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Friday, 19th October 2018

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False Alarms in the Frigid Zone

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Alarmists see a man-made calamity in every change in the Antarctic ice cap. There is nothing unusual about ice caps melting, ice sheets splitting, icebergs calving or glaciers advancing or retreating. This has been happening naturally for eons.

In 1513, a Turkish sea captain, Piri Reis, using ancient maps, produced an accurate chart of the coastline of Antarctica which is now covered by a kilometre of ice. Geological evidence suggests it was ice-free just 6,000 years ago. Several past eras of icing and melting follow the natural cycles of the solar system, totally ignoring man’s puny activities.

It is not surprising that most glaciers and ice sheets show melting and calving while snow is being added at their source. If this did not occur, much of Earth’s water would eventually become tied up in the ever-growing ice sheets, as happened in the Ice Ages. And when land-based ice caps melt during periodic warm eras, the sea level inevitably rises and all life-forms must adapt to the new shoreline. 

Sea levels rose swiftly by some 130 metres as ice sheets melted at the end of the latest ice age just 13,000 years ago. This made islands out of many coastal hills. We are all descendants of a long line of survivors who had the sense to adapt to these dramatic sea level changes without needing edicts from climate witch-doctors prohibiting camp fires and ordering villagers to abandon their seaside settlements.

There is no evidence that man’s production of carbon dioxide is having any effect in Antarctica. Despite rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, global surface temperatures are steady, global sea levels are rising very gently and the Antarctic Ocean is cold because the sea-ice surrounding Antarctica has increased to record levels.

Examination of ice cores suggests that it takes several hundred years for Earth’s vast oceans to fully adjust to cycles of global warming and cooling. Thus today’s oceans may be still warming, expanding and degassing in gradual adjustment to the medieval warm era which peaked about 700 years ago.

Ice caps grow and shrink naturally, depending mainly on the relative temperatures of the atmosphere and the surrounding oceans. A warm ocean with a cold atmosphere is a recipe for rapid accumulation of snow and ice on adjacent land. Moisture evaporates rapidly from the warm ocean, and then the cold air over the land triggers precipitation. A warm atmosphere and a cool ocean will reverse that process and see the ice caps return to the ocean.

It is all about the ratio of precipitation versus outflow and melting.

The Arctic is a totally different story, because here, there is no land – just the Arctic Ocean. Floating sea ice comes and goes, depending on the temperature and direction of winds and ocean currents, but the melting of floating ice has no effect whatsoever on global sea levels.

Undersea volcanism is adding warmth to oceans at both poles and under-ice volcanoes may well be melting and undermining ice sheets in the West Antarctic.

Someday the huge Antarctic ice cap may melt, or large slabs of ice may slip off the continent into the sea. When that happens, the seaside homes of Al Gore and Tim Flannery will be submerged and other shore-dwelling humans must evacuate or drown. 

These are all un-stoppable natural events. There is no chance that polar ice will be affected in the slightest by carbon taxes in Australia, wind turbines in the North Sea, or solar panels plastered all over California.


Here is an interesting article about ice on the North American Great Lakes.

Science definition~ The pursuit*of systematic and formulated knowledge,the principles* regulating such pursuit, any branch of such knowledge;political, moral, natural, depending on deductions, of self evident* truths****.The body of what is accurately known* on each subject, based on knowledge and tested by logic,or concerned with science.One studied for practical purposes*, natural or physical,those dealing with material phenomena and observation, experiment and induction.Induction can be `reasoning`.Attraction, motive. Interesting huh Viv :).

I would rather listen to the majority of scientists on climate change than those with a political agenda like many on this site, because that would be the most 'scientific' approach. But I also believe the jury is still out on longer projections because of cyclical events like earth tilt etc. that occur over millions of years, a concept incomprehensible to humans. So on we go with our petty games while the gods look down and laugh.

Well, according to today's Faufax report it's now official ... Sydney's benign autumn weather is conclusive evidence of global warming, pointing out it's the hottest since 1910! Makes you wonder what the excuse for the unseasonal temperatures was back then over a century ago ...

Hmmm, call me greedy Viv but may I request an `encore` please, when time permits* :))! More edu nature articles by a knowing gent , is inspirational , and encouragingly optimistic.

Oddly I was recently in St Petersburg and Helsinki and it was unusually warm even for them. I think 27 degrees today. This is the aberration global warming fraudsters and global warming gullible fools use in their argument.

Viv. The global warming hoaxers like to use an aberration in the weather when it supports their argument. When there is record cold they remain silent. They refuse to accept the average of hot and cold. A recent release by an SA government minister stated shack owners and houses near the sea damaged by rising sea levels will have to pay for it themselves. I recently checked and I have not seen any noticeable sea level rise in my area dating back from 1960. Totally unchanged.

Just a quick comment about the phrase "global sea levels are rising very gently"..

Haven't measured/observed Sea-level rise in most locations around the world for the last 80-150 years or so been reasonably constant & unchanged making Global Sea-level rise similarly constant & relatively unchanged?

Obama’s Alarmist “Climate” Report Debunked by Scientists

After reading the headlines, I thought this was an article about Christine Milne.

Flanagan the man is a total idiot, where did he get his degree from? who taught this fool?

Good on you Viv, totally agree.

Thanks Viv for a further thoughtful paper in your lecture series Unit 1.1 : "What makes the world go around". You're a real gem. And I particularly like the reference "climate witch doctors" - with your kind permission, I'd like to use that in has a nice ring to it and beautifully describes the likes of flim flam Flanagan.

We have scientific people like VIV who have studies this planet's past and they are ignored by Politicians who want us the believe the doom and gloom just so can tax us .Now that Joe Hockey has been seen smoking cigars does that mean that the government can now ditch the anti smoking commercials seeing that Joe is smoking so it must be alright for all of us to do so seeing we are expected to look to people like Joe for guidance whilst they control the government ? The same one who say's that it is bad for us .

It is extremely irrational to place humans well being as it NOW stands at ultimate risk based on a hypothesis of maybe perhaps,and making many struggle unproductively due to a few changing all the KNOWN reliable goalposts(archived known reputable reports and findings), to suit a very selfish greed agenda, so we could debate that if you like enrique.

Whilst most respondents seem to simply equate climate change to a new tax and willing to embrace any opinion that supports this, Viv's article is not fact, it is not based on any hard evidence it is merely conjecture with no reference or explanation for changing and unprecedented climatic events, other than it is natural occurrence. Now if you were living in Newtok, Alaska watching your town cascade into the Bearing Sea, you may be a little pessimistic, now that is a fact. The paradigm shift I have noticed, is commentators no longer say climate change is fabricated by scientists and academics or does not exist just that man has not and does not contribute to it.

I am delighted that Viv has the ability to give people plain FACTS in plain English. I just hope he can get through to our brain-washed kids and their brain-washed teachers before it is too late.

A Poem for Mr Forbes titled `Secret of Blue Amber`. You would know of Earth`s true clues,Gracious skies, fabulous blues; Mineral gifts,and sparkling skies,Gaseous realms of nights delight! There is earths pocket, wrapped deep in soils.. blue amber magic History foiled.Captured within ,past capsule sealed..Fragments of now ,yet aged life-forms concealed! Clasped safe from air, centuries old, Aching to share truths untold~Hues of Lapis Lazuli and moon;Mother -of-pearl like glowing festoon.Ribbons of wealth from tree dripped wound, Gifted to you ..with delicate mood.Might it prove beetle?, Hover-fly?, ant?Whatever it holds , it is carbons from plant!~ by terrestre 21/5/2014.(to Viv Gent)

Another great, informative article. Thanks Viv.

Thanks Viv. Its all pretty simple really when set out like this. But then how would Al get richer and Tim, Dr Suzuki and the Ship of fools idiot continue to suck a living our of the tax payers. No one wants to hear logic, no one even wants to hear debate.