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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


The Manchester bombing was very personal for me. I was born in St Mary’s Hospital, just a short walk from the Manchester arena. I also had a very happy childhood, growing up in the Southern suburbs. I still have a very special place in my heart for Manchester and its people.

I felt the pain of the attack deeply, perhaps more than most. Still, I think that this attack has had an effect which I haven’t felt before.

Maybe it was the hideousness of the attacks. Perhaps it was the thought of innocent young girls being deliberately ripped apart by a nail bomb, but something changed.

The most exciting development for me, was when my friend Dave called me a “Wanker” on facebook and I knew that he wasn’t joking. That might not sound very exciting, but to me it was a real breakthrough.

Dave is the first person I began trying to convince about Islam. It was Dave’s steadfast refusal to believe what I was saying that led to me writing my book. For more than a decade I have been trying to convince him. Some people have asked why I bothered.

“It’s a lost cause” they told me, but Dave is like a case study to me. I try out different tactics on Dave and see if I can get a reaction. I know that if I can convince, Dave I can convince anyone. For over a decade I have had no success whatsoever.

Dave is a good guy at heart but a stubborn SOAB with an ego to match. Like many Lefties he has been in love with Islam and thought that Islam would love him back. Good luck with that one Dave!

Dave is just a useful idiot to these people but love is blind. In Dave’s case, it is deaf, dumb and stupid as well.

Psychologists have identified five stages of grief when people are badly hurt.

The first stage is denial and Dave has been mired in this stage for over a decade now.

Finally, he has broken through into stage two which is anger. That is why he is calling me names like “wanker.”

This stage will be much shorter than stage one. People can’t stay angry for nearly as long as they can stay in denial.

He will soon be in stage three which is bargaining.  He will probably read my book or start looking at internet sites like “Religion of Peace.” Before long, he will be on the phone trying to convince me that if we can just get ISIS into an Amidiyah Mosque, we will be home and hosed.

Once it becomes clear to him that Islam can’t be reformed and ISIS will never be convinced to put down their arms, he will slip into stage four. 

Stage four means wallowing in a deep depression which will probably involve lots of Kleenex and ice cream. 

Sooner or later however (probably sooner because he is pretty resilient) he will make the final leap to stage five, which is acceptance.

Next thing you know he will be running around telling anyone who will listen that, “Mohammed married a six year old don’t you know!”

The funny thing is, I sense this change not just in my friend Dave. I sense it in many Islamic apologists. They are suddenly becoming very hot headed. 

Tommy Robinson was arrested (again) recently on yet another trumped up charge. Not only that, but he is being angrily accused of somehow “profiting” from the carnage in Manchester.

Is it just me, or are people on Facebook getting really riled up about this? They keep supporting Islam and Islam is just not loving them back.

Once the Left reaches the realisation that they have been duped, I think they will surprise us. Hell hath no fury like a Justice Warrior spurned. We may yet reach the bizarre situation where Counter Jihadists are trying to keep Social Justice Warriors from bombing the Islamic world into the stone age.

Once the Western World finally comes to grips with Islam, the Islamic world will be forced to face reality. Without Western countries giving them aid and taking their refugees for them, they will have no excuses. No-one will accept their cries that their poverty is the fault of Israeli settlers or long forgotten Western colonisation.

Western academics will be falling over themselves to show the stupidity of Islam and the faith of the most pious Muslim will be sorely tested.

Right now, we have an opportunity to open people’s eyes. I am pushing people’s boundaries on facebook and pushing my book more than ever.

Interest in my book has spiked and I have plenty in stock right now. If you know anyone who would benefit from a copy then please try to get one to them.

We need to get this information out there and Pickering Posters have been at the forefront of this revolution. I thank you all for that.

Islam is uniquely vulnerable right now and I for one, intend to press our advantage mercilessly.


I sort of wish people would stop making the marriage to a six year old the main sin of Mohamed - yes it's a horrible thing but was cultural at the time and he was not the only one .... there are many other areas of his life and many passages in the Koran that talk of slavery, torture and slaughter of those he did not like ... and over his life he changed his mind and turned on those he first protected. He was a liar who made lying a part of his made up religion, he loved killing, but had to hold back when he realised if he killed too many locals there would be no one to support his evil tribe, he was afraid of peace and hated those who preached it and so much more yet we all come back to he married a six year old (did not consumate it for three years and she seemed to think she was okay).

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Could be that Lewis is just a seat warmer for the CIA .


Waffle from pure cretins

Yes new post up but great story before you all leave:

I'll repost for the 'russians' - the ones who rush out of church [or a blog?] before the final hymn is sung.

Canberra just doesn't make any sense any more. All squabling over scoring minor political points and neither major party capable of sensible government, SAD!

s The Vatican? not the Rothschilds? Must be something wrong?

I thought all of the banks were owned by Rothschilds, at least according to some obsessed contributors?

Well done KG!

Some blokes can be a bit scratchy.
Keep 'em comin'. :-))

You can only imagine with an ASIO boss Our own Government obviously Supports,with this attitude and apparent Agenda, how bad our problem REALLY is..The Politically Sheltered Poms are just finding out that the 3000 identified Terror suspects that their leadership has bestowed upon them and their children is more like 23,000....You can only imagine how bad things are here behind the Lies,Smoke and Mirrors..

With Duncan Lewis asleep at the wheel anything can happen.

You've showed True Grit.

The head of ASIO has justified his stance that there is no identified link between refugees, terrorism and Islam flying in the face of the coronial finding in the Lindt Café siege. It is untenable that ASIO, the Commonwealth police and state police forces are spending billions monitoring over 300 potential terrorists and on high alert for the emergence for new and critical risks while the head of ASIO denies the known and obvious fact that refugees DO pose a real threat to our lives and our democracy.

The Sheeple believe what they are told over what they can see...The media just Whitewash everything to be Snowflake friendly and all is good. Until you wake up one day with the local Imam demanding your 9 year old daughter marry some potential Suicide bomber...

Oh well have fu


What a kind man.

Dad's birthday coming up - thank God he is not here to see has happened.