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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Of course Mr James Mathison has his hand on it because his chances of success are somewhere between zero and zilch. But as with most ex-TV persons he is suffering from relevance deficit syndrome after six years out of the limelight... he believes he still has undiscovered appeal.

Tony Abbott will not lose too much sleep over this ex-TV person as any votes he may attract as an Independent in Warringah will all be at the expense of the Greens and Labor who totalled 35% between them.  Abbott maintains an unapproachable 16 per cent margin of safety against dickheads like Mr Mathison.

Abbott still dreams his formidable achievements will one day be recognised but the best he can hope for is a Cabinet position in a new Turnbull Government, but Turnbull has denied that Abbott is a starter in a post election Cabinet race.

Turnbull seems determined to make the same mistake Gillard made with Rudd when she left him playing with his donger and eating cerumen and celery sandwiches on the back bench, leaking like a sieve while aching for revenge. So what, it’s hard to put Turnbull in a smarter grade than Gillard anyway.

But a lot of people in the Left media, including this ex-TV person Mathison, want Abbott dead and gone... all memory erased. Yet Abbott's achievements in only two years of his first term while hamstrung by a pig-swill Senate were really quite momentous and now the whole World is breaking its neck wanting to know how the hell he stopped these damned boats.

I guess it will be another 50 years before the archives reveal Tony Abbott’s mark on history. Meanwhile we need to endure ex-TV person Mathison explaining how he could do it better.

Bloody hell, I want some of what he’s on!


I have heard a rumour that GET UP has implanted 10,000 BOGUS VOTERS into Tony's Electorate. If this is fact, the Independent DOPE may just succeed.

A clear cut LBGT and Chook lover.

What he is on is shit, excreta because that's what maggots eat huh?

O/T Just heard Tony Windsor's Staff have been caught red handed passing out "How to vote Labor" pamphlets. A Leopard whose spots definitely haven't changed.

My eyes go like that when my Doctor does my digital prostrate examination.

Thanks for this K... had to go to Google to find the 'marshall report... all looking good and I'll keep right on with this one.... we need a Trump like body here in Oz!

And what colour is this distinguished upstanding pillar of the community's bandanna going to be?

Just 2 questions Larry.Who is James Mathison, and who the hell cares?

It would be nice if some sensible, right-wing independent took Turncow's seat off him, and then Tony Abbott could go back to The Lodge without a lot of shrill blatherskites carrying on about treachery, vindictiveness and instability.

Good question. How many wives and children are they being paid by welfare. Creeps - get back into your dark ages in ME and stay there.

Who the hell is he/she/it?

Good one "LP". Those who control things obviously still think he's a danger.

TomG.....tropical climate ? Yes the mould must be an ever present menace. And yes someone should be being paid from Australia to maintain the area.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee. The terrible twins from Alice in Wonderland...and Wonderland is where Australia is heading post the election......The Mad Hatters tea party is nothing to what Shorten or Turnbull are planning for our country.

Peas in a pod.

I'll have to defend the Balinese on this one, at least in part. The water would have to chlorinated and cleaned out weekly to remain even half way clean, while the mould would be back within days of it being cleaned off. I've lived up that way and in the high temperature and humidity, mould is unavoidable. If Australians want the monument maintained, we'll have to do what we seem always to do in that part of the world - pay someone to maintain it.

Larry you comment "she left him playing with his donger and eating cerumen and celery sandwiches" is an absolute classic. I couldn't stop laughing once I realised what cerumen actually is. Very funny LP !

Winston... the former PM made a great error of judgement... though we're all fallible.. well perhaps enough said!

Wheels within wheels .....yep I can go with that.....however the wheels are heading for an almighty train wreck.

James Mathison does not tell the truth.. i.e. he is a liar. He, supposedly deposited some money in the account of lady.. yesterday.... didn't happen!
He was 'caught out' - a result of which, he made a deposit of the $400 into the account of Mary at around 9.30am today.... shame not to tell the truth James Mathison.... people don't like liars!