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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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ELEPHANT LIVES MATTER... so they evolve without tusks

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Herds of elephants are now evolving and expanding without tusks and that shows nature’s ability to adapt, despite cyclical climate changes, and man’s destructive interference. When that ability to adapt is exhausted the species becomes extinct, like 99 per cent of all species that ever lived.

Razed rainforests will again survive because the climatic conditions are still there to support them. Burnt bushland regenerates even quicker. Coral reefs will never die. Crown of Thorns starfish are doing their job world-wide, despite dumb, undergraduate marine biologist kids killing them off in their thousands. 

Coral bleaching and cyclones are doing what they have been doing for a billion years, killing the weaker strains to make way for the new, stronger strains.

Green environmentalists caused enough damage when they confined themselves to the environment. So why would they cause less damage now that they have become highly political? 

Don’t try to explain to a Green why elephants are not growing tusks or their immediate response will be to organise government funding for the implanting of plastic ones.

The cheetah is close to extinct yet the leopard is thriving in plague proportions. Why is that? Well, because cheetahs are too few in number to avoid inbreeding and they have to give up their kills to every other carniverous species. Whereas leopards are solitary predators, can take their kills up trees and only interact with other leopards to breed.

Rattle snakes are now evolving without, or with inoperable, rattles. They have realised a rattle only causes them grief. A predator can hear them and whatever they predate on can also hear them… so WTF use is a rattle?

Actually it is not the tuskless elephants that have decided to do away with them, it is the cow elephant whose main concern in life is the welfare of her offspring. She chooses the breeding bull with tiny, or no, tusks that won’t be one of the thousands killed for ivory. The genetic imperative is then passed on.

The female of any species, including humans, is attracted to the male most suited to its environment. 

An attractive Inuit is short and fat. A female knows he can stay out on the ice for longer in the dead of winter to find food for his family. A male gibbon with short arms won’t be a shag magnet, nor will a male giraffe with a short neck.

The pressure of an incumbent environment, including blokes with a penchant for killing things, is what dictates breeding.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection was not new, the ancient Greeks had already promoted the evolution/natural selection concept and Darwin needed to maintain a crazy creation theory to keep in favour with his religious supporters, including his wife. 

The French larrikin, Jean Baptiste Lamarck was much closer to the mark when he promoted, not only the theory of evolution, but genetic mobility, a radical theory that still brings howls of criticism today.

His brilliant observation was that all species, including humans, will alter their genetic makeup during their own lifetime due to environmental pressure, thereby passing that life saving genetic change on to their offspring. 

Ooooh, that’s much quicker than the cumbersome, time-consuming, natural selection process. Natural selection remains a factor yet to consider genetic mobility was, and still is, sacrilege.

And genetic mobility hits Darwin’s weak thesis of evolution combined with creation out of the ballpark.

The flaw in Left Green philosophy is that all perceived mistakes of nature and man must be remedied. But it is the Left Greens who decide, all by their little selves, what is a “mistake”. 

To them it is a "mistake" to dam a river to provide electricity, a mistake to mine for coal, uranium and gas, to endager a pobblebonk frog (above). It's a "mistake" to disagree with trashing the Marriage Act. In fact it is a "mistake" to disagree with them about anything environmental or political. And they want penal provisions enacted for those who do disagree.

The miniscule percentage of the population that aligns itself with the Greens has infiltrated every sector of commerce and government, including the Labor Party, to become a powerful force way beyond its station. Left alone, they too will become extinct.

And the weit rhinoceros, if sufficient of them remain, will continue to grow a smaller horn, until it too becomes hornless,

...all without the assistance of any gangrenous Green.



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WA gets 30 cents in every GST dollar, the mining boom did nothing for the average Sandgroper.

"Why would a fish leave water to get food?"..................the same reason people go to frigging lazy to cook at home!!!

I guess this girl will not be coming the wife of a future French President then ( sarc) ;

NEW POST UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's about our favorite subject

TONY ABBOTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Me too, lp. And I'm also sick of the Smith Family ads featuring some miserable child who can't afford something or another. Really? Isn't that life? Shouldn't people be expected to cope?

I think I was the only one in my class who didn't go on a school excursion to Canberra simply because my parents couldn't afford it. I felt bad. I resented it at the time. But it didn't ruin my life.

I'm really impressed that green labor getup fags have made a vid and advertising BS against Tony Abbott's speech on the climate/energy hoax and they have gone full on baresque...

They absolutely fear the truth this man speaks and their blood boils at the possibility he may return, however unlikely that may be , these clowns are LIVID

Make me laugh, not only can they not handle the truth, they can't even handle the discussion.....

Winning !


It's called federation, people. The US does the same. California with umpteen millions of people have the same number of senators as do the states with under one million people. Why should the states with millions of brain-washed PC morons have more votes than states with conservative people?

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After Tony's speech in London I hope he finds his inner mongrel and continues ridicule the climate hysterics. I hope he's noticed that the Don was elected precisely because he didn't care what the media thought - and it resonated loud and clear with voters. Why? Because the media live in a PC bubble and while the people know it, until now politicians have been terrified of the media's power. That's bad for democracy.

But however briefly, the internet has de-fanged and de-clawed the MSM. They are no longer the gatekeepers of news and information. To their fury, Trump bypassed them and won the presidency. Despite them.

So go, TA. Show the overpaid GayBC hacks you hold them in as much contempt as we do. Speak your truth. People will listen to a genuine person, not a phony like Turnbull.

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Did you know that we tax payers are forking over $100 million dollars to the Port Moresby mafia in PNG that is hosting APEC next year ??

Socceroos are playing Syria tonight...could someone ensure Turd and the RAAF are tied down..we dont want anymore 'accidental' killing of Assad's citizens by Turd and co..with their out of control bombing raids, like they conducted to support ISIS in Syria....

WA gets a lower share of the GST because their (WA) leaders are a sdumb as dogshit especially the Labor version of dumb. All you PPer's from WA we sympathise with you but, don't blame all the people on the East Coast. Blame your leaders amd blame yourselves for not holding your leaders to account at the ballot box. This may be ancient history now but does explain a lot about why the GST carve up is stacked against you.