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Friday, 19th October 2018

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...or is it FIFA?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It was claimed to be the European Common Market when the UK nervously joined in 1973... and I recall it was widely applauded by myself and those in the newsroom of what was then the Melbourne Herald and Weekly Times. But it has all gone pear-shaped since.

The UK saw this momentous alliance as a new dawn of trading clout over non members, and so it was, until the Left’s infiltration steered it to a far more important socially restructured monolith the rest of the world would follow.

Brussels now administers communal law and Parliamentary procedure outside Westminster and the UK legal system... and the UK pays the EU 50 billion quid a week for the privilege of complying.

This week bookmaker William Hill reported "the most intensive gambling yet" on a 'leave' vote with a deluge of three and four-figure amounts bet within 24 hours”.

The bookie reduced the odds on Brexit (leave) from 4-1 to 13-5 while the odds on a 'remain' vote lengthened from 1-6 to 2-7.

Despite the books, both the Tories and Labour have argued for a “remain” decision and it seems difficult to believe in a “leave” vote later this month when both sides of The Commons want to stay nestled in the bosom of a socialised Continental Europe.

PM Cameron has capitulated to those who dabble in a communal system where all is equal, but a little more equal for Brussels’ administrators who have morphed the EU from a trade bloc into a vanguard of a new world socialist order.

When that silly lady Angela Merkel invited millions of “refugees” into the homeland, she was inviting a disaster for all of what is now an angry borderless Europe.

Even France, Italy and Greece who love to dabble in communism from time to time are questioning Chancellor Angela’s wisdom.

Cameron has been beguiled by the power of Brussels and his anti Tory “remain” argument is the same as Jeremy Corbyn’s and Barack Obama’s. So if those two are on the “remain” side with Cameron you can bet your left knacker it’s the wrong choice for the free world.

Margaret Thatcher’s demise in 1990 was because many Tories thought she was too wary of Europe. But since then she has been proved right because scepticism over the new Europe came to dominate the Conservative Party. But not our Mr Cameron who is about to be faced with his own demise.

The key event in that process was due to Black Wednesday, in 1992, when the markets forced John Major’s government out of the European exchange rate under which the pound had shadowed the deutschemark. UK is a long way up the financial pecking order and a long way down the influential pecking order

Hmmm, the UK is destined to become an even bigger payer but an even smaller player in this new European commune.

Not only will the Ol’ Dart soon be swallowed up and unrecognisable in a socialist Euro quagmire if it decides to stay, it will need to continue a losing fight to keep Islamic Turkey out of EU membership.

Turkey’s Istanbul sits astride Asia and Europe and controls the millions shifting from the Mediterranean through to northern Europe but it is also a member of NATO and feels free to shoot down Russian war planes without fear of penalty.

It is also looking to re-establish a new Ottoman Empire of sorts, so how will the UK fare in a war with an ally like Turkey who is closer to the Saudis than Europe and was until recently supporting ISIS and will be privy to the UK and the US war effort?

ISIS has a greater appeal in Brussels than in the rest of the world... after all ISIS has made its European headquarters in Brussels and for years has been free to conduct atrocities there with sorties into France and Britain.

Isn’t that reason enough for the UK to get the hell out of there, and stay out of  there?


Not to worry CC... we'll get there somehow... thanks so much for your kind note

ChrisCross.. he did chat with you and masses of others... just wish I could remember his name! Thanks guys.

Lol, can't help you there unfortunately.

Mike... CC.. wonder if you guys can help me.. though I posted a 'little' elsewhere.. some time ago we had a lovely guy from Perth.. think he may well have been a Jewish gentleman ... a real sweetheart... haven't heard a peep from in such a long time... I just cannot remember his name... think, though, he may have changed it's been such a long time since we've heard from him .. just wanted to check.. hopefully he's okay.... thanks friends.

Thanks CC I'll check it out. Parking is a worry. May talk the boss into getting a boat.

Shark infested waters Sandy.....shark infested waters.

contd. I had to quickly learn how to conserve and make use of the few assets I did receive though there have been efforts to wreck those..first by a shonky stock broker who mishandled my investments then demanded power of attorney (in his dreams) and kept on at me to sell some land I inherited and give him the money. I quickly closed my account and moving to another broker used commonsense to invest (BHP and Rio) thus managing to keep the good ship Winston afloat by accessing the mining boom .Sharks to abound and its up to the individual to shark proof his or herself.........anyway Sandy try offshore it might work.

contd....a hunt which is apparently still going on here in WA. I do have to say Sandy my late husband concealed the majority of his assets when he became ill with cancer...I believe offshore as he and his family were determined I would not get my fair share. Even the family lawyer could not stop sniggering when soon after my husband death I made a new will myself..and giggling he asked if I knew of any offshore accounts my husband may have had. I replied in the negative and his smirk grew wider. From that I concluded a shifty had been pulled as a last knife between the shoulder blades. However I had to remain calm and as stable as possible under the circumstances, any circumstances , which has not been easy. I have however inspite of all the ridicule, sneering and games made it thus far

Sandy57 -as a mother I have never married again or become involved with anyone in the 23 years since my second husband died. He was not the father of my two children I hasten to add.Why..for the simple reason I wanted control over my own life -as far as possible..and no intruders into the family unit which causes endless trouble and of course my assets eventually going to my own they should.It has of course been very very difficult...for reasons I have explained here on PP and previously on Piers Akerman's blog. With a grotesque psychiastrist and his supporters in hot pursuit and with lies and insinuations abounding life has not been an easy run as a loose cannon, whistleblower and a refusal to collapse under the strain being imposed upon me by many who joined the hunt.

Cannot your assets be "hidden"...of shore for prevent the lady in question getting her share of the spoils. Or cannot your assets be dispersed prior to your passing to those you trust and who will ensure your financial comfort and indepence til your own passing.

Russian email address? The Pro Putin / Anti Jew / Conspiracy Crew? Usual suspects. Anyone who has stood up to them has paid a price now. But most on the site do their best to ignore trouble as long as they can continue to post . It's a sad fact that those who disrupted will continue to do so and nothing effective has been done by anyone in control - and those who supported Pickering and stood up were cut loose. Still - that's how the marxist socialist gay whale land rights crusaders have taken over the country.

Kind words Lol, Bruce, it is worth the money to consult a will specialist.

Bruce... best have a talk with your lawyer... hope he/she's trusted and true? One word, though... one of my dear friends - four daughters - not all happy.. might challenge will? My friend had to take herself off to have her 'intelligence etc' examined and by a physic... at great expense I might add... my friend passed the 'test'... so now it seems she's been determined of 'sound mind' when it comes to her wishes when she's no longer with us... absolutely crazy!

More than interesting... and thanks for sharing this one... you may have noticed Bruce.. the email address of 'the above'.. it's a Russian one...

Hang in there Bruce... you and I perhaps not always agree but at the end of the day, we're 'family'.. all good wishes to you m'friend.

OT but well worth reading....

I have been researching abuse stalking harrasment and mysterious deaths of psychiatric patients for many years and believe there is at least one serial killer working in mental health here in WA. What better "hunting ground" for psychopaths, predators, sadists etc. than in the field of mental health...afterall who will believe the patients who are so intimidated by the abusers they are too afraid to speak out.I have received many threats have been stalked and suffered slanderous rumours all round apparently designed to ensure I am unable to go about my everday life due to the harrasement, spite and malice. Most destabilising which I suppose is the agenda to smear and destroy ...same as was done to Tony Abbott .

Erdogan has openly boasted that Democracy and Freedom are meaningless words , to him. Last week non-US observers saw more supply truck than ever , going from Turkey to ISIS. ISIS is , without doubt, US and Turkey backed. Erdogan has also openly stated that he is sending the "migrants" to Europe to re-establish the Ottoman Empire. UK needs to get out of EU and NATO. Powerful people in the US intend to destroy Europe and the bloody Merkin is a stooge.

Lol Mon 6 Jun 2016 10:31:27 pm
Looks like you're going to yet another opponent elsewhere Bruce... hope you can handle someone called Spitfire.... the language leaves a lot to be desired.... good luck to you if you choose to take on this on?

They abound in the Perth hills......especially after dark