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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Equivocation is the enemy of progress and mucking around waiting for the new Right to land on his doorstep only energises Shorten and blows away the same nervous Conservatives that may, one day soon, be asked to form government with a massive new Right movement.

The established Conservative movement has lost its way. It has become indiscernible from the Left as it oscillates and ebbs and flows to where it hopes the popular vote will somehow save it.

But any reasonable student knows it’s too late for the old Conservatives to be saved... the new Right has finally found its voice, and this time it refuses to be silenced ahead of a tsunami of support.

The new Right must not depend on Tony Abbott. He should be given a wide berth as he has a successful record of killing off Right movements that threaten his beloved Liberals. Abbott, if necessary, will have no qualms about joining with Shorten and Turnbull to head off any threat to the two majors. 

Pauline Hanson’s PR skills have improved 100 percent from 20 years ago but they are still deficient when it comes to high-end politics and effective use of mainstream and social media. 

Bernardi, backed by a professional social media staff, would make the better leader, and that’s where the egos will kick in to threaten what should be a highly influential new Right movement. But even if successful, it still has a long way to go before it can, if ever, claim government in its own right, or even a majority partnership in coalition.

Breakaway political Parties have an appalling record of long-term success in Australia. One Nation has eroded the vote of Liberal and Labor but has barely affected the Green Party which is still seen as a repository for disenchanted Labor voters.

The new Right movement is exemplified in various Parties and groups that should join as one in making it an unassailable political force that mirrors other of the world’s movements to rid the destructive hard-Left Green Socialist putsch of its position in the ruling class, a position it attained behind our backs while we mugs were out shouting beers, chasing sheilas and playing too much golf. But our eyes are now on the prize.

Some “patriot” movements will be keen to join (read infiltrate) but the extreme Right will prove a severe impediment and should not be entertained. Anything further right than Bernardi and Hanson will prove too much of a yummy target for the Left. 

There are still those in Parliament who have staked a personal claim to one of the diminishing number of teats hanging from the bloated public service gut, and they will fight to the death for their right to keep on sucking. 

The new Right cannot afford a rear guard action while it blueprints a recovery from decades of harmful, corrupt, UN style, political ratbaggery.

                                            If Bernadi is to move, it must be soon

What Cory Bernardi seems determined to achieve will not be easy, and it will take a Solomon to navigate the egos involved, but the time has come and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could easily be lost, gone in a quagmire of gibberish about personal political entitlement. Cory Bernardi should take the lead and move now!

And he should forget the link he says exists between homosexuality and bestiality.

There is a gaping vacuum for a new Right Party, the settings and finance are in place, mainstream Left media is dying, the ABC and HRC are finished as relics of a bygone era. We have never had three more loathsome leaders than Di Natali, Shorten and Turnbull. 

The only obstacle to real political reform is the competing egos that could prevent a new Party making Australia great again.

Get the job done first before establishing factions and fighting for respective ascendancies. Selfdom is the real enemy of effective political change and it must be put aside this time, just for once. 

Unfortunately each time I suggest this as a way forward I am met with howls of derision from the principals who say, “We need the advice of a bloody cartoonist like we need a hole in the head!”

Fair enough, but I’ll keep trying.


Sadly, being a nice guy won't get you far in politics......... doesn't get you very far anywhere really.

Was that not one of the reasons for the Bob Hawke thingy , ""an Australia card"" he got howled down, but just think hopw much it would have saved since ""hawkeye"" was PM. the argument was about civil rights and our right to privacy, but since then our civil rights have slowly been eroded away in the name of "'free speech and equality"" ,certainly our privacy has , the banks and others offshoring our personal records etc.

Thank you!

I am pissed off, that the Stoner Prison guard (screw) does not answer my cheap shot ......Being , "that his inmates make more money than this fuck wit " will ever make , and that he has to at times, clean the crims toilets! It is you that is in your own jail. As you can never leave???

Cory Bernardi made no link between homosexualty and bestiality. You are being unfair Larry. He mentioned bestiality as a possible next step after homosexual marriage. He was right to do so as homo marriage is just the first step in the programme of (abnormal) rights which the homo lobby wishes to implement. Homo marriage, legalised multiple partners and bestiality are but the three which readily come to mind but don't underestimate the imaginations of the homo lobby, they are capable of dreaming up many things to undermine our established society.

Individually or collectively.

I have Larry Pickering Calendars from 1978 to 1992 for sale. I collected them many years ago as I was such a fan. I can sell tehm

A lot find it a bloody joke with immigration.At least we did when we found out that the first thing you do when you get to Australia is get a drivers licence. No Police check with immigration if you produce a current licence in Australia, if you produce a passport there is a good chance they will however....Not realizing that the immigration dept doesn't share info with the RMS or the Tax office..Hopefully it has started to change. We used to have to ring immigration on a special number to confirm the immigration status because there was no direct link.....

I can easily judge you, Rinaldo, in this, 'cause by the love and grace of God I am looking up to you sitting in your dingy staring at the tip of the iceberg and fearing, and lacking faith to open your eyes and put your head in the water to see for yourself. Knowledge far beyond ones imagination is almost always to far to believe, so then they use what they think they know to justify themselves and to criticise and spurn what is realality, what is really true. Forget what you know, and with an unclutted and open mind come before your Father who art in Heaven as a babe, and cry unto Him to make Himself known to you., I say this to you mate, and I say it to all the children of Adam and Eve throughout world. The end is near, repent therefore, for the Lord is coming, and with Him is His reward

A man without faith is similar to him who observes the tip of an iceberg, he believes what his eyes see and nothing else, but if he had the faith to investigate, if he truly desired to know, and had the courage and will to put his head under the icy water, he would see the enormality of the structure. The icy water is the veil of darkness with which Lucifer covers the world ignorance and lies. The tip of the iceberg is the Truth that Satan allows to be seen, and the 90% or so of the bulk of the ice underwater is of course, the knowledge of God. Obviously you have a considerable knowlege of religion, but how do you know, really, what is true and false? unless the Holy Ghost has confirmed it to you. And why have you not discovered the bulk of the iceberg?.........

"Look Deeper please read the ABC report above"...............................yer joking...right?

As soon as they get word of an impending nuclear strike or even a substantial threat of one I'm sure God will instruct Israel to send out a few Mossad teams to negate that threat!

'God helps those who help themselves'

I could, Rinaldo, by the Spirit of the Lord, open your eyes, to fill your heart with joy, as mine were just over 30 years ago, but you would not believe would harden your heart to the Light of Truth. If you think my assessment is wrong of you then prove me wrong, sincerely ask our Father in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, ask in the depth of humility as a little child, in faith, believing that you will receive an answer, nothing doubting, even as the woman believed absolutely, that if she touched the hem of our Lord's garment she would be healed, and as I said before, I sware to you, if it be the will of God, He will make Himself known to you.........

Because Rinaldo, I may read what other posters on the same thread have written (always much much shorter than yours) and your pastes and tastes are pretty predictable and easily (but preferably not) scanned. You might write a line or two of your own but the rest is block paste 'same same'. If what someone has said catches my eye I might comment (that's what we're here for, or I should say "supposed to be here for"). I can't remember the last time I wrote a long critical post on anything you've posted. You made a comment to me by name, then asked me a direct question above; that's why you had two response paragraphs from me today.

If you don't read my posts why write a long post criticising?

We've discussed this ad nauseum in the past, Rinaldo. You waste your talents dredging up endless long, long, long, long, long posts of information by other people and other websites. Mostly I scroll past because of the length (you'd find most posters would do that, for a couple of reasons). And secondly because I'm not wasting my time responding to posts you - more often than not - haven't written a word of, yourself. If you wrote something original, I might respond. I do, sometimes, for others (Dusty and I think another may be Dante) who ask questions requiring a bit of reflection, but it's my choice. Thirdly, I have no interest in spending time on the "conspiracy theory" stuff you and Pel and Marco are fond of (either reading it, or responding), and fourthly, I'm a cancer patient and only have so much energy to do everything I have to do, and want to do, in a day, so I try to spend my time as best pleases me. I often run out of ‘puff’ before the chores etc. run out. As for language, I couldn’t care less what you think. Men who tut tut when a woman swears are usually the ones who practise double standards – slap their buddy on the back for pulling a girl, but call the girl a slut. I hate that hypocrisy. Now, I’m tired. That’s your blooming lot for the week.

Nothing in the bank and very little in my wallet dusty.

BK don't you mean PRIVATISED energy companies?

Judging by your language in other places Lights you do not fit into what I would call a Christian. Why instead of just ridiculing, do you not put up an argument substantiating your opposition to my posts?

Rin, I wish - that instead of endless pasting here - you would go off on a journey of discovery for your own personal, spiritual 'wealth' - go find Him for yourself. You are obviously more than capable of finding Him (look at the volume of weird stuff you dig up for others) - go and dig up something worthwhile. Go find some pennies in Heaven for Rinaldo. With the enquiring nature you so apparently have, do you truly wish to miss the most amazing experience this life and this earth can ever bring you? Imagine the amazing journey an eternal life will provide you ! And remember, I'm well aware that I'm in a tiny minority as a Christian on this site. I don't care if people scorn me - for I'd have the happiness of thinking I might have nudged even one soul on a path to Heaven.