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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Editor Chris Mitchell has sunk a rusty nail into a decaying Press coffin

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As sure as “The Bulletin” died a sudden death with Kerry Packer so too will die “The Australian” with the death of Rupert Murdoch. They may be on borrowed time but journalists should never reveal their sources or confidences. They should rightly go to jail rather than do so. So when a former editor of a national daily broadsheet like “The Australian” spills his guts to eager TV hosts he is playing the last post for the Press.

He has smugly told of his close association with Australia’s Prime Ministers and what he said to them and their otherwise embarrassing replies to him... and that is unforgivable because he has disadvantaged every existing and future journalist in being able to foster trusted confidences politicians once had in editors.

I have never worked for or with this Mitchell bloke and I’m glad I never knew him because he defies all I have held to be sacred about newspapers. To expose your sources is to kill them, yourself, and cripple many others who come after you.

Now future leaders may think twice before privately exposing themselves to journalists who may decide to create a headline or sell a book by quoting what was said.

During the years I spent in Canberra I made close friends of Prime Ministers and Party leaders on both sides. They have described opponents and associates alike as useless c***s and worse, but that is forbidden territory for a newspaper bloke. Oh, it would make great copy or promotion for a book but the cost is far too high.

Among a list of other betrayals Mitchell cites what Rupert Murdoch told him over lunch was his devastation "at the closeness between his wife Wendi Deng and former UK prime minister Tony Blair. I couldn't sleep, I thought we had a wonderful, happy marriage. Obviously, we didn't." wrote Mitchell. 

Rupert had trust in Mitchell and would have been devastated to see his private thoughts in print, and authored by one of his senior staff.

There is some explosive stuff said privately in Canberran offices or over dinner and at cocktail parties and to use that in print is to betray confidences that ensure you will never be invited again.

It’s easy to go “Making Headlines”. Male members of Parliament have affairs that would likely kill their families. I have been asked by leaders of Parties to “look after” their female "friends" in their absence. Beautiful females, one was a Miss Australia, each had an affection for the respective politician, not for me, and on his return to Canberra the three of us would have dinner, then I would disappear for the duration of the sitting of Parliament.  

Mitchell claims he has not betrayed confidences... bullshit! That typifies his lack of respect for Press ethics. He is promoting his book called “Making Headlines” but he is now making his own headlines and in the worst possible way.

He exposes what we already suspected Gillard had said of Rudd and what Rudd had said of Gillard. He tells of how they courted him. He has misread what was happening... they were not courting him or confiding in him as a trusted friend or associate, THEY WERE SIMPLY USING HIM. And when an editor can’t tell the difference it’s time for him to go, and it’s good that he has gone.

I sincerely hope he doesn’t sell a single copy of his damned ill-conceived book...scumbag.


The reason why people have no respect for newspapers anymore is the fact that they have dabbled in the field of politics, with editors and journalists getting pally-pallly with politicians to the point that journalistic objectivity has evaporated. The UK phone hacking scandal showed the extent to which Murdoch and his editors were able to frequent 10 Downing Street like it was their next door neighbour. The day journalists regain their independence and objectivity, and editors remain independent, that will be the day newspapers may be trusted with the truth. In America, the media and press are so caught up behind Hillary Clinton, they simply refuse to question her on any of her policies or her history of wrongdoings, scandals, controversies, lies, corruption and crime.

CS you wouldn't hold a candle to being 'pushy' compared to some of the ALP, Unions Australia and Glen 'Labor' Lazorus thugs who manned the pre-election booth in Townsville that we attended.

Many voters went to vote with the 'Mediscare' lie ringing in their ears. The last thing they heard before going in to vote was Labor thugs shouting, "Don't let them sell off Medicare....put LNP last".

ALP's Cathy O'Toole stole the seat of Herbert by 37 votes.

What sort of Chow was Rupert's last missus ?

On the how to vote cards we were handing out for ALA Queensland senate candidates Pauline Hanson was second preference.

As there we no One Nation volunteers at the pre-election polling booth we attended, which had at least 40,000 pass through it, we advised Pauline Hanson supporters to put her first and ALA second.

That's where you need the numbers to hand out HTV cards, many many people voted pre-election.

Boys, give the ALA a break. They came onto the scene with good ideas, but were helped to be defeated by the MSM. I reckon that without Hanson, and her name, ON would not have made it also. Don't get me wrong, great that ON made it, and lets hope it continues to gather strength.

"Gutter Press" It is a great pity that confidences are breached in any shape or form in all matters within reason. This is where the Press get their bad name and distrust. So many ego's at work, so many untruths told just for the sake of Headlines.

Good riddance to that useless prick Conroy. He reckons his greatest achievement was the NBN. WTF? A first magnitude financial and industrial disaster. We will pay for his useless legacy for generations. How the hell do these delusional morons get into power?

Hahahaha, beautiful!! Republicanism via stealth, about to blow up in their faces.

I was a supporter of ALA but regret it very much. They are like a shirt tail flapping in the breeze. Bernard Gaynor seems a wasted talent sticking with them. He and many other prominent ALA people would be better advised to join forces with One Nation. Critical mass is a requirement of prolonged success. ALA has no hope of reaching it and One Nation has a long way to go. Let's hope it is one of those little acorns that become great oaks.

The ALA were all piss & wind. Wish now I'd given my vote to One Nation. I will be signing up.

Oh Happy,happy day. That arch arsehole Steven Conroy, so-called Senator is GOING! I wonder why? I think someone has found something to force his hand here. Even his going was odd; no announcement, just a letter to the President. Even his fellow crooks in the Lower house were not told. It could well have learned that he is to be castigated about the NBN disaster. Oh yes and his home was raided by the AFP. Next? The other pain in the arse, the wee Scottish malignant dwarf; and communist troublemaker. D Cameron.

CS I will do it today. I seem to be agreeing with you lately but mainly because you are right.

The fundamental problem Larry is the incestuous relationship generated in Australia between the political realm and the media effectively prevents the so-called 'fourth estate' from adequately holding our political leaders to account. It would be a great step forward if the Parliamentary Press Gallery was abolished as their main function seems to be creating limelight for non-performing politicians.

Pauline may not speak as well as some,but she knows what is going on in parliament.

Coots? Carts? Clits? Clots? Cants? Copts? Cults? Chits? Chats? Chops? Chips? Chaps? Chups? Celts? Cusps? Cysts? There are others, I am just trying to work out what those politicians called others. That is all. Can someone please help me? Thanks. But, getting back to the scumbag of an ex-editor, he was on The Drum today and he came out with the oldie but goodie, how there were more nuns years ago wearing the uniform than there are ragheads wearing the face covering black tarp. And he is correct, but so what? The nuns knew what they were getting into, knew they would have to wear the habit, which, if my recollection is correct, and I do believe it is, the wimple and apostolnik did not have a face covering. And it was voluntarily. Unlike raghead women who are forced to wear the tarp.

Well, we know which one is spent force now.

hmmm - anyone else having trouble getting to the new post. On Pauline and her speech and the need to reform islam.

For those that want to boycott Israel, here's some more technology you should not consider...Ex-Israeli Spy Chief Joins Volkswagen in Cyber Security Venture...JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Volkswagen is forming a company with the former head of Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence agency to develop cyber security systems for Internet-connected cars and self-driving vehicles, the partners said in a statement on Wednesday.

The new company, CyMotive Technologies, will be 40 percent owned by the German automaker and 60 percent by Yuval Diskin and two former colleagues who also had senior posts in the Shin Bet.

The statement did not say how much Volkswagen would invest in the venture, which has an office in a suburb of Tel Aviv and will also open one in Wolfsburg, Germany.Building on its expertise in technology, Israel has emerged as a leader in the race to keep cars secure and prevent the nightmare scenario of a hacker commandeering your vehicle.

International groups including Harman International Industries and IBM have already bought local companies or invested in research centers.

“To enable us to tackle the enormous challenges of the next decade, we need to expand our know-how in cyber security in order to systematically advance vehicle cyber security for our customers,” said Volkmar Tanneberger, Head of Electrical and Electronic Development at Volkswagen.

Diskin has been consulting on cyber security in the private sector since retiring from the Shin Bet in 2011 and will serve as CyMotive’s chairman.

New post.

Clarke & Dawe did a 'Brandis' on their 2 min skit tonight before the 7pm news. So George the government actually did something? I have no time for Brandis at all.