Gillard stays. What a dilemma for little Bill.

Leaked ACTU polling shows a Labor massacre. Why was it leaked? Because ACTU luminaries were ruefully coveting safe Labor seats that will no longer exist if Gillard stays.

The ACTU wants Gillard gone too, but it wants anyone but Rudd.

With illegal immigration looming as the major election issue, the cerumen-ingesting, overfed public servant with female hands would have less electoral credibility than does Gillard.

Gillard and McTernan are desperate to drag Abbott into the cesspit of their gender division with yet another spurious charge; this time, touching an aboriginal woman on the arm and linking the dastardly deed to domestic violence.

The aboriginal woman, and Labor sympathiser, said she needed counselling and felt like wearing a burka to escape his lascivious clutches. WTF?

Perhaps future Opposition leader Shorten might care to answer the charge that he touched a 23yo staffer somewhere else that necessitated an abortion.

But that’s just another rumour eh?... a rumour that ABC Insiders’ panellists won’t have heard of either

So, who exactly has taken politics to this depth of sewage in a desperate attempt to cling to power? Mmmm.


watch carefully - in the "pretend" crowds, no one puts their hand out to shake his - he doesn't even look - just swans on and puts his hand out to shake anyones - you watch - he is such a con and poser

in his dreams

no me neither - very bad people - helping to destroy the country

rudd has his finger so far up his arse the entire aus. labor party could merrily play billiards with his balls [if he has any].......

Nice thumb Kev. Got a couple of suggestions about where you can stick it.'ve already done that!!?? Right!

I am a taxpayer, and have paid my full share to the Government of the day for many, many years. Now I question the disgraceful way taxpayers money is being spent for the benefit of a single MP. Keyin Rudd is a back bencher, he has no wider responsibility than his own electorate in central Brisbane and yet, every day, he is using taxpayers' money to swan around the country promoting HIMSELF first, and the Labor Party a distant second. I have no doubt that if he had to spend his own money on all this air travel, cars, hotels, meals etc that we would not see so much of him.
It is well overdue for the personal expenses of all parliamentarians to be made totally visible and any expenditure NOT related to their electorate be rejected as needing taxpayer funding. Of course, a Minister or Secretary would have the benefit of additional expenditure for appropriate parliamentary office responsibilities. Political parties of any colour should be responsible for paying for their own self-promotion
As a country we are financially bleeding and in a massive budgetry deficit which impinges on all the population, except seemingly politicians! Perhaps some of our less aligned journalists might find an expanded readership if they took the time to delve into this area. Maybe, I should not hold my breath!

ther WAS a story circulating that he lived rough (lived on the street) I think that's another one from the Vaseline cowboys handbook

I love the constant references to Rudd having female hands.
It just proves the point that the ALP is loaded with bludgers who have not done; could not do; and would not know a solid day of work in their lives, while pretending to be the defenders of the people who do.

If there is anyone in this country that knows less about the working man (and woman) - it is not the Coalition or even the Greens. It is the ALP.

Good morning TT
Most of the people that use Larry
s site agree with him and are definitely pro Liberals, and we can't for the life of us see anything on the labor's side worth voting for.
In other words we know which party we will support in the coming election.
Now, on the other side of the coin are the labor voters, they can't see passed Gillard/Rudd/Shorten etc.
Whilst it is a mystery to myself and many others, I have always tried to put myself and my logic in their shoes.
Maybe they are entrenched unionists, public servants, have met, attended seminars that their minister has convened and felt touched by their charisma.
There must be something that makes them gravitate to labor
However, in this instance, for my own part, there doesn't seem to be one redeeming feature that labor can offer me as an elder person, on the pension and at times baffled as to how so many people with alleged criminal backgrounds, inter-parlliament love affairs, communist backgrounds, atheist beliefs, questionable sexuality, pathological lying tendencies can be the party to lead my country.
The people who voted labor at the last election only have themselves to blame for the parlous situation we are in now, they are responsible nobody else.
If they choose to vote labor again, then the old addage comes to mind
And clearly they are most definitely part of the problem.

Hell hath no fury like a woman or a faggot scorned, GeoffU. Hence the inevitability of Julia's and Kevin's battle of attrition. I love it! Don't particularly care who wins - be great if both lost!

...look at this pathetic slime...the scum-bag just doesn't stop...boy Id love to work over his head with my heavy weight baseball bat...these socialist slimes just don't give up...we conservatives have to constantly maintain vigilance against these traitors who want to usurp our freedoms....

I would like to put forward that for the sole purpose of showing our prime spinster some well deserved respect that we refer to her with that which suits her best and that is her menu Monica "big red box" or the acronym BRB. The ayes have it! Motion passed!
And does anyone know if Kevin's Milky bar is still erect?

Larry, you are spot on as usual. Hats off. What the biased polls say will be twice as bad at the ballot box. Rusted on Labor supporters are as ashamed as JuLiar's father. Charge her and her lover Bruce Wilson now Ken Lay of VicPol with the AWU swindle. Can't even see JuLiar holding her own seat...

just wish the election was tomorrow--to see these bastards squirm---and they are big bastards---up yours labor-right up.

after the election it will be McTurd that will want to make himself very scarse, I imagine that there would be plenty that like to smack him fair between the eyes.

Rudd otherwise known as the Queensland 'TICK'

Go for it Geoff - I love it. I'd like to tie him to a chair and pistol whip the little pudgy pink faced bandy legged tweeting ferret. He's about as useful as a wart on a pigs arse. The thought that there are people who think this muppet should be Prime Minister is enough to make you choke on your own vomit.

Nah he was long gone by then, she did it in the early 90's.

Thats right reading the article, the west is too worried if they did supply the rebels weapons eg stuff to shoot down planes those weapons would end up being used to shoot down domesestic aircraft eg Isrealie passenger jets and so forth. And there no way the UN will ever get any other country to send in troops under the UN banner to control, nor should they either, to me it just seems as always Arab tribal fighting been going for ever, remember the scene out of Laurance of Arabia, where he was crossing the desert and his guide with him came to a water hole and they caught drinking from it and the other arab who rode up shot the guide and Laurance asked him why he he shot him and not him as well, remember the asnwer?

VETERAN political analyst Malcolm Mackerras says if Labor were to switch to Kevin Rudd in coming days, his famous swing-predicting pendulum would not budge one iota in Labor's favour.

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