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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Extreme Australia is coming

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


Extreme Australia is coming….and it has nothing to do with dangerous animals, crazy sports or hair-raising stunts!

On my way home from Sydney recently I received a phone call from David O’Shea. His Twitter bio says, “The latest Tweets from David O'Shea (@oshady). Video Journalist/ Producer. Formerly SBS

Dateline and ABC Lateline. Now busy on a doco series about Australia. Sydney.”

It was regarding this ‘doco series’ that he phoned me. He was very nice over the phone, courteous, friendly and professional. A little red flag was raised however when he said that the doco series was called “Extreme Australia.” I knew immediately he wasn’t referring to snakes, drought, firestorms, jumping off buildings or free diving.

I laughed and asked him why would he be talking to me. His response was that one of the episodes would be on immigration and that my views were fairly extreme and they wanted to follow me around with a camera and get the real story.

When I got home there was an email with links to three other episodes for me to watch so I could get an idea of what they were about. In his email he wrote, “As you will see, the program style is to throw Reggie into a range of thought provoking and confronting situations, which he approaches with an open mind and reflects upon, as he goes along.

The BBC has already made “Extreme Russia” and “Extreme South Africa”  so after a long day, Hubby and I, decided to sit down and watch “Extreme Russia” since we had spent a month in St Petersburg in 1999.

I think we actually deserve a medal. We made it through the excruciatingly horrible hour and decided that was a perfect example of why we don't watch television and when we do, we don't watch BBC documentaries.

What an insult to my intelligence. The whole episode was focussed on so-called nationalistic Russians. It was disgusting and offensive. These people were not representative of the supposed 80% of Russian nationalists.

In this doco the BBC was pitifully trying to create a perception that every nationalist carries a knife and is a complete idiot. It was a transparent attempt to paint Russians as extremists and it failed. Granted, it was called Extreme Russia, but it was extremely biased in that it only presented one kind of extreme!

This publicly funded documentary simply reinforced that BBC is a shallow, left wing, socialist propaganda machine and is devoid of any substance. Like #their ABC, the BBC tries to create perceptions for a dull or completely stupid audience who want to be spoon-fed misinformation.

My question to David O’Shea and the BBC is this:

Are there plans for "Extreme Pakistan" or "Extreme Saudi Arabia"? Now that would be good viewing. How about taking a film crew to Saudi and recording the sermons and attitudes of 'nationalists' in that country? Why not take a film crew to Mecca or Medina? Oh that's right you can only go there if you are Muslim. How about the BBC film one of the 157 beheadings that may be carried out this year as they were last year by the government of Saudi Arabia? Most of them happen in public squares so footage shouldn’t be too difficult. 

The BBC could take a female interviewer, without a burqa, and investigate the government sanctioned religious violence carried out against women, gays and foreigners every day in Saudi Arabia? Show us the real attitudes of Imams and religious police who eagerly punish women for the way they dress, throw gays off buildings and behead anyone who criticises them.

What about "Extreme Egypt"? How about a report on Taharrush? I mean seriously, can you believe there is actually a word in Arabic to describe the game of Muslim men surrounding their female victims to sexually assault them? I am sure CBS reporter Lara Logan would be willing to be interviewed regarding that. And then there will be almost 1000 women from Cologne lining up to have their say.

And while the BBC is there they could check on the welfare of the 4 yr old boy who was recently sentenced to life in prison for murder! It was clear to all he couldn't have done it but the law is the law is the law and the judges insist it won't be changed.

I would love to see Reggie Yates outraged at the misogyny, ignorance and stupidity displayed by these kinds of extremists. And the beauty of it is they won’t have to search too far to find them. The extremists can be found occupying most government positions, or religious positions, or in the many ordinary people walking down the street.

I could go on and on, but instead I will focus on representing the mainstream Aussies of all different nationalities and belief systems who are fed up with exactly this kind of rot.

David O’Shea really misjudged me and I told him I couldn't watch another episode let alone be in one.

It seems that taxpayer funded journos now want to label mainstream, commonsense values as ‘extreme’.

By inviting me to participate in this program it would appear that if you want to protect the good ol’ fashion western values of equality, freedom of speech, democracy and liberty you are now an extremist. But if you want to be a pious, devout, Quran-following Muslim you are a lone wolf and deserve tolerance and a heap of money for ‘deradicalisation’ projects.

If you have been a part of an amazing Australian culture that has integrated well with all ethnicities and belief systems you are apparently an extremist. But if you want to form enclaves and cause divisiveness with your halal and haram food, or your offensive clothing, or your gender apartheid and religious beliefs, then that must be protected and tolerated.

The implication is that “Extreme Australia” is demonstrated by people who oppose halal certification rorts and want a 10 year moratorium on immigration from OIC countries. I guess it is all a matter of perspective.

My view is, if you want to see “Extreme” Australian views simply watch the ABC and in particular Q&A with Tony Jones.   


Well said. Spot on.

BK All a bit confusing. Am not sure who wrote to DFAT, you, Tommo or Michael Smith?

Reported overseas as 50 mil US. Back when Jules was boss, we did it

Homosexuality appears to be like a virus that is spread through child molestation. It also appears that children who are molested by an adult or older adolescent, go on to molest other children. Obviously, not everyone who identifies as gay is a child molester, but many individuals who do identify as gay, were molested.

The most surprising cause of homosexuality that I have found I learned from the testimonies of men who felt mixed emotions when they were sexually molested as a child or adolescent. Boys who have no father or who feel rejected by their father and their peers are targets for sexual predators, because boys desire affirmation from men and their peers. When a boy is sexually molested the abuser can arouse and sexually stimulate the boy, causing the boy to experience an erection and possibly orgasm. The molested boy becomes very confused over feeling sexual pleasure from the abuser and when he learns what homosexuality is, he figures that he must be a homosexual, because he experienced some pleasure from the abuse. In the documentary James Wimbush’s testimony illustrates the confusion and consequences that came from his childhood sexual abuse.

The scenario is generally different when a girl is sexually molested. The girl is generally hurt and experiences pain from sexual penetration. In contrast to the sexually molested boy, the girl often rejects men, because they represent pain, fear, violation, and terror. Those who work with lesbians bear witness that a significantly high number of lesbians were sexually molested by men.

when i worked there we only went once to the brit embassy on australia day, we passed off an afro american as an ausralian borigine it was a hoot

Spot on Kirralie

It seems from the information that has been posted here that threatening emails , phone calls, intimidation, apparent personal attacks on older people and crude financial attacks are already happening to some PaulZ. If the web site is closed and freedom of speech is lost - blame nobody but the man in the mirror.

Larry, and Paul to a lesser extent, must be wondering if it is really worthwhile continuing with PP. For some time now there have been many contributors using the blog as their own personal battle ground, rather than concentrating their efforts in focusing on the great content provided by LP and others. I, and I am sure many others do not want to read the childish petulant ramblings of some others. It is not a personal fiefdom, if you want to bicker and threaten, send your online nemesis a personal email address and continue that way. Please do not include PP,s everyday readers in your bile and venom loaded tantrums.

it seems evident that one is not permitted to operate as a journalist until you are certain that “Allahu Akhba” means “this has nothing to do with the fascist political ideology of Islam.”

Of more concern is why it is allowed to continue. PaulZ has indicated permanent bans are to be issued but this seems not to be. I have seen people praise this site for the free speech. By allowing this criminal activity to continue PaulZ - you are handing those who would legislate to remove free speech all the ammunition they need. Facebook is being restricted. Blog sites will be next based on what is reportedly happening here.

pelican..dont know the pros and cons of BIN..but Brennan is an open muslim...(convert obviously),,, least as far as I am aware...

oy vey..seems pretty close ' hey to what does it matter?' ( for anyone who is interested!)

CIA head is muslim...our own ASIO head loves muslims...hmmm

We'd still be waiting if the wharfies were still in full swing ;-) Still waitin, waiting waiting....ah gotta luvdaunions.

Your Elected officials have told you all.....Along with your Local Police, that NO violent Terrorist offenses are directly related to Islam.These are Lone Wolf Attacks......We are told to get with the, 'It's not about Islam" programme..However they still instist that we should not wear anything that may offend Islam or it's followers, as they may become upset and cut your throat and rape your daughter......However that is an acceptable reaction, as it is an Islamic cultural matter, that Westerners have Misunderstood. Whilst their 9 Year Old Wife bleeds to death on the 40 year old husbands best prayer mat on their Wedding night.... And OUR own government believes these are worthy people to enhance our culture......Traitors....