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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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FAIRFAX IN BED WITH LABOR... and without a condom

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When did Fairfax lose its virginity to Labor? Some time back I guess and I didn’t realise it until I walked into the newsroom after Whitlam’s sacking and found everyone in tears chucking typewriters.

You see, junior cadets were recruited from indoctrinated university students. The students gradually slid up the ranks and employed only those of like mind. That’s to be expected.

Now the SMH is a cesspit of Labor lackeys and it shows on their balance sheet and in their share price. But the rabid Left of Fairfax has no respect for solvency and is prepared to share the conjugal bed with the ABC.

If you want to work for Fairfax or The Age you will toe the Labor Party line or you will leave. 

I have worked for both and suffered the SMH altering my work. I had to endure daily brawls to get my stuff published in the same form as I had created it.

I was summoned more than once to the hallowed halls of the 14th floor where the CEO at the time, Falkingham, would dress me down for dabbling in objectivity.

When Murdoch offered me a contract, Fairfax was as happy as I was and from that point on I can’t even recall who ‘The Australian’ editor was. It was like a breath of fresh air.

With the imminent demise of the worst government in Australia’s history, Fairfax has become desperately dirty in its attempts to shore up the redhead’s support. 

They will fail because, contrary to what Fairfax believes, readers are not that stupid but they are creatures of habit and some continue to buy what they prefer to call their new “compact” rather than “tabloid” editions.

Their support for Labor and their hatred of Abbott is no better demonstrated than by today’s ‘lemonising’ of Turnbull’s alternative to Conroy’s disastrous NBN.

Now, anyone with an IQ above their boot size can see Conroy’s NBN is a disaster in progress but Fairfax is madly quoting “IT experts” denigrating Turnbull’s fix as “fraudband” and a “complete lemon” accompanied with nasty photo-shopped pics of Abbott. 

Turnbull’s plan is to simply get us out of the NBN mess that Conroy got us into. 

There is no easy way because the country is already billions in the red and drowning in backhoes.

Of these pale dull-eyed “IT experts”, I have never met one who doesn’t want a faster broadband... hardly objective opinions.

But Fairfax has seen an opening, it is going for a single shot Abbott kill and it has the journos to do it: Unabashed Lefties, Carlton, Waterford, Marr, Pasco, Grubb, FitzSimons and anyone else including the tea lady can have a free kick at Abbott.

I’m not IT literate but looking at the NBN disaster from afar it certainly needs reining in before it becomes an irreversible catastrophe... and that’s just the math.

Ok, I admit Turnbull’s alternative was unimpressive but this mess isn’t of his doing and the NBN isn’t something you can just cancel. 

The Labor way is, “what we do, just try and undo”.

Turnbull is in patchup-mode and it doesn’t look good, but if the choice of experts to fix it is between Conroy and Turnbull then the choice couldn’t be more clear.

It seems unfair that Fairfax, partnered with Labor, can publish itself into insolvency while the ABC gets off scot free.


David Marr makes my flesh crawl.

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Paul, I think you may be more comfortable on the "Get Up" site. You'll find that making nice comments to like minded people is much easier than the strain of trying to come up with clever put-downs. Anyway, just a suggestion, hope it helps. Gotta go now, missus is calling me - just rolled a coupla bongs.

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I find Fairfax publications very balanced, exactly midway between the ALP and the Greens

Julia Gillard recently chided the electricity supply industry for causing price rises by over- spending on " rolled gold" infrastructure which guaranteed uninterrupted supply 24/6- 365 days a year and to handle peak loads without failure. She questioned the wisdom of such expenditure and suggested people would be prepared to accept the odd " brown out" for cheaper power charges.
Scroll forward- Gillard is spending $40 bill+ on a "rolled gold" Internet service which for all intents and purposes does not require 100Mbs to every computer in the country. Especially, when it comes to home computers, most will be idle for 10 hrs/ day.
And as for the attack on copper as opposed to optical fibre.
Copper is a substance which has high conductivity and is resistant to corrosion, and being malleable, is ideal for electrical conductivity.
Copper is very durable- 50 yrs underground vs. 25 yrs for optical fibre.(18 years on poles)
The NBN has reported that it has no replacement plans in its budiness model assuming instead, the replacement of the fibre will be handled in the operating costs or, that wireless technology will have outmoded fibre-optic cable. In other words, by the time this self-indulgence has reached it's use-by date, all those in the conga line behind the Red-undency that is Conroy,
won't be around to pay for the mess.

@davey street I've got a TRUE STORY for you. (and trust me - it's true because I say it is)
Tony Abbott was interviewed by someone from the media and he just stopped thinking. Yep. He just couldn't answer a question! For more than a minute!

What an astute politician,
What a concise and intelligent man.
What an intellectual powerhouse!
(What a head bobber)

Can[t wait to see him at an conference or meeting with other heads of state.
PM, you aren't saying anything.
Abbott - I given you the answer and it's head bobbing!


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(Or perhaps you are still denying to yourself that you are the gayest of gays?) But I doubt you ever gained enough education to become a lawyer. (Oooh that's what it is! You're jealous aren't you! And you are just throwing a big hissy fit and a tanty! rofl. You poor dear.)

@davey street. I wasn't the one to make the first suggestions regarding being 'in bed' with a political party and 'condoms'. (Yes, in real life sex can be a little bit dirty.)

@trooper5. Sounds like you know all about w****ing.

Good article. It shows that the Coalition are very smart in not coming out with policies yet. Despite the ridicule the press are treating them to for not doing so. To do so is to fall for the pea and thimble trick. I absolutely support them in holding back. I was at university in the 60s and 70s, and I know what liars and opportunists the lefties were then, and they haven't changed a bit. It seems hardly possible, but I suspect they are worse now than ever before.. No point in saying that some are reasonable fellas, like Crean and a few others- none of them are. Some wolves can dress up as sheep, you know..

@paul hahn
you would have to have mutiple pricks because a comment like yours would take more than one cock pulling to make that blog, , i am told it sends you blind fkn idiot.

Hey Larry! If as you claim that Fairfax is 'in bed' with Labor then the Murdoch press must be the equivalent of the Liberal Party's street walker offering $5 'quickies' around the corner. (Or is the Liberal party Murdoch's $5 whore?)

I think that we need to get used to it,we've got Gillard over in China selling us out,buggered if I know what is going to happen with the $Oz,but from the way I see it we will end up with the same wages and conditions as the Chinese.
Consider this,today I went to K-Mart and bought a pair of strides to wear to church,they cost me $19,.
Holden and Ford are going broke in a market that sells about 1 million cars per year.
We are about to be overtaken by something that we aren't prepared for,y'know those Indian call-centres,well soon they will be in Sydney Melb etc cos our costs will come down cos the $Oz will be at the same value as the yen or yuan.
A new age is dawning whether it will be good or bad only time can tell.(and we can't stop it)

Any alternate NBN using existing Telstra copper wires is useless in Brisbane Queensland. When my daughter lived in Brisbane after heavy rain events her phone was unusable due to water in the phone cables further down the hill. My Telstra phone is unusable due to water in the underground cable now and when I reported it a few days ago I was quoted a one month wait for a fix. I am luck that I also have Optus cable and Optus phone as well. I receive Optus cable at 95 mbps.
Telstra phone lines SUX Telstra Service SUX and Telstra Customer Service (Australian and Manila) also SUX.

If we note who was making what comments yesterday you will note that those hands on people, those who are actually in the telecommunications industry doing this sort of thing ........running companies and getting their hands dirty, have all applauded Turnbull's plan as being sensible under the circumstances.

Those that lampooned it were just the academic wankers who have never run a business in their lives.

I think I Know who would know more than the others .......those that not only know the theory of how it works but also can actually make it work.

tommo, Turnbull is an astute businessman who turned a $500K investment in an internet company into $57M. I must accept your judgement of how astute your wife is, but providing a service is a business issue and for obvious reasons usually not left in the hands of engineers - Techies relish the challenge of building the greatest "all singing, all dancing" systems they can with very little regard to cost-benefit factors. And the reason they give when challenged is that they've an eye to the future.

I do speak from experience in the technology sector, though not telecommunications; I managed a large multi-country product management group for a major technology company back in my working days, and tempering the enthusiasm of engineering managers, system architects, and product managers from a rigid engineering background was always a challenge.

Further, from my very basic understanding of the Turnbull plan, users will have the option of fiber to home if they need it and are willing to pay for it, otherwise the default will be copper - and copper technology has progressed in the past few years to the point where it's perfectly adequate for most home and small business needs - I receive HDTV over copper, and it looks pretty good.

tommo - what a pity your good lady didnt choose ECONOMICS instead of how many Gigs or Mega Gigs she and lessthan 1% of the country need .

Turnbull has already done more than lock in medicine and Education - indeed LNP will provide a service to hundreds of colleges (like agriculture ) that Labor does not think necessary..

If she is so Astute the question arises - Why the bloody Hell is she sitting letting you make a Goose of her and not Commenting . ROTFLMAO