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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There is more to come from FBI Director Comey over crooked Hillary. The 33,000 emails she destroyed were to do with dirty deals her and Bill's Foundation did in return for US cash deposited in the Foundation's account. And that’s why she has several different servers and different cell phones. She was desperate to keep her dirty deals from the media and the Administration (except from Obama of course).

She and her testosterone flushed husband, Bill Clinton, were arranging speaking deals with foreign and domestic companies and governments for around $US235,000 a pop and strangely, shortly after each dinner engagement, those governments/companies found themselves the fortunate winners of large Administration contracts. 

The contracts had suitable loadings of course that enriched the “lucky” donating tenderers even further. And Americans are wondering why they are facing a $21 trillion debt?

When asked why these speaking fees were so outrageously high Hillary replied, “Well, that’s just what they offered!” She also said that she wanted to have everything on the one phone, yet she used multiple servers and multiple phones.

FBI Director Comey’s testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee yesterday was unconvincing. He relied on a conceived inability to prove criminal intent which appears to be a nonsense given what Clinton has already attested to under oath. 

But Comey is an honest and dedicated Republican who has no reason to obfuscate the truth, so it’s clear he holds a silver bullet that will bring down the Clinton house of cards before the November election. If he chooses not to, he is as much a criminal as the Clintons, but that's not so.

Australia was inadvertently graced with a criminal called Julia Gillard as PM who was protected by a cravenly reticent judicial system. Hillary Clinton will not be afforded the same luxury as even the critical black and Latino voters recognise criminality when they see it.

The Clintons have a history of corrupt practices and Obama and his mate Gillard are up to their necks in them. Remember Gillard’s sexual advances to him and those knowing looks with a bit of bum fiddling? Remember her agreement to use Australian taxpayers’ hard-earned cash to bolster the Clinton Foundation, along with the help of the Saudi family and others seeking US contractual benefits for millions in payola?

Remember Obama bending his knee to the Saudi family, the evil Wahhabist power at the centre of the world’s Islamic extremism which has been instrumental in the rise of ISIS and the ongoing development of the Taliban using trillions in the world-wide halal certification scam?

Gillard used AusAID to transfer multiple tranches of $25 million we could ill afford to Clinton and at the same time brought AusAID under the auspices, direction and protection of Foreign Affairs to ensure the transactions could not be questioned...(classified defence information, of course). Julie Bishop has since refused to comment on the Aussie taxpayers’ massive contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Its seems the Left of both Parties have merged.

                            Hillary and her permanent Muslim companion Huma Abedin

FBI Director Comey is keeping his powder dry concerning the illicit Foundation with comments that the investigation is merely “ongoing”.The tax exempt Foundation is the real sleeper and Hillary’s emails will disclose the criminal arrangements made with foreign governments and private American “donors”. And that will make it hard to claim a case of, "lack of intent”.

Democrat Presidential contender, Bernie Sanders got it right when he accused her of high end corruption... but so what, Bernie is set to endorse her in a "Democratic" cloud of hypocrisy.

The question now remains, is Donald Trump the right bloke to bury the entrenched Obama Administration’s anti-American, Islamic chicanery,

... or will Hillary and her constant Muslim friend not make it to the starting line despite blind and dumb "Democratic" support?


who was it that said we have not yet become to fight ???? John paul jones I E can ANYONE one expect that from the turd as P M John paul jones FOUGHT for his country ,

Larry, Comey is NOT a Republican. He was appointed by Bill Clinton during the Watergate years. Check your facts, please.

That photo of Juliar feeling up Barry the blackfella's arse reminds me of the time Paul Keating "touched" our Queen and the Press went ballistic so it shows how little the Press think of Barry .

Forget about the deleted emails for Hillary will have bigger problems explaining where the Clinton Foundation money came from and if she can't provide a legitimate list of donors she will find her self answering questions to a Grand Jury on RICO charges .

The Clinton email saga is not finished. The Congressional committee has asked the FBI to check if Clinton lied to a congressional enquiry on this subject. Her spoken word is recorded, and she said she did not have any classified emails on her server, and the FBI said she had over a hundred on her server.

“During a 2015 hearing on the Benghazi attack, Clinton told Congressman Jim Jordan that, "[t]here was nothing marked classified on my emails, either sent or received." Comey FBI refuted that statement Thursday, testifying that some emails on Clinton's server contained markings that indicated confidential material,
If you paid attention during the last section, you may have read that general perjury comes with a maximum five-year prison sentence and potential fine. The same basically goes for not telling the truth to Congress, even without an oath. However, if the lie under Section 1001 involves terrorism, the maximum prison sentence rises to eight years. “-----CNBC
And as Larry said the Clinton`s fund activities are still to be published.
There is still heaps of mud for Trump to throw at Clinton.

Does anyone doubt that child marriage happens in Australia?

Book written by former White House Secret Service Operateive George J Byrne blows the lid off the Clinton image exposing it as a fraud:

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You should be more observant, I saw dozens of signs

he is an obtuse writer. Have to dig under his clumsy language to find that there really is no set system because the elected senators get to work it out themselves if and when they can come to grips with the choices on offer. When there are a lot of new senators who don't know up from down, each of whom has an equal vote ....

Bill Leak's cartoon of Turdbull, Shorten & Hanson standing on the podium after the election is a classic. Such a good caricature of PA with the face legs etc. But he got the tits wrong.........with Shorten that is.

Trumby, You nailed it! It's BBS Bullshit Billy Shorton! He's so sincere?

A sign in Townsville last week - I hate political jokes, the bastards get elected

latest figures:
Hanson: 429,513
ALA: 74,729
Hinch: 183,241

Hanson: 151,290
ALA: 22,994
Hinch: 13,662

The ALA figure for a first election with next to no exposure is very good indeed. Well above others. I included Hinch as he has a reasonable, good, showing for a first timer but he also had great reach through his radio spot and because of his gaol time and populist policies.

A Labor victory by one vote is a triumph, an LNP guaranteed majority is something to be moaned/warned/indication of coming disaster, according to The Australian, strange?

Grace Collier...The Weekend Australian - "Australia's unprotected fed up with being neglected by policymakers. We are seeing the rise of the "unprotected" as defined by Peggy Noon of the Wall Street Journal. In Febuary None wrote a piece under the headline "Trump and the rise of the unprotected". In it she sets out to explain the defiant political mood rising across the Western world. Noonan says that in the US, and much of Europe, the political elites cannot make sense of the world they created. The theory is deeply insightful and has feal relevance to our present political situation. Noonan says the terrifically intelligent types who "do politics for a living" seen to be the only ones who cannot see what is right in front of their noses.

Here we go again with Pauline Hanson will be responsible for any downturn in Asian tourists coming to Australia :-

Geez if most Asians cannot name the Prime Minister of Australia what would they know about Hanson and what would they care. They come here for a HOLIDAY and particularly to see the sights of Australia. They certainly wouldn't have a protest march against Pauline Hanson on their itinerary.

It seems like PH has now taken the targeted spot from Tony Abbott. The media idiots don't have the brain power to handle two at once.

In Melbourne they say what is better than beating Collingwood by ten goals, beating them by one point. We say today what is better than beating Labor by 35 seats (2013),beating them by nine seats (2016) (Latest Estimate.). A win is a win Billy boy, suck on that.

A moslem named Barack Obama,
Who should be employed by a farmer,
Was directed by Soros,
(Through Obama's wife Boris),
To give the blacks bullets and armour.

Who Was Dallas Shooting Suspect Micah Johnson? - From the Australian.
According to AFP, a photo on Johnson’s Facebook page shows him with his right fist raised in a pose reminiscent of the black power movement of decades ago in America.
In the photo, Johnson was wearing an African-style tunic against the backdrop of the red, black and green pan-African flag, which became popular during the black liberation drive of the 1960s in the United States.
AFP viewed screen shots of Johnson’s Facebook page after the social media company took it down on Friday.
His “likes” included the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and the Nation of Islam, organisations listed as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which studies such movements in the United States.
Who would have guessed he liked the Nation of Islam ?