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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Age has today dug up retired Lieutenant Commander Barry Learoyd to say he was baffled that the Australian Navy didn’t know where they were when they “inadvertently wandered” into Indonesian waters numerous times. 

Oh dear, Fairfax is at it again!

For the information of Fairfax; of course the RAN knew where they were! They are navy vessels with sophisticated navaids. Even the intending illegal immigrants knew where they were... exactly 7.5 miles from the coast sans navigation lights!

Would the RAN seriously commit an act of war without permission? 

The Indonesian naval military chiefs were paid off! And Australia had agreed to say they had “inadvertently” entered their waters and were quite prepared to cop the flak while the Indonesian Government feigned effrontery. 

Bribes of $60 million go a long way in the Indonesian military.

Fairfax is in fantasy land trying to prove our RAN has acted unlawfully, and it may have, but with Indonesian acquiescence, and it got the job done.


The problem with journalists at Faifax is that they all see the writing on the wall and know that when they (inevitably) lose their job at The Sydney Morning Herald or The Age their only hope for a continuing career in their chosen professions is with the ABC. Almost every article they write is therefore in part a job application to Aunty – an attempt to ingratiate him/herself with their hoped for future employer (i.e. toady, suck up to, grovel).

Every Friday I buy the Telegraph (a hang over from my old punting days to obtain the race form), and if I leave it till the afternoon, quite often the newsagent has run out of Telegraphs. But there are always plenty of Heralds left. Nobody wants them, so no wonder Fairfax is broke. And no, I don't buy the Herald. If there are no Telegraphs I go without.

I sent e-mails when it was first in the Sunday Mail to the Min of Defence and all other politicians including Tony Abbott and the Bishops and now I always include Cory Bernardi as he is much maligned by the left and all Journalists. wow!! All one sentence. Like minds Gunther.

get lost Fairfax

"What is apparent is that units simply misinterpreted the maritime boundaries around Indonesia", he said, by relying on the standard 12 nautical mile limit of territorial waters and failing to account for a complex formula that is applied when calculating the limit of archipelago nations such as Indonesia, which comprises thousands of islands.

As an ex Navy man........ Barry Learoyd wants to be advised to keep his (paid) opinion to himself . .... As a Military Man where is his condemnation of that wanker Conroy not being paid for that Sailor ??.... You are an Asshole just as your Labor/Union Thieves and should be head down in the barrel taking it from all from able seamen up who see your $$$$ grab .

Does anybody still pay for Fairfax news anymore? Why bother when we know they are anti-Australian?

I wonder how much they promised to pay Commander Barry Learoyed for his comments. Or is Fairfax setting him up?. If not, then does the silly sod know about GPS ? Again, if not. Thank goodness he is not in charge of our armed forces. What a Wet Weekend Fairfax is. Bout time they closed up shop.

Isn't this jerkoff covered by the OSA which bans him from commenting on Naval Operations? Another one who just can't let it go and fade into obscurity!

these days----I wouldn't join a union to save my life-my eyes have been opened---but there was just sometimes in the past-you had ,no choice--------------

Very clever ploy of the ADF & Navy to publicly "stray", if only briefly & of course by accident into Indonesian territorial waters...forcing them to patrol their own territorial waters to "save face". there's twice as many patrol boats for the Islamic colonists to get past! Think of the money Centrelink has saved since Scott stoped the boats. And all praise to Scott Morrison. If an average of two illegals drowned per day under the Rudd/Gillard/Greens relaxed border policy, then Scott Morrison and the ADF have already saved 150 plus lives!

Fairfax ???? is probably on the way out... who'd want to buy this rag?

those Muslim in anus island were baring their buttocks to provoke the local islanders before the riot up their ,they should of jammed a few sticks betwween their bullocks that would of straightened them up and made them pull their pants up over their filthy arses .

Jeeze Pickers! I wish you would say what you meant and stop all this beating around the bush.

been fleeced for years-------some jobs ive had in the past----you have to be a member.

OT. This report should get Oigle going. The Corby Bogans may find out that the Indons aren't playing games.

Pressure is building in Indonesia for convicted drug mule to have her parole revoked after her Sunday Night appearance

A Storm is Brewing on the Horizon – Will Obama Declare Martial Law Before 2016?

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just stop the sewer rats at any cost---they shouldn't be in our waters---now weve got to stop and ban the muslims that are coming in don't have to be a Rhodes scholar to work out what the muslim sewer rats are about-----------------come on tony,open yr eyes n ears.

Barry looks like one of those smug "know it all" types; that he would assist Fairfax in its knavery completes the picture.