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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Why is it that polls curiously show a justifiable distrust of Bill Shorten yet show a constant affection for Labor? Well, the electorate has reached an entitlement tipping point where it simply cannot afford NOT to vote Labor.

When one third of total budget outlays is spent on welfare, almost one million people continue to receive a disability pension and half of all Australian families receive more in handouts than they pay in income tax, it’s an entitlement sinkhole heading for a Greek vortex.

According to Canberra University’s National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, 85 per cent of all single-parent families pay no tax, (after welfare benefits are deducted) while 55 per cent of all single-parent households also pay no tax, half of all childless couples pay no tax and a quarter of all families with multiple children also pay no tax.

So why wouldn’t the Party of “no cuts to anything” poll well?

Worse still, why wouldn’t a conservative Party agree to maintain the entitlement gravy train just to gain Office only to be kicked out of Office because it couldn’t maintain those entitlements and balance a budget at the same time? Polls are now reflecting that tipping point.

The welfare pot is also being exploited by Muslim men who use multiple wives and foster-care benefits to receive up to $3,500 per week.

Centrelink general manager Hank Jongen admitted these payments were being made to multiple wife relationships.
"There's nothing preventing them from being in more than one 'member of a couple' relationship at a time," he said. "In these cases, Centrelink pays each person the relevant income-tested payment at the partnered rate.

“Muslim men have married several wives in their country of origin or at local mosques so these unions are not recognised under Australian law by State-based registries.” Hmmm, so how come Centrelink recognises them?

And how come if I try to take a second wife I cop serious frying pan injuries or finish up in jail over polygamy laws?

Now for another COAG talkfest over tax shortfalls where Tony Abbott will insist that all States need to agree on a GST increase. Well, that’s a load of frog droppings, the GST is a Federally imposed tax, under a Federal Act and the Federal Government can change it or bloody abolish it if it wants!

Besides if anyone thinks the States will agree as one to a GST rise they are playing with their dongers. Let alone think they will agree to percentages of GST dispersal.

The truth is that Abbott will not raise the GST simply because he will lose political skin without a cent to show for it, so he wants the States to lose the political skin because they are the only recipients of the tax. A predictable gridlock.

Of course the top end of negative gearing and superannuation deductions should be targeted but that will cost Abbott even more skin, so that also won’t happen.

But the real pot of gold is the GST take and as said here often before it can only operate effectively under State imposition where they can collect what they need at the rate needed and wear the resultant political cost instead of hiding behind the Federal frock pretending it’s not they who are taking our money for their respective excesses.

Once the welfare tipping point favours the Party of “No Cuts to Anything” and “No New Taxes” it quickly becomes a runaway train on a collision course with reality.

Geese stop laying golden eggs, production moves offshore, people stop working, a brain drain exits to more equitable climes, no tax is collected and the Xanadu welfare State is established until no more money can be borrowed and anarchy sets in.

... but Labor and the Greens, assisted by Fairfax and the ABC, will finally be able to claim victory.


Also - in the first line it should read 'into' NOT in to.

Goldilocks - read the first line of your post above and see how you wrote email.

Goldilocks - this is the way to spell email - NOT eamil

Goldilocks - this is the way to spell email - NOT email.

She should be arrested when she comes back and her expenses looked at very closely.

With DICKHEADS like Sarah Hanson Young and the Labor PC Automatons fighting for the NWO [U.N] to destroy and divide Western Society and the dare i say it,'' White people'' ,what hope has this country got ? with the Muslims who are the ''Tool ''being used to destroy us ,our Culuture ,Heritage etc

why isn't she looking after the interests of Australians, for starters the elderly, disadvantaged and unemployed..? the bitch needs her head red..

Well - isn't Sarah two-dogs overseas investigating the sponsored ship that pick up ILLEGALS and dumps them into European countries. (NO DOUBT TAX PAYER FUNDED STUDY). This is the same TART that complained about the trauma her daughter will experience from seeing the "photo's" of her on ZOO magazine. So I ask. Why is she out in the Mediterranean and not looking after the child she so adamantly feels will be psychologically damaged by the magazine article? LOONEY

I see Bill wants to turn back the boats. Hahahahaha. How do you spell opportunist again? S-H-O-R-T-'U-N.

Hey Davo! Wow! - looks like its your time to shine and your GetUp controller has told you to spray your stuff all over anyone who bothers to read it. Big step up from spraying graffiti over walls I suppose. Perhaps one day if you do a good job and show that you can construct a decent sentence you may end up being parachuted into some higher plane of leftist endeavour such as being a Q&A audience member or a rally organiser for some misguided leftist cause aimed at a state of anarchy - all without the foggiest idea that you are being brainwashed. Oooops - I said "are being". I meant "have been". You sad dope

Double BS from BS


‘ISIS will fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’

Militant demanded ISIS supporters in France carry out more terror attacks
He said ISIS won’t rest until they fill the French capital with corpses
ISIS fanatic told viewers that the terrorists ‘love death like you love life’
He then brutally executed a Syrian soldier and kicked his body off a cliff

the rat in this case is the left faction of the ALP

Spot on Lol. It is becoming very tiresome.

Iceberg you should be worried about how many illegals are now booking their passage for when Labor gets back in. Forget about their saying they will adopt the LNP policy of boat turnbacks. Once again they will have to trade with the Greens and probably once again a few Independents. Same old, same old.

OT: News from the Gold Coast. THE site for a prospective mosque at the Sunshine Coast has allegedly been plastered with offensive posters.

THE Church Street address at Maroochydore has been the subject of public protests since it was bought by the Sunshine Coast Islamic community in 2014 and approved by council last month.

A police spokeswoman could not confirm the content of the posters but said a 64-year-old man had been charged with trespassing at the address on Tuesday afternoon. Interesting, wonder what a rag head would get for the same offence?

Larry why don't u attack the most strident anti conservative unions. The police ambos/paramedics firies nurses teachers. Then the tradies and professionsals. These are the pple that are getting richer in Oz whilst every one else is getting poorer. You only attack the pple on welfare. We pay paramedics/ambos 26K a year to sit on their arse. Teachers 15k same. Coppers same Nurses/firies have salaries that their ilk in o/seas countries can only dream about. Worker has to work 6 hrs to pay for one hour of a tradies work. Professionals forget about it. Why don't you look at the fact since 1970 workers are about 20% better off, the above parasites are up to 70% better off. There is the gap between the rich and poor. Workers should start challenging these pple in their own communities

Last time tonight I put this up.
Bernard Gaynor's halal submission can be signed here for those wishing too.
Copied from MOTS last night 2 days left

So much ourage from Honest Aussies! I have met very few who would not take advantage of accepting some benefit to which they are not really entitled and avoinding tax wherever possible. Years ago We could claim for a new cape each year as a nurse and I did although it was not really the case. Today I feel ashamed that I did but then in those years we were really low paid in comparison to today.