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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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... and if only he were a rich man

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Greg Norman once said, “If I park my new Ferrari anywhere in LA, I get kids asking if they can wash it for me. When I park it in Melbourne I get kids who want to run coins down the side of it.” And there my friends, is the politics of jealousy. And there too rests the small minds of Labor luminaries.

Yes, Malcolm Turnbull is filthy rich. Yes, he made his money out of other peoples’ money. No, he never lifted a shovel nor bent his back, but that applies to a lot of people... including Bill Shorten.

Turnbull acquired his wealth using a corrupt banking system that is allowed to bubble along below the surface unchallenged, simply because it creates wealth from wealth and the first thing governments do when a recession/depression looms is to underwrite banks... give them a government guarantee against loss.

No recession-affected economy can sustain the failure of its banks. Mal’s was a wonderful business to be involved in!

Enter stage Left Bill Shorten, who acquired millions for the AWU and others through an old Mafia technique called a “protection racket”. It’s the most simple of all rackets and it goes like this: Put yourself in a position where you can do terminal damage to an entity and then offer protection to that entity from yourself... for a price of course! (Halal certification is another example that Labor denies exists.)

Julia Gillard and her boyfriend Bruce Wilson took protection racketeering to new creative heights. Bill Shorten just followed the age-old river of extorted money he believes will shoe-horn him into The Lodge. Rich Mal is already there. Poor Bill has his hand on it.

If the law was to be applied equally then Gillard, Wilson, Shorten, most of the Labor caucus and almost all union bosses would be in jail. But who says the law is ever applied equally?

Malcolm Turnbull may be as smooth as duck shit, but Bill Shorten is as thick as pig shit. To invoke the old Labor class-war argument during Turnbull’s honeymoon period is tactically plain stupid and certain to fail!

If the old hoary chestnut of rich v poor was to have any legs at all it would be after the honeymoon period and at a time when Turnbull will have to cut welfare in the coming budget.

Is Graham Richardson  still advising this rabble?


Now Jack, attack the argument not the person. This argument about the existence or not of a creator has been going on forever and will go on forever. Time to go out and smell the roses. Take a break.

Jack - You said 'There is no creator'. Your words. If that is not a sweeping statement I don't know what is. Had you said "In my opinion there is no creator". I would have had no problem with that because I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion. The mistake you made as far as I am concerned is to claim something as fact that you have no way of proving. As for daylight saving, I assume your clock is still calibrated to pre daylight saving time, hence your error about what day it was. Not eating meat on Friday - my duty??? You've lost me there. After much consideration ( at least a nanosecond ) I have come to the conclusion that you are either mentally unbalanced, or incapable of calm discussion. I can assure you that neither tems in your last sentence apply to myself.

I am not into flattering myself Jack. You make sweeping statements and then abuse and attempt to belittle those who question you about them.

Today is Friday, Jack. Tomorrow is Saturday.

'I'll type this slowly so even you can understand'. What an absurd thing to write. Forget about the mysteries of the universe, Jack - Anger management and a course in tolerance will do you far greater service.

Re your last sentence, I take it you are doubting the claims of the woman in question then, Jack? In any case, I don't think that can be the only 'recent' miracle Jack, since the Pope beatifies quite a number at a time as far as I know, and all candidates put forward are required to have documented evidence of having performed a miracle(s) during their lifetimes. Camera or no camera. For your general information, Pope John Paul beatified more people than all his predecessors combined. The camera did not slow him up, it would appear.

Ps Jack - I am still waiting for the data about miracles you mentioned in an earlier post. I suppose it will be a miracle if you produce it.

I made no such claims, Jack - merely putting forward some views in reply to your own. In order to learn anything, you need an open mind Jack - not a closed one like yours. Indeed you are showing the intolerance of the worst fundementalist. It is a pity that your lack of vocabulary means that you have to stoop to abuse. How petty to accuse others of possessing less intelligence than yourself. I suggest that one who believes one has all the answers, has not asked all the questions. You have also proved what I have stated to be correct. That is: that you cannot prove that God does not exist. You are the one that made the sweeping statement that he does not exist. That makes you the foolish one. To put yourself in such a position with not a skerrick of proof for your case. Strange

As I said Jack, it is impossible for a homo sapien to prove that a creator is not responsible for the universe. But I accept that you hold a different view. What matters on this PP is that we pretty much all agree that the doctrine of the islamic cult is barbaric, ruthless, and violent.

Fancy saying that you cannot play any musical instrument, Jack. Can't you whistle, or sing? Can't you bang on a suacepan with a wooden spoon? It seems to me that you are neglecting the very musical instruments you were born with. You don't appear to have much capacity for thinking outside the box, Jack. Abusing those who disagree or query your views does nothing for your argument, either. Generally speaking it shows a weak argument if the person espousing a view becomes abusive. You simply cannot state that there is no creator and be able to prove that statement. Simple as that. There is nothing ignorant in what I have placed here. A closed mind is more of a sign of ignorance as far as I am concerned. Where is the data on miracles I asked for BTW?

Now Jack, by all means keep the debate going, but don't start being rude to those participating. Please leave out the 'd...h...' word. Actually, looking down a microscope or an electron microscope at those viruses, bacteria, ectoparasites etc. is amazing. They are truly fascinating. Blaming the creator of the universe for bringing them into contact with homo sapiens is ridiculous. Humans were also created with a brain to figure out what to do, hence, vaccines, antibiotics and understanding hygiene etc.

Jack, don't quote me as saying that "there's an old man floating around up there." The finite brain of a homo sapien will never know and understand all that is to be known about the universe. It is impossible for a homo sapien to prove that a creator is not reponsible for the universe.

What data are you calling on there Jack?

Okay Jack.You are entitled to what you believe, just as I am entitled to what I believe.If I told you that the tv that sits in the corner was 'made by no one, and that nobody designed it, you would probably think that I was mad.Yet are we to believe that the complexities of this world and the intricacies of the ecosystems, the plants, the animals - everything just evolved by accident? I am quite prepared to describe death as 'journey'. Your body undergoes a journey for a start doesn't it?The physical body does not stay the same, it changes.So what you appear to be saying is that you believe that death is the end because you see with your eyes that the body dies.You cannot see electricity, but the light still goes on doesn't it? Any philosopher will tell you that eyes can trick you.

Hi mcj - I also agree with Jack about being reunited with the universe after death. But it's a universe that continues to expand blissfully unaware of our existence. Religion has made us feel special about ourselves and filled the gaps (all of that) but these days people are more sophisticated and the gaps are diminishing. As an atheist I find what the Hubble has revealed more inspiring than a burning bush or talking snake. I don't concern myself with things over which I have no control. I didn't get my moral compass from a bible, it came partly from good parenting but mostly from what's innate in most humans. We've evolved that way. D.

My opinion is that no mortal can say with any authority what happens post death. Only that is a journey we all must make. There are too many unexplained phenomenon to say anything with accuracy about what happens after death with any authority whatsoever. Strident views are no more factual just because they are presented that way. Everyone is entitled to believe what they wish on this subject, without others belittling their opinions. It is the height of arrogance to dictate to others what does, or does not happen post death. Each to the mystery of death his/her own way.

I do agree with you Jack, that when we die we turn into dust and we don't leave this universe. However, I think the concept of atheism is a cop out for our human finite brain. The Earth is but a speck in the Universe. Planets, dying stars, the birth of new stars, galaxies, energy, matter, black holes, the contents of intergalactic space etc., are all part of the mysteries of the Universe. Just because Homo Sapiens can't explain the unfathomable universe, does not exclude the possibility of a Creator.

Wrong Jack, we all turn into dust and become part of the unfathomable universe.

JJR - I believe the world would be a far better place if children were kept away from all religion until they were old enough to make an informed choice. There are an estimated 2700 god's currently worshiped globally which says to me that man made god; religion is comfort for the credulous. As for an afterlife, extraordinary claims require extraordinary EVIDENCE!!

JJR - Do you believe in an afterlife at all Jack? Or is it just lights out for you?