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Friday, 22nd June 2018

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... but not before more EU deaths

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


For the first time Barack Obama has been forced to grit his teeth and declare his primary ambition is to destroy Islamic State. No mention of his original resolve of “degrading” or “containing” this time. Why is that? And yep, that IS who you think it is!

In the wake of recent terror attacks American Special Ops forces have taken out some of ISIS’s top brass and the question lingers, “Why has it taken hundreds more deaths for American troops to finally be given the all clear to act?” The answer is likely Putin.

ISIS is now using “dead man switches” on its suicide vests due to many prospective bombers having had a change of heart and fleeing with scant concern for their 72 breathless virgins.

A dead man’s switch could clearly be seen on the left hand gloves of the Airport bombers. It’s a bit like a fail-safe brake that is already engaged. A bomber now can’t change his mind about becoming flying halal mince meat because the moment he releases his hand the bomb is detonated and if someone shoots him his hand will open and his job will be done regardless.

ISIS only recruits dumb fools as suicide bombers (there was this Iraqi oaf who had encased his donger in a metal sheath ensuring he would be able to handle his virgins) but too many have lately been chickening out altogether, many are reconsidering the value of these 72 virgins.

But why Obama’s sudden change of heart? I mean he is either very dumb or he doesn’t really want any part in killing a Muslim of any Islamic persuasion. Obama gives ISIS definitive dates that he will be withdrawing his troops (pretty good eh?).

Putin also gives dates when he intends to withdraw his troops... but unlike Obama, Putin is bullshitting. 

ISIS fighters believed Putin in the same way as they believed Obama so they streamed out of their foxholes ready to wreak more havoc but this time Putin’s troops would be ready to pick them off with ease.

Obama’s lazy lefty war machine shat itself when Putin announced his withdrawal because they knew he didn’t mean it and they were aware that Putin could be credited with taking out ISIS's top management. The Pentagon finally sprang to attention!

They couldn’t afford that because Obama has always complained that Putin was only interested in taking out Syrian rebels who were intent only on taking out his friend and ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Obama had no choice but to move to accomplish what he should have been busily accomplishing  three years ago: The destruction of ISIS.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi couldn’t give a stuff about Obama but would do well to fear Vladimir Putin.

 ...because this new bloke on the scene now will not lose any sleep killing Muslim jihadists  and has a fraction more guile and military intelligence than Obama.


"Just humiliated a famous Australian sportsman" truly Winston? I say that's not possible, not when the subject is lurid sex and the "sportsman" is Shane Warne. Oh puullleeease. Nothing he stoops to surprises me. Apart from his (former) cricket status, he is nothing but a national embarrassment.

Shit Chris, your claim to fame is ? You can spell... Fuck me! I am impressed ....

marco , you can not un read or un watcht but If you have a brian (speeling) you ccan werk out the shitte!

hAHAHHA DO lisards peple know how to speil?

Funny how, every nut job (sheeple) thinks that that Moon landing false and still believes that Lizard peple are real

Yes Chris , and I don't mind admitting it because he is dead right. Look at TP and yourself, you think it's a big joke to talk about lizard people but where did you hear it?

haaaa, got you!!.....David Icke!

Check out The jihad Triangle by David Woods. If you want to know more about Islam, David's material is very helpful.

lg: and it only lasted 10 seconds. Is that why they call Warnie "two stroke".

"I did not have sex with that woman ten minutes after meeting her. It was eleven minutes"

I think Tony Abbott should recontest or Cory Bernardi. I think he would make the best Conservative PM. He's got guts and the runs on the board after his office was trashed, that sort of thing only happens to pollies when the Left can smell a possible contender for the PMship.

Elite sports people are paid far too much. They spend their spare time practicing idiocy.

Tony Abbott is another trueblue alpha male strong brave and decent...a patriot and achiever of course he had to go .....with the assistance of the Abbott hating media and enthrone Turnbull and Lucy...who have wrecked the Liberal Party with Mark Textor giving loyal long voting Lib conservatives who are protesting the middle finger.

Bernardi is an alpha male......Turnbull is an alpha of a sort....sneaky, rat cunning, hiding his sneering and spite....a kleptoparasite and stalker of Abbott, Peter King and all who stood between him and the PM ship. and indeed whom he now regards as internal threats to his leadership such as it is.

edwardo.....Cori Bernardo a trueblue Australian male....unlike whingingTurnbull who is still pouting about his mother Coral leaving him behind with Dad Bruce when she shot through with her lover...hoping to gain sympathy and gentle handling as he put a wrecking ball through the Liberal Party to achieve his destiny the PMship of Australia.

Call me old fashioned but I was brought up by my mother to respect all women.

I am therefore very economical with the use of the term 'slut' and only apply it to women like Julie Bishop who is after all just another high rolling slapper who has used her fanny and guile to get where she is today.

My vote goes to Cory Bernardi, a fair dinkum bloke.

Dante, I try to look on the bright side .. you can't un-watch , un-read or un-hear something no matter the spelling . :)

Are the majority of elite sportmen and women a shingle appears so.

One could do worse than Peter Costello but he is now so far up himself he wouldn't be prepared to take the job on.