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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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… who rules the roost?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


So now elected politicians need to explain to a court why a decision was criticised and why it was suggested that judges display an ideological bias? Are these fancy dressed galahs for real? Of course judges show bias, that’s why political parties appoint the buggers.

                                              Justice Kirby and partner

Openly gay High Court judge Michael Kirby (above) cannot be expected to rule against the LGBT community, and he didn’t! He also backs Labor’s hideous “Safe Schools” program and even deviously misquotes its intentions. He, as expected, openly supports gay marriage. What else could be expected?

Most people understand the judiciary is a far Left organisation where it’s difficult to get a decision that reflects conservative values.

In Queensland alone there are 93 magistrates… 75 were appointed by Labor and only 18 by conservative governments. And to suggest Queensland’s female magistrates don’t carry an ideological Left, anti-male bent, in their decisions concerning Family Law and domestic violence is simply untrue and naïve in the extreme.

Peter Dutton (above) agrees saying, "Queensland magistrates are hopelessly soft Lefties"

In the US equivalent of our High Court, (their nine-member Supreme Court) Chief Justices Roberts, Thomas, Alito (and now Gorsuch) were appointed by Republican Presidents and are openly described as the Supreme Court's Right wing.

Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan were appointed by Democratic Presidents and comprise the Court's Left wing. Cheeeeez, bias is not a bloody secret!

Antonin Scalia was a conservative stalwart who among many other conservatives mysteriously met an untimely death. Last year while on holiday, he collapsed, leaving Supreme Court decisions deadlocked at four-all with Obama and Trump competing for a new nomination that reflected their own Party’s ideology. Trump won that battle with Gorsuch.

So for any judiciary to suggest its decisions are based solely on legal values is a load of frog droppings.

Australia’s Sir Garfield Barwick (above) was a Liberal Parliamentarian nominated by Menzies and appointed to the High Court by a Liberal Government. He was instrumental in the sacking of Gough Whitlam after Governor General, John Kerr, sought his advice. WTF do you reckon that advice was?

The three senior Turnbull Government ministers (Health Minister Greg Hunt, Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar and Human Services Minister Alan Tudge) are to be hauled before the Supreme Court of Victoria today to explain why they should not be charged with contempt after accusing the judiciary of giving softer sentences to known terrorists.

They will not turn up of course and will instead pay their lawyers to plead their cases. But it is outrageous that they need to justify their criticism of out of step judgments. It is even more outrageous that they could be found guilty of contempt for doing so. The three Ministers were elected! Judges were appointed by partisan Parties’ Attorneys General.

                        Judge Howard expresses his independence during sentencing

Judges must adhere to legislation, and in doing so their decisions must reflect contemporary community values. That is not happening and Ministers of the Crown have every right (indeed a responsibility) to point that out. Who the hell do these judges think they are?

The judges I have known are a breed apart who believe they are on a higher intellectual scale than we bogans. They are not, their shit still stinks and their golf handicaps certainly don’t reflect anything superior.

But how gobsmackingly arrogant of any court is it to suggest that their decisions are sacrosanct? For Christ’s sake, many decent people are dead because of their inane decisions concerning bail. Many Americans have been wrongly put to death by judges who don't give a stuff!

                                                      Remember this?

Left wing parole boards refuse to accept that there are people who are innately bad and that they will kill again and refuse to believe that Muslim terrorists are actually instructed to kill us.

I noticed last night Andrew Bolt was furiously dancing around this issue fearing a subpoena over his right shoulder.

Well, I suggest Andrew, if he believes in free speech, tells the three Ministers to instruct their lawyers to tell the Victorian Supreme Court to go and get properly fornicated.


xactly as you said. They should be replaced. How do they sleep at night. As a retired legal secretary my solicitor boss said "There is a court of law but no court of justice" and that was 30 years ago. What would he say now? Who is paying them to do what they do? I really really like Peter Dutton. He has guts. His brother in law is a Muslim and he sits on the AAT. Come on - even blind Freddie can see something is wrong there.

we the people will not have justice served until we the people can appoint the judges.

The hypocrisy of the judges - claiming that the politicians bring the court into disrepute. They have done a bloody good job of that themselves.

Justice Kirby and partner. Couple of sickos

Larry, just read your article and could not agree more. Too many victorian judges(?) were appointed by that left wing cretin Hulls.

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The NWO just want chaos so they can politically justify restrictions on Speech and then ensure compliance of directives under their own Military control, brought on by a need to quell the Islamic Terrorism that they allowed to infiltrate and prosper in Western communities, who were quietly Disarmed, and now rely totally on the NWO for Protection.... Control is what it is all about.... That close enough for you??

In the Westminster system of governence which came out of the UK system of governence the magistrates and judges and all that mob are seen to be no higher or lower on the Executive branch level so in fact they are just plain and simple legal clerks with an inflated ego that they think they be superior to all other branches of the Executive as well as the elected government like what we see playing out in Victoria .

Education is killing off our working class ,being a Uni student is by far easier than having to report to Centrelink and if by chance they do score qualification in the easiest subject on the menu they might score a gig with the public service to be parked up somewhere where they are forgotten to do their nothing ..........

It is the Jews who are the major movers behind multi-culturalism and the wars in the Middle East. Sure the Muslims are stupid and the Quran and Hadiths are dangerous books. Muslims are closer friends to Jews than Europeans are to Jews. So Jews stand to gain by importing large hordes of Muslims into Jewish controlled countries. And to make them hate the countries importing them by continued wars by Europeans against Islamic countries in the Middle East and soon Africa after the ME.

MM Is this before or after the f---ing Muslims murder all of us because we are infidels?

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Don't know if anyone else has noticed this. But the people who were living in the tower block in Notting Hill are going nuts.over the fire. Beating the town hall doors down and generally going bonkers . Now, why in hell did this not happen over the Manchester and London terror attacks. Simples, look at the people that lived in the block of flats?

Simple solution to free us from the shackles of the Cult of Islam: shut Down their Centrelink access, to ALL whom Identify as Islamic Cult Followers, then Bulldoze the Mosques and Jihad schools, that may be sufficient for a starting point. If they can't take the hint after that, Well, that bridge is approaching faster than some may realise and as some point will need to be crossed...The Government is fast loosing touch with Reality and the last semblance of Control..Suppressing Public opinion is Not Control,as they continue to believe. It is merely tightening the Seal on the Pressure Cooker of Public Sentiment. The longer they do it, the greater the Price, We the Australian People will pay..Traitorous Bastards..

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