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Thursday, 24th April 2014

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media.

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The last time KRudd sold himself to the electorate it was as 'John Howard-Lite’. 
“I’m a fiscal conservative”, he promised. 
The majority bought it. 

Rudd went on to head the biggest spending government in Australia's history. He inherited a near zero net debt, a $23 billion surplus and a future fund with $60 billion in the kitty.

Wasting little time, Labor embarked on a spending spree that has plunged Australia on to a rocky road of debt and deficit. The deficit is believed to be around $20 billion but economic analysts reckon it’s double that – the same analysts who told us a year ago Labor would never deliver a surplus, while Labor was insisting a surplus would be on time, "no ifs, no buts, failure is not an option". 

Debt has blown out to $300 billion with Labor fast running out of cash and pushing to raise the credit card ceiling to $350 billion.

Labor’s defence of their debt and deficit disaster is that, well, we’re not as badly off as Greece, Iceland or Portugal. It’s a bit like downgrading from a house on a large suburban lot to a tiny apartment and saying we’re not as badly off as the homeless bloke. Don’t you just feel so much better?

In his previous election campaign Kevin 07 also promised to "turn back the boats where it’s safe to do so". What we got from KRudd was a dismantling of our border protection which resulted in 45,000 boat arrivals and over 1,000 deaths at sea.

Yet when Abbott adopts a ‘turn back the boats where it’s safe to do so’ policy, Kevin runs a scare campaign threatening a war with Indonesia. 

Hmmm...okay, let’s move on. 

Mining was a healthy export income generator when Kevin 07 took office. Resources quarantined Australia from the global financial crisis that melted most other economies. Ever the opportunist, Kevin thought he’d milk some of that loot to plug his massive spending holes. There was no industry consultation, but Rudd and treasurer Swan did succeed in whipping up fear that generated massive investment and jobs losses as confidence was ripped from a very healthy, growing sector.

International investors looked elsewhere.

This Rudd stuff-up was the final straw that had him removed as leader. The removal emboldened his colleagues to spill the beans and tell all, labelling Rudd a ‘dysfunctional, ‘psychopathic’, ‘egomaniac’ with no Labor values. 

Now he’s back. Rudd re-invented, with the incredulous sales pitch that he’s ‘only been Prime Minister for a week or so’ and that he deserves a fair go - and we should believe his new promises of fixing all our problems. The reality is, they are Kevin’s self-made problems, and he’s made them our problems. 

Any analyst will tell you the best way to predict an outcome is to look at indicators. That is, past performance. Whether it’s the share market, housing market, products or services etc. Ebay even has ‘feedback’ to guide online buyers on the past performance of a seller’s product, service and conduct so they minimise the risk of getting dudded.

Given KRudd’s past performance (or indicators) on border protection, the debt, the deficit, the ill-conceived and rushed NBN, the pink batts fiasco, global warming and ETS failures at Copenhagen, the mining tax, dysfunctional internal operations which saw massive staff resignations from his office and ministerial colleagues refusing to work with him, can anybody in their right mind seriously go to the next election and give Kevin their vote?

Kevin wants us to believe that his past performances mean nothing but we’re expected to believe him on future promises. 

What would your business, financial or share market adviser tell you if you said you wanted to bet your house on buying shares in a dismally failed company with a dysfunctional management, poor price-earnings ratio, horrific debt exposure and increasing borrowings, overspending, negative returns on capital and assets and speculative promises?

He’d advise you to see a therapist. 

Kevin Rudd fooled the country once with false promises and left a trail of disasters in his wake. The ‘indicators’ are there for everyone to analyse.

Fool me once, shame on you. 

Fool me twice, shame on me.






Weather Vs Climate



`Vertigo` by U2
PZ* .. how is this Bass player ??
Ouch he is gerd
Shared .
It should be twice as long this song (imo)

PS: Did I say how much I hate that little turd Krudd? Gutless pathetic little show pony. Disgrace to Australian manhood!

The caption to the picture should read: " and just let me say this!, I have this much credibility!"

Rudd will be there if its a photo opportunity.

It looks like he just picked a boogie and is about to flick it!!

Henry Ergas's opinion piece in The Weekend Australian on page 13,should be mandatory reading for every voter in this country before they enter the polling booth when an election is called by that cretin Rudd.Ruud's real record of under achievement in his first term as PM,is riveting reading & highlights just what a mess this moron,along with Swan,Gillard & Conroy got this country into & what will continue to plague Abbott & the Coalition,in their efforts to get Australia back on course.Rudd is a complete & utter brain dead incompetent,devoid of any ability to run a balanced economy,even to the extent of undermining every rational policy Labor might envisage.He should never,ever get the chance to run this country again & to her credit,the only sane thing Gillard did,was stab him between the shoulder blades.It's a pity she didn't aim higher when she had the chance in 2010 & finish him off once & for all.

“THURSDAY " from the National's news letter >>, unemployment rose significantly to 5.7% putting a record 700,000 Australians on job queues, while youth unemployment hit a 15-year high at a staggering 27%.

Some 4,400 Australians who had full-time jobs last month are now looking for work.”

So Kevin's given his youngster a senior job on his campaign team - might be viewed by some unkind people as nepotism. Why can't he just buy the kid some mineral-rich piece of land like Obeid did for his lad?

Kevin is just as boring on the TV now as the former Prime Minister whatever their name was. People are turning the channel over and are waking up sooner to these spin merchants and snake oil salesmen than you think.

Fiscal conservative my arse!!!!.

It was on the front page of the Australian when I opened it this morning....I could not help but see it..

Mind you he has been back in the Lodge for all of 4 days and it was by invitation, so he has just spent a bucket load of our money just to stroke his fucking ego.

Possibly its a standard thing, with a new PM.
Somebody, may know a little more than I about diplomatic protocols, but I have not seen it before.

Anyway, he is only going to be there for a couple of months anyway.

Noticed on tonight's TV news that Krudd has taken over from the Red Witch of being photographed with bogan teens who can do nothing but giggle.

how will the maggot explain this?

Search in:


NBN chief says time is right for departure

Rudd over in PNG insisting they clean up corruption, and advising them how to do it.

Meanwhile in our country:
"Labor’s candidate for the seat of Bennelong (John Howard's former seat) has been sacked days before he is due to front the Independent Commission Against Corruption.The dumping of Jeff Salvestro-Martin, a Ryde councillor accused of accepting political favours from a local newspaper, is a setback for Kevin Rudd’s bid to clean up NSW Labor before the election".

Slipper is to get an 'Act of Grace' payment from the Rudd Government. (For the grace of God).

Pathetic, they are trying to politicise the Slipper Case.
Contempt of Court by ALP today, again.

Hey, it is a policy, the Slipper Policy, a real vote winner.

Rudd was at a Book launch today, with a detailed speech prepared. He made an embarrassing joke about cricketer Agar, trying to channel Bob Hawke.
Whilst in Brisbane, Joe Hockey had prepared and presented a detailed and excellent speech on the future of the economy and LNP Policy.

We couldn't have a clearer choice, at the election.

The best way to move forward is to press your "ignore button" when a persistent pest is posting.

typical labor, making heroes out of failures

the navy is supposed to be there to protect our border's and our nation but according to kev he is leaving that to his mate bam bam,christmas island is over flowing and I read on Michael smith's blog they are going to be cleaned out within a week, we will be a muslim country soon thank's to traitor kev.

There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218–224