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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Fairfax struck the quinella with the death of Abbott and the mortal wounding of Hockey. Both were despised by the Left Press and it doesn’t pay to sue Fairfax over a "Treasurer for sale" headline and win. But the biggest winner was the ABC... it flummed the trifecta

Not only did “our” publicly-funded broadcaster get the scalps of the hated duo who dared to cut their funding by one per cent per year over five years but they now have Turnbull, their number one ticket holder of the “Friends of the ABC”, as their Prime Minister.

Ex-Fairfax boss Mark Scott and the Gillard-appointed chairman Jim Spigelman are safe to continue wallowing unhindered in taxpayer funds. Half of the ABC’s budget of $1.2 billion is taken up with grossly inflated wages.

The very average Mark Scott’s obscene $64,000 per month, plus expenses, heads the waste list as this profligate behemoth can now openly delight in its self-appointed role as an ALP sheltered workshop encouraged by its mentor, Malcolm Turnbull and the derelict Fairfax Press.

When the carbon copy of Gillard, Julie Bishop, put loyalty aside and burst into the PMO to inform Tony Abbott that his time was up, the death stare she gave Peta Credlin on the way out burnt a hole in the wall behind her.

The damage wreaked by Turnbull and Bishop has been to the Liberal Party itself. “But it will soon be business as usual”, the assailants say. Well, no, it will never be business as usual. This was not simply a matter of Abbott’s lack of electoral appeal, this was an ideological fissure that had been festering for two years and will never heal.

Tony Abbott became a victim of his own success in the landslide 2013 election. He was left with 30 newly elected nobodies who promptly leased new SUVs. Their wives ordered new wardrobes and new carpets despite depleted bank accounts drained from election costs.

The backbench newbies' concept of only one term was unthinkable and what about the neighbours who had witnessed their sharp rise up the social ladder? Oh, the ignominious shame!

Oh, the frantic pillow talk! “Unless you arrange to get rid of Abbott dear, we are surely doomed.”

Yes, both Bishop and Turnbull have bloodied hands, with Morrison artfully straddling the fence, but it was the one-term backbenchers who in February this year moved first, allowing the Cabinet’s Left cabal led by Turnbull and Bishop the room to luxuriate with numbers.

Bishop is a major cat fighter who was not only determined to bring down Credlin but Hockey too. She was livid that Joe had slashed her foreign aid budget, her beloved international calling card, and she had let him have it in no uncertain terms. The power play planned by Turnbull was now a perfect fit for Julie Bishop.

Turnbull’s personality is almost identical to Rudd’s. A dangerously narcissistic sociopath with a sense of destiny in himself, a sincere belief in his superiority that other must surely recognise. In other words a nasty piece of homework in the Rudd mould who will use whatever means at hand to achieve his end.

Like Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull has many new friends, but no old friends. Too many people know him too well, especially in the Labor Party he tried to join on numerous occasions.

"He's a prick," says ex-business-partner Nicholas Whitlam. "He's a turd," says former Labor senator Jim McClelland. "He's easy to loathe, he's a shit, he'd devour anyone for breakfast, he's on the make, he's cynical, he's offensively smug."

Justice Hunt once said of Turnbull, “He has managed to poison the fountain of justice".

How long can he survive? Well, when he was last leader of the Liberals he blundered from crisis to crisis registering 30 consecutive negative News Polls as low as 14 against Rudd's 50s and 60s, before being disposed of. How quickly memories fade.

However he is no fool and his Left ambitions will be shelved until beyond the next election. He has stepped into a successful Government where Abbott’s imprimatur still holds sway.

He will wait for his own assumed mandate before we need to batten the hatches. When I was a good friend and business associate of Kerry Packer I gave this smarmy "adviser" the widest of possible berths.

Monday was a sad day for the Liberal Party, it is deeply fractured, possibly beyond repair, and the Abbott experience tolls an eternal warning for all Party leaders:

“Beware of those you trust most and never win an election by 30 seats more than you need.”


As Paul Keating said; "lets see if Turnbull is like a sausage on a BBQ, all sizzle and spatter with no substance"

I have never trusted Hockey, his wife a greeny, a director of Deutscher bank who have interests in carbon trading, he is great mates with Lindsay Fox, Bandanna man and his vacuous wife and an old mate of Turbull. I thought he looked a tad too smug and happy after the deed was done, well now we know why, he has been given the plum NY ambassadors job replacing Kim Beasley. I suspect he supported Turnbull whilst pretending to support Tony.

Do Not Pass The Vaccine Bill

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Larry. On one level it is sad indeed to see Abbott cut Dow. But let's not forget he is only human and made mistakes that if he had been in the private sector, would have cost him his job. The problem for Fairfax/ABC/guardian et al, is that the ascension of Turnbull has all but neutered their primary goal of returning Labor to power. Attacking Turnbull now, will only highlight the rank hippocracy of the organisations, and erode further their diminishing credibility and more importantly, their balance sheets. For one thing is for certain. Turnbull is not the "pussy" that Abbott is. He has the corporate wherewithall to make these organisations think twice. The new Ministry ticks all the boxes for voters who's memory will consign Labor to opposition for at least the next 7 years.

Good new people in cabinet .

Cory Bernardi was very logical and practical during his interview on Bolt this morning. I liked the fact that he spoke in general terms and refused to be drawn into criticizing any one in particular. He does a good job of being the conscience of the Liberals, however for his pains he will never gain a portfolio.

Once Turnbull has to start making the tough decisions and not just be a Yes Boy, to every minority group or low life leftist Journo, whom he tells exactly what they want to hear, watch them turn on him, it is inevitable.

His ABC is carrying on like it has crowned the king. The king will be shown to have no clothes.

Another thought. Easy to compare Turncoat with the similarly afflicted Rudd -- but let's not forget the Goanna. his bed-mate during the Malcontent's formative years. "Goanna Two?"

..... Turnbull, almost identical to Rudd, is a dangerously-narcissistic sociopath with a sense of destiny in himself, a sincere belief in his superiority that all must surely recognize ... & who will use any available means to his end .... And have a look at the screwed-up ugly mug of the creature pictured, at his side, at the top of this page. That is what pure evil looks like when it's worn on a froth'n'foam-flecked-feline face! God save Australia. (Though I reckon it's now all over. This time really rooted!)

When Mr Hockey becomes Minister for Communications, whether he is allowed to touch the ABC or will MT tells him to keep his hands off the ABC. Now that little lot is going to be interesting.

I would like to say this. None of us know anything about Mr Abbott's office, only the denigration of Peta Credlin , (a barrister in her own right) by those who aspired to destroy Tony Abbott and who continuously leaked derogatory comments about her influence. I wonder who that could be? It seems to me to be the act of a very Jealous woman,one who could not get her own way, again anyone hazard a guess? It would not matter to the latte sipping chattering psuedo eliets if Ton't walked on water and divided 5 loaves and 3 fishes to 300,000 refugees, they would find that he had not washed his hands first. What a sick and shallow society we have become, that people cannot see goodness and good management, are not content to wait for anything, just expect instant success and self-gratification.

Congratulations to Andrew Hastie, a fine young man and I hope one day Leader of his party.

How sad though, for a man who put his life on the line for his country, to now have a cheat and coward as his leader, a man who would be a danger to be in the front line with, a man who sells out to the enemy, a man who would shoot you in the back to save his own skin and would run from the enemy. What will our Defence force feel with such a person as their leader?

Looking at the register of assets listed by MPs, posted yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull's runs to pages and pages of multiple business interests, attachments,companies 'Not for profit companies" and I know a bit about those!
One has to ask what is in it for him, such a very, very rich man materially, yet he ensured Tony Abbott could not claim the PMs pension, how cruel, petty and vicious.

If not money, what is it Malcolm wants? what is he is planning for? we can be very certain that it will not be to the benefit of the country, Malcolm has never done anything in his life for the betterment of society and a man who will go to such lengths to tear down a sitting Prime Minister, not openly, but like all cowards, using other covetous people and a rancid media, whilst playing Mr Charm personified as do all good con men, and he certainly is an expert in that department

I was so sickened to see he and his ambitious wife doing the Rudd's media show through Wentworth, shoving his vile success down ours and Tony's throats.

I don't want another pompous, arrogant popinjay for my PM, I want a decent honest man who works hard, not a show pony. Most of us here did not need daily or even weekly communications, we could see things improving, a 6 monthly report to the nation is enough, the results speak for themselves unless of course deliberately hidden by an unconscionable and vicious media.

I have noticed in life that often good people get vilified and denigrated, I think it must be because goodness shames them and that their own lives lack value.

Sinodinos on Insiders opening the door to increasing renewable energy technologies. FMD!

From Andrew Bolt's blog:

Peter Hatcher is the journalist who wrote that false and damaging story, leaked from somewhere in Bishop’s ministry, that Abbott had snubbed the gay partner of our Ambassador to France. This time Hartcher repeats information from private briefings from Liberals, including Bishop::

(T)wo of the plotters, Mitch Fifield and Scott Ryan, both junior members of the Abbott executive, decided to appeal for Julie Bishop’s help. Together with a third junior, Michaelia Cash, they met Bishop last Thursday in Parliament House to see if she could be enlisted to help bring down Abbott. She would not agree to back any move against Abbott or to stand in her own right… “The numbers are coming to me, I’ve got the numbers,” [Turnbull] announced to Bishop on Friday by phone...

Bishop seriously did not think any of this was worth passing on to her boss, as his deputy? And if she is so loyal, why did the plotters feel they could trust her by informing her of their plans and the part they wanted her to play?

Turdball Is the new Billy McMahon.

Andrew Bolt Blog:

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Labor makes a target of Julie Bishop:

Daniel Meers in the Daily Telegraph:

As deputy leader, [Julie Bishop’s] role is to loyally serve the boss. Loyally serving the boss would have been to put the brakes on a move by Malcolm Turnbull to take over the leadership, or resign as the deputy.

Ms Bishop did neither. She sat by and waited until Mr Turnbull had the numbers before she texted the Prime Minister, who was flying into Canberra around midday on Monday after an announcement in Adelaide…

After a meeting was arranged by text, Ms Bishop walked into his office and told him he no longer had the support of the party. She informed him Mr Turnbull was likely to challenge.

The Foreign Minister opted not to make any public comment of support for her boss. She chose not to talk people out of the spill…

Conservative colleagues are angry because Ms Bishop knew last week that Mr Turnbull’s supporters were plotting, but didn’t tell Mr Abbott…

For some time Mr Abbott had believed Ms Bishop was not 100 per cent loyal, his office had also blamed her for some of the cabinet leaks that crippled the Prime Minister.

Ms Bishop has always maintained she does not leak.

There sure was a telling pattern of leaks, but Bishop would argue she was being set up. She also argues that she did warn Abbott he was in trouble, and when Turnbull told her last Friday he had the numbers and would challenge she did not believe him.

I think she made a mistake right there not to let Abbott make that call himself. If mistake it was.

The smiling assassins! MT - eMpTy of integrity and J-u-LIE. We now have Rudd and Gillard clones in the Liberal Party. What a despicable pair.

How come Turnbull's close friend Josh Frydenberg voted for Tony Abbott? Was it to keep a low profile and make Turnbull look good when he promoted him? Is Frydenberg trying to hide his Jewish identity? Were the numbers for Turnbull well known before the spill and that some votes for Abbott were deceptive?

Call me naive but I wonder if anyone in the ALP ever said this? “Er, if we back off with Abbott we’ll win the election, ever though we have a dolt as a leader. But… duh, if we knock off Abbott, we’ll probably end up against Turnbull and then we’ll lose the election.”

No, probably not.