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Tuesday, 21st February 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Equivocation is the enemy of progress and mucking around waiting for the new Right to land on his doorstep only energises Shorten and blows away the same nervous Conservatives that may, one day soon, be asked to form government with a massive new Right movement.

The established Conservative movement has lost its way. It has become indiscernible from the Left as it oscillates and ebbs and flows to where it hopes the popular vote will somehow save it.

But any reasonable student knows it’s too late for the old Conservatives to be saved... the new Right has finally found its voice, and this time it refuses to be silenced ahead of a tsunami of support.

The new Right must not depend on Tony Abbott. He should be given a wide berth as he has a successful record of killing off Right movements that threaten his beloved Liberals. Abbott, if necessary, will have no qualms about joining with Shorten and Turnbull to head off any threat to the two majors. 

Pauline Hanson’s PR skills have improved 100 percent from 20 years ago but they are still deficient when it comes to high-end politics and effective use of mainstream and social media. 

Bernardi, backed by a professional social media staff, would make the better leader, and that’s where the egos will kick in to threaten what should be a highly influential new Right movement. But even if successful, it still has a long way to go before it can, if ever, claim government in its own right, or even a majority partnership in coalition.

Breakaway political Parties have an appalling record of long-term success in Australia. One Nation has eroded the vote of Liberal and Labor but has barely affected the Green Party which is still seen as a repository for disenchanted Labor voters.

The new Right movement is exemplified in various Parties and groups that should join as one in making it an unassailable political force that mirrors other of the world’s movements to rid the destructive hard-Left Green Socialist putsch of its position in the ruling class, a position it attained behind our backs while we mugs were out shouting beers, chasing sheilas and playing too much golf. But our eyes are now on the prize.

Some “patriot” movements will be keen to join (read infiltrate) but the extreme Right will prove a severe impediment and should not be entertained. Anything further right than Bernardi and Hanson will prove too much of a yummy target for the Left. 

There are still those in Parliament who have staked a personal claim to one of the diminishing number of teats hanging from the bloated public service gut, and they will fight to the death for their right to keep on sucking. 

The new Right cannot afford a rear guard action while it blueprints a recovery from decades of harmful, corrupt, UN style, political ratbaggery.

                                            If Bernadi is to move, it must be soon

What Cory Bernardi seems determined to achieve will not be easy, and it will take a Solomon to navigate the egos involved, but the time has come and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could easily be lost, gone in a quagmire of gibberish about personal political entitlement. Cory Bernardi should take the lead and move now!

And he should forget the link he says exists between homosexuality and bestiality.

There is a gaping vacuum for a new Right Party, the settings and finance are in place, mainstream Left media is dying, the ABC and HRC are finished as relics of a bygone era. We have never had three more loathsome leaders than Di Natali, Shorten and Turnbull. 

The only obstacle to real political reform is the competing egos that could prevent a new Party making Australia great again.

Get the job done first before establishing factions and fighting for respective ascendancies. Selfdom is the real enemy of effective political change and it must be put aside this time, just for once. 

Unfortunately each time I suggest this as a way forward I am met with howls of derision from the principals who say, “We need the advice of a bloody cartoonist like we need a hole in the head!”

Fair enough, but I’ll keep trying.


Sadly, being a nice guy won't get you far in politics......... doesn't get you very far anywhere really.

Was that not one of the reasons for the Bob Hawke thingy , ""an Australia card"" he got howled down, but just think hopw much it would have saved since ""hawkeye"" was PM. the argument was about civil rights and our right to privacy, but since then our civil rights have slowly been eroded away in the name of "'free speech and equality"" ,certainly our privacy has , the banks and others offshoring our personal records etc.

Cory Bernardi made no link between homosexualty and bestiality. You are being unfair Larry. He mentioned bestiality as a possible next step after homosexual marriage. He was right to do so as homo marriage is just the first step in the programme of (abnormal) rights which the homo lobby wishes to implement. Homo marriage, legalised multiple partners and bestiality are but the three which readily come to mind but don't underestimate the imaginations of the homo lobby, they are capable of dreaming up many things to undermine our established society.

Individually or collectively.

I have Larry Pickering Calendars from 1978 to 1992 for sale. I collected them many years ago as I was such a fan. I can sell tehm

WHO BELIEVES THEIR ABC. ? Only an idiot would believe anything about One Nation their ABC.

A lot find it a bloody joke with immigration.At least we did when we found out that the first thing you do when you get to Australia is get a drivers licence. No Police check with immigration if you produce a current licence in Australia, if you produce a passport there is a good chance they will however....Not realizing that the immigration dept doesn't share info with the RMS or the Tax office..Hopefully it has started to change. We used to have to ring immigration on a special number to confirm the immigration status because there was no direct link.....

"Look Deeper please read the ABC report above"...............................yer joking...right?

BK don't you mean PRIVATISED energy companies?

BK - Culleton has two bankruptcy petitions against him. He has been declared bankrupt on the first one but is appealing same. The second one was lodged on behalf of a different set of creditors who did not want to join in the first one just in case it was lost on appeal. Again, Culleton has to be served with this second Petition for it to be proceed. He was effectively served by throwing the paperwork at him and no doubt Fels informed him that it was a bankruptcy petition against him. It seems Culleton runs up debts and won't pay them so creditors normally take a person like Culleton to court in a lower court and get a judgement against them. As a person like Culleton refuses to acknowledge the judgement against them then a creditor is forced to take bankruptcy action.

Anyone can serve a Court document, like a summons, subpoena, petition etc. They do not have to be a process server by occupation. The person who serves the document then completes an Affidavit of Service.

Look Deeper...if what you say is true, why is a member of the publc (Fels), allowed to serve a bankruptcy petition if he is not a process server?

BK - you don't understand legal terminology. It is called a bankruptcy petition that is issued by the Court and it is sealed by the Court and must be served on the alleged bankrupt for the matter to continue before the court. Culleton was trying to avoid service of this sealed petition and thus trying to stall procedure that will lead to his bankruptcy and force him out of Parliament. Read this ABC article again and don't believe a word Culleton tells the press as he always skews it in his favour -

Same old, same old

The calibre of the man, requires a .303, methinks.

What a disgrace to think that 18 lives have been lost to drowning in NSW in 10 days. The tragedy of losing little kids in just too painful to think of. Then there are the immigrants who enter the Ocean after dusk on an unpatrolled beach. And lastly the guys that go fishing and get into situations. LITTLE KIDS . My " Golden Haired Grandson " is 3 .1/2 years old. When he turned 6 months Nonna enrolled him for swimming lessons at the huge new Cranbourne Swimming Centre there is Olympic size , and a huge one in different sections , depths etc for kiddies , lessons , play etc . This is part of the Cranbourne Sporting Fields for all other sports. It astonishes me that a City like Sydney as Clover said on NYE with the greatest Harbour in the Universe and Beyond .

Asylum seekers routing our welfare system? Nahhhh, it'd never happen. Sarah Hanson-Young assures me this is so.

He is a bully. He should resign.

Culleton was being served with a legal document by a process server. He did not want to accept the document. Culleton apparently pushed the process server then went off balance and fell, hurting his wrist. Culleton was being served papers in a civil matter. It had nothing to do with politics. Culleton is a smart arse who has a lot of debts proven in Court but does not want to accept responsibility for them because in his own mind he can do no wrong. He is a nutter. We don't want his type in Parliament and he hid all this from One Nation and the WA voters.

I am of the belief that the 2 opponents were ; 1ex Lib vs 1 ex ON. how is that "infighting"