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Friday, 22nd June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Old associates of mine are departing a failing Fairfax in disgust. It is left with a skeleton staff of Left wing and Green rabble desperate to support Julia Gillard to the last.

As Gillard’s instinct for personal survival moves to blue ties, menus and abortion so too does Fairfax in a collaborative attempt to defame those who criticise her.

Australia has lost its old Fairfax journalists who were dedicated to truth in reporting. It is left with the politically committed dregs content to drag once proud newspapers to insolvency.

The Age and SMH are hopelessly and visually lost in a desperate, last-ditch tabloid format with a Page 3 girl the only thing missing.

Fairfax has turned a blind eye to the criminality of the Prime Minister. It reluctantly joins the News Ltd bandwagon only when it sees the risk of appearing to miss out on the Gillard news it really doesn’t want to know about.

Fairfax sees no problem with an Australian Prime Minister seeking re-election while under investigation by a major fraud squad but is obsessed with an Opposition leader who may have punched a wall 35 years ago.

The Prime Minister’s Office, in collaboration with Fairfax, would rather attack me using nonsensical rubbish and outright lies in a weak attempt to muffle the stark truths I disclose about their beloved Gillard.

I simply grin and get on with it... give it your best shot McTernan, it’s like water of a duck’s back to me. I’m with the not so silent majority when it comes to laying bare the criminal dishonesty of Gillard. 

You may have the support of an irrelevant Fairfax but best check its share price, it’s now bouncing along the same bedrock as your boss’s polling.


This is sick, why would you ?

You have to hand it to the Brits!! Their sense of humor is one of a kind

A devout Arab Muslim entered a black cab in London , He curtly asked the
cabbie to turn off the radio because as decreed by his religious teaching,
he must not listen to music because in the time of the prophet there was no
music, especially Western music which is the music of the infidel.
The cab driver politely switched off the radio, stopped the cab and opened
the door. The Arab Muslim asked him, "What are you doing? "The cabbie
answered, "In the time of the prophet there were no taxis, so piss off and find a camel

I heard on the TV last night that since the Rudd/Gillard has been in power 10,000 small businesses have been forced to close down because of high overheads. wage claims, carbon tax, etc.
The main cause was the constant union push for higher wages.
For example GMH is now asking their workers to take a "massive" (I don't know how much yet) pay cut.
Reason manufacturing costs per hour have reached a crisis.
The Ford workers receive on average $55 per hour, perhaps the GM workers are on the samne hourly rate.
In other words, the Unions have bankrupted this country.
The workers at the coal face are the one to suffer, the CEO's still receive their wage and bonus payments, the Union officials still receive hundreds of thousands P.A.
The Unions controlled by Big Bill hovering behind the scenes, will be the downfall of this country.
I was many years ago a Union shop steward/Vice President of a Union and saw first hand what happened behind the scenes, it was not nice.
That was 20 years ago, nothing has changed, in fact, it has now escalated to obscene proportions, it is like a jugganaut that's is slowly strangling free enterprise in Australia.

if Mr Howes does not tell MP’s how to vote in regards to the leader then how can he say that Julia Gillard will “absolutely” lead the Labor Party to the next election.

It is well-known that the AWU control about 20 votes in the federal Labor government which is enough to determine who will ultimately be the leader and current prime minister. What Bill Shorten and Paul Howes say and do counts for little. Bill Ludwig is the great power broker in the Labor Party and the main stream media need to tell it like it is more often and stop running with headlines that everyone is waiting to see what Bill Shorten will do in relation to the federal leadership. Mr Shorten will do what he is told to do by Bill Ludwig as it is Mr Ludwig that gave Bill Shorten his federal parliament job in a safe Labor Party seat in the first place.

I will do a follow-up post on Bill Shorten but to write more now will take the focus off Bill Shorten and his puppet master in the federal leadership speculation. It is also time someone audited the books of the AWU when Mr Shorten worked there. If the books are ever audited I think Bill Shorten will have a lot to worry about.

VicPol...keystone cops...9 years to charge an AFL player with many years to charge JuLiar and her lover Bruce Wilson with the AWU swindle?? Pull your finger out Ken Lay.... Or the unions captured you too?

Can just imagine an Age/SMH page 3 girl - dreadlocks, nose ring, unshaven pits and a fair-trade organic hemp bikini.

I am new to this site, but hey Larry you are my hero!
What I would like to know is will the bitch still get her super if she is convicted of any wrongdoing? It pisses me off immensely every time you see the bitch she has a smug smile on her face ( either she still has last nights dildo) or she knows that win or lose she and her "hairdresser" still get a 500k +perks that we will be paying for on top of paying for all her m uslim scum she let in. By the way the reason I spell m uslim with a space is because this iPad autocorrects to a capital, and I refuse to give this sect/religion any dignity with a capital!!

Actus reus is much better IMO

Actus reus means guilty act while mens rea means guilty mind

Here is a Question for you Larry

Just who in their 'Right" minds would buy Fairfax Shares ??/

Julia said "I did nothing wrong". the press believed her. End of story. This is their defense when not reporting on the AWU scandal. The PM of Australia wouldn't lie would she?

As per MichaelSnithNews, why has there been no coverage by the at least the newspapers about the seizure of files from Slater and Gordon.

We have been very patient awaiting justice to be seen to be done in this case just hoping it comes to a head soon.

Of course, no one will have their hopes up that this stupid excuse for a political party will come to there senses and actually do something about the leadership this morning in caucus. It would appear they would rather be sent to oblivion that actually change the leadership as nearly the whole of the country is telling them. After all why would they listen to us? We only put them their to work for us but that is just a small inconvenience and not worthy of them actually having to use their brain and think what would my electorate like me to do on their behalf. If they don't do anything which is the likely case, they will get what they deserve and good riddance.

Veritas Hi. You are right on both counts. I noticed Bill Shorten's shirt collars stick out from his neck. He has also lost weight. I seriously wish that we didn't have to be so unkind, but my excuse is that they ask for it. I guess you have to earn respect to receive it and I'm not feelin it at the mement moment.

Veritas. Have you noticed the camera shots of Kevin 'mingling" are always a closeup shot. If they pulled back I am sure we would see an empty void. Craid Emerson says he gets mobbed at shopping centers. He must have redefined the meaning of the word mobbed.

Q: What's the difference between Tony Windbag and a Sewage Treatment Plant?

A: Nothing, they're both full of Shit!

The whole of the ALP has "dirt files on each other.
Its the ALP they all have been into something sleazy sometime.

"Gotta Zip", "fellas" "folks". If he hasn't already lost his marbles he is close to doing so. What is more worrying is that people are falling for this crap. He is appealing to lowest common denominator..fools. Does this mean that half of us are fools, according to the polls

well well well bucket mouth beattie wants bob the boozer to intervene , it,s a pity some of the gutless journo,s have not put the question to this grub as to WHY he had merri rose jailed , I know the dogs are barking it here is another LABOR maggot who should be on the inside looking out at the colledge of knowledge the slammer.

Can re-call some time ago editorial about thousands of African refugees in Israel waiting settlement in other countries.
Evidently the Israelis did not want their culture cross bred with another race. Australia was put forward as a possible country that would accept them.
I know it sounds far fetched, but is there anyone out there that can confirm this memory.
Also on radio yesterday Under 11's local footy team played against an all Somali opponent team, at the end of the match the 2 coahes asked the kids to shake hands.
In the non-Somali team there were several girls, Somali team refused to shake hands with the other team, as girls were the lesser gender.
Seems this learned non-acceptance of females comes from the parents.
They teach 'em young to show disrespect to the countryu that accepts them and gives them asylum, what hope for the African races to assimilate?

Well, IF charges are laid after the election, an election which will see Dullard lose her PMship (if she isn't shafted before) but retain her safe seat, then she may be forced to resign forcing yet another expensive (to the taxpayer, not to the Dullard) by-election. Again a case of lose, lose for the mug taxpayer.

Hey Larry, Look here mate, Faifucks have come good, finally!