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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Don’t know about you blokes but I’m feeling very insecure with all these feminists claiming superiority over us. I mean Christ, after eight years of Obama and Hillary you’d reckon anyone who has a slight sun tan or sits down to have a leak could never be considered a Presidential candidate, but now we have Oprah of all people as a proposed Democratic frontrunner.

Okay, so all they had to choose from so far was Marxists Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders with good old dementia-affected Joe Biden a very rough chance, but Oprah? (Harpo in reverse)? 

This is the variously-weighted wombat who supplied Harvey Weinstein with starlets to fondle. “But that doesn’t matter if she can rid us of Trump”.… “After all we backed Hillary and she took Bill’s side when it came to his 'sexually abused and raped' women”.

The feminists’ incandescent hatred of Trump has spread to a hatred of all white men as the Democrats face the likelihood of four more years of Trump prosperity.

These sheilas don’t want equality… they want inequality. They only want to play best of three sets in a slam event for the same money as the men who need to play best of five. 

Unlike men they can organise themselves a shag without being accused of sexual harassment. Blokes will usually agree to a shag, and blokes don’t have that morning-after remorse to report to anyone who will listen.

I mean blimey, I have only knocked back a shag twice in my life, and they were both blokes. It’s just not fair! But now at my age I have become a little more fussy… they must be under 95 and female.

Let’s be honest, sheilas can never be the equal of blokes in any field, yet they demand the same pay and a higher respect! Besides they are different, they are built for having babies, and thank Christ they are!

They insist on hitting a golf ball from the closer red tees, they don’t play tennis against men or they would be slaughtered. There are no female Grand Masters in art or chess. The world’s best chefs, milliners and clothes designers are men, the only war Generals are men. 

                                 The quality of tennis or the attraction of a bum?

They cannot compete in any sport against men! And have you noticed the lack of interest and crowd numbers reflecting sponsorship? 

But they do excel in exposing genitalia… a bloke will finish in gaol, while a sheila will get a pay rise and possibly a new contract.

                                      "Don't you dare treat me as a sex object."

We need a year of the white bloke because these Hollywood harlots who have got their ovaries in knots would be nowhere without men to appreciate their private bits.

Hmm, when my wife gets back from overseas I think I’m in trouble.     


The media, Labor and the Greens, all virtue signaling yet again. Now the lefty music men (term used lightly) are into virtue signaling too. Doing a foot stamp about Bernardi using their music to celebrate Australia on AUSTRALIA DAY! I would ban buying their music but I don't buy it anyway. I value the sound of silence too much to have their blaring, discordant, eardrum shattering raucous noise playing anywhere near me.

There would have to be a bit of poo on her knickers.

With all these changes our nutcase pollies come up with, do they EVER calculate the cost? The same with government departments changing or adjusting names, the cost is astronomical, but I guess it doesn't matter, it's not their money.

Kornikova was the best Russian I have ever seen.

Can the descendants of all the Convicts sent to Australia claim compensation from England as the English Stolen Generation???…Perhaps we can reclaim England as a Sacred Site and our Traditional Lands?????..Just like Uncle Mabo did here????.....

If the Japanese or some others had beaten Captain Cook to claim Australia from the Stone Age, they would be Extinct....But no, we continue to fund them....All while they continue to Kick us in the Nuts at every opportunity and demand More….......Then wonder why we don't appreciate their piss poor behaviour...

Certainly is a nice bum!

dante - what bloke watches womens tennis to see tennis?

She is a Goddess and all you have to does mute the sound. It's all visual. Doesn't even matter is she wins or loses. I'd rather watch her than 17 hours of the Ghan train trip, Or any Politician.

Faaark! Wimmen! PC leftwing never wrong or in the wrong wimmen. Normal women do get harassed by dickheads way too often but these wimmen put their sex out there as bait and then complain.

Can’t watch a Sharapova match. The shrieking and grunting puts me off as much as it does her opponent - as it is designed to do.

Sharapova can only be positively identified by her constant screaming.

An 11-year-old girl’s claim that a scissors-wielding man approached her on the way to school and cut her hijab has turned out to be untrue, Toronto police said Monday as they closed their investigation into what was suspected to be a hate crime.

The alleged incident, which was reported on Friday, made international headlines and had drawn swift public condemnation from the prime minister, Ontario’s premier and Toronto’s mayor.................

Good work Jekyll. I like a person who knows a nice arse when they see one. But we need proof. Sharapova looks taller and slimmer to me. Not that I notice

Haro the hypocrite. She offers girls to Weinstein to be groped and raped then decades later she becomes the champion to all these victims. Why didn't you mention Weinstein in your speech? Why did you choose to be silent when all the assaults happened? Now the leftards wants him to be the POTUS? She can't manage her weight so how can she manage a country?

I just read di Natale's statement about how the greens are going to work hrough Councils to change Australia Day.He says it should be changed. Changing the date will not change anything. The greens will still moan and weep about Invasion Day, whatever day we choose.We have to stand up against this rot/rort. The 26th January is the day Terra Australis was claimed for England. It is history. The greens love having that little bit of power, however stupid it is,

So they are pissed off that we are reading their history of their past activities in international Zionist diplomacy

Here's a greatheadline :Perth to cop a soaking from former cyclone
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Joyce is expected to drench Perth with five times its average January rainfall over then next 48 hours. The cyclone, which is now receiving transgender treatment and mental health therapy now wishes to be known as a hurricane.

Canada ?

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