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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Countries including Israel and many Arab States have placed travel bans on people departing from West African countries stricken with the Ebola virus. Australia and the US have so far wisely decided against this kneejerk reaction to what threatens to become an international crisis.

Imposing travel bans is fraught with a danger that people wishing to leave Ebola affected countries (and there will be many wanting to leave) will first travel to nations unaffected by the virus before purchasing air fares to final destinations.

When this happens, and it will, people who knowingly carry the virus, or those who have been exposed to it, will be able to walk from their destination and into communities undetected and free from any monitoring measures, thus spreading the virus beyond management and into a universal pandemic. 

Taking temperatures at airports is an exercise in futility. The virus has an incubation period of a reported 21 days before symptoms become apparent. 

We need to know who exactly has been exposed and who is suffering symptoms. Thomas Duncan, the deceased original carrier of the virus to the US, has already caused the death of others and likely to cause more. If you contract this virus you will most likely die. 

If this mad proposed travel-ban policy is adopted by western nations (the Middle-East can of course be excused) it will force virus carriers, and those who have been exposed, underground ...and many thousands of innocent people with them.


Where there's no sense there's no feeling.

Seems to me it was a well deserving response but the retard cant see that

Obama has appointed Ron Klain as the Ebola Czar.

Klain has no medical or healthcare background whatsoever.

Instead, he’s a high-powered lobbyist. He helped the corrupt Fannie Mae to overcome “regulatory issues” in 2004. Wikipedia notes:

Klain helped in convincing Congress and Fannie Mae’s regulators that Fannie Mae wasn’t doing anything dangerous, and wasn’t exposing taxpayers to risk. In other words, Ron Klain got paid to help fuel the housing bubble up until a couple of years before it popped.

Klain also:

Represented a company facing asbestos-exposure lawsuits, the embattled drugmaker ImClone and two companies trying to win support for large mergers.

What’s he going to do … lobby to convince Congress that Ebola is not that big a risk?

Klain is also a major Democratic operative, serving as Chief of Staff for Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden. As such, it is not unlikely that he will be motivated to cover up for any missteps by Obama and CDC chair Tom Frieden.

Matt Stoller – a Democrat who knows as much about D.C. politics as anyone – notes:

Ron Klain is a fixer who is well-connected and knows his way around the exec branch. His skill is fixing PR problems, not logistics.

He’s not a doctor … just a spin doctor.

4500 people dead in Africa from Ebola! Can anybody tell me how many people died in Sierra Leone in the last few years from that other deadly virus called - AK47! Or what about the total for all of Africa who contracted the deadly disease of AK47? According to the UN, in 2012, that of the total number of people murdered in the world, Africa lays claim to 36% or 157,300! Ebola? 4500? What a joke! Just another pumped up scare mongering story put out by the UN to suck another billion out of the mug punters!

Two doctors, old friends from medical school, were having a drink and a chat together at their exclusive inner-Sydney club.

" How's business old chap ? " enquired one.
" Oh, quiet good " said the other.
" Had any interesting cases lately ? " his friend asked politely.
" Yes actually " the other replied, equally as politely. " A young refugee man, just off the boat from West Africa, presented himself the other day at my rooms with a very nasty case of influenza. During the initial examination I discovered that he was also suffering from smallpox, chicken pox and measles."

The other GP raised one eyebrow in interest.

" And when I put the stethoscope to his chest, I found that he had a severe case of tuberculosis, along with typhoid and swine flu. Moments later, when his left thumb fell off, it became apparent that he was also suffering from leprosy which was being complicated by the Ebola virus he had contracted. "

" Goodness gracious !! " remarked the friend.

"That's not all ", confided the medico. " When his blood tests came back, they showed that he must have been a rather promiscuous young man as he had gonorrhoea, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and ... syphilis !!".

"Dear me,", exclaimed the friend, "What are you prescribing for this poor fellow ?"

"Lebanese bread and after-dinner mints, three times a day " he confided.

" How unusual ... why is that ? " asked the friend.

"Well, " admitted the other " they're the only things that will fit under the door".

Contd,.. Is there a cure ! Well do some research on: 35% Strength Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. An E book is drifting around the net. Also!, research: SODIUM CHLORITE! NO ! not 'ChlorIDE! ( Thats 'Salt' !!) hard to find but not impossible. Kills Malaria in about 2 hours!! Info on the net, if you try hard enough. The BIG PHARMAS HATE these very efficacious natural meds because, they don''t own them and they are CHEAP!! Don't believe any of this!! No worries. Just hope you don't get either AIDs or Ebola or the Bird Flu!!

SO!! Is there a cure?? YES! BUT you and me ain’t gonna get it? The Pharmas want to make gazzilions out of it, so you and I will NOT be able to afford it. Like the Great Bird Flu conspiracy. Remember the Tamiflu BS ??

Back to Ebola. Our very charitable Volunteers will go over to help fight the Killer Disease and be 75% chance of infection and then be a 95% chance of bringing it back home to run rampant through Oz. Dont' tell me th BS of "preventative' procedures !? A volunteer goes away for several weeks, works in stressed situations to exhaustion, comes home 'dieing' to see his partner, kids, families, and mates. Get off the transport and immediately wants to hug and kiss his kids and his / her partner and go home for a bit of intimacy and family togetherness..Hello! great opportunities to infect all those he /she loved and missed??

contd. Ob has his own agenda to ruin the USA and he has almost succeeded. America is n deep economic do-do and is hated in most countries of today's world. He has Murdered America and 295 m Americans have let him get away with it. He has enabled the murder of countries and maybe a few million people in his 'watch'??
...and we silly Aussies are letting this schemer come to Aust as some sort of a top class world leader?? WTF !!

contd. The last three crazy USA Presidents became Pawns in these clandestine Power Brokers hands and plans when the blew up the various ME countries and mobilised the militant maniacal extremist Muslims IS mobsters..The USA Presidents have NOT helped America or the world at large by their every activity since Clinton.

Cont'd. Tried AIDS with some success. Not quick enough !! So bring in another 'Man made killer virus'. Hard to pin that on the ‘King Pins of Conspiracies’. The result is you keep all the wood ducks working their beavers off trying to do the much used " Humanitarian effort' ploys which distract them from the supprepticous takeovers of all possible Govt assets, Resources, Govt edicts and controls, Banking and money supply etc etc. The Humanitarian Do-gooders go broke over a couple years!
The Ebola danger is now worldwide , out of control. descimates the population and then the objective is achieved.... MORE left over to be shared by fewer World populations and effective independent Governments the manicacle ones, who want Global Dominance.

Of course some will say this is foolish! The Ebola threat is a part of one or more of thegreat conspiracies to 'take control of the world's various Governments an their various assets and resources.! First you disrupt all their Governments and any sort of democracy that was looking after some (? ) most of them in reasonable ways n(?) make them fight and kill each other and the n if you cannot foist them off on some other weak as piss do gooder country ( Australia ??!! ) then find a way to kill them.

On the news yesterday, 200 medical assistants, doctors, nurses have died from ebola

There is a difference between letting nature take its course and trying to prevent a bunch of barbaric savages slaughter innocent civilians. See if you can spot the difference you fucking idiot!

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