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Saturday, 23rd June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Of course Easter has no real holy days and it has nothing to do with Christ... it’s just an adopted Pagan celebration of their Goddess of fertility, Oestra. The Rabbit (fertility) the Egg the birth of spring etc etc. In fact all Christian festivities are either stolen or invented.

 While Muslims and Jews don’t accept Christ or that he was the son of God nor that he was able to produce miracles, nor that he was the result of a virgin pregnancy, hmmm,... nor that he rose from the dead. Which would be a pretty tall order for any saviour. But he was definitely around for a while 2,000 years ago, but he was one of many so-called messiahs who overstepped the mark.

At least the Muslims got it right with their prophet Mohammed who wasn’t responsible for any miracles, he was just a murdering, thieving  bastard. At least Islam doesn’t dress him up as a good bloke who was crucified so we could all have, um... everlasting life. Muslims accept the vile actions of a murderous paedophile as justified and all in a day’s work when ridding the world of Jews and apostates.

So Judaism and Islam have a meeting of minds when it comes to the tale of Christ.

...and Christianity stands alone in its mythology.


An exert from Matthew Delooze’s book

Is it me for a moment .. Breaking the serpents spell

Who or what are you worshipping when you say amen?

".......These same individuals will simultaneously eat away at conventional Islam and continue the “Muslim Civil War” that the US created between the misguided radicals and the conventional and secular followers of the faith like the majority of the people in Syria. The Wahhabis and Muslim Brotherhood Islamists want to discredit conventional Islam, radicalize it, or destroy it, and that’s part of the reason why they’re fighting in Syria against the most historically tolerant civilizational manifestation of Islam. Furthermore, there’s also the chance that the Sunni-Shia split that the US worked so hard to resurrect after over a millennium of dormancy might soon become a tangible factor in geopolitical affairs, which could then see sectarian killings against the Shia skyrocket anywhere that they reside (such as Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.).
All told, the future doesn’t look too bright when discussing the War on Religion or Balkan geopolitics, but each and every individual can do their own part by understanding the true nature of what’s going on and educating their family, friends, and associates. American power is predicated on manipulating information and depriving critical elements of it from the masses, but if we can band together in sharing the truth, then we can create more effective resistance networks and avoid being led astray into the US’ predetermined traps. If you found my interview informative and intriguing, even if you don’t entirely agree with all of its contents, I warmly welcome you to share this with the people that you know in order to expose them to an unconventional and non-mainstream understanding of the most pressing problems facing the world today.

"A CHILDREN’S Easter egg hunt descended into chaos and left injured kids in floods of tears when the field was stormed by crazed parents.: .......

Can your God explain string theory and multi-parallel universes? Given the infinite options, there's going to be one where religion doesn't exist. Take me there please.

When Jesus dropped to the ground while carrying his cross to the crucufiction sight, a Roman centurion angrily told him that, "If you drop that bloody cross again, you're out of the Easter parade". And Jesus said to his followers whilst being nailed to the cross, "What a bastard of a way to spend Easter".

I thought it was very Christian of the Pope to wash the poor Muslims feet. Very amusing. What a crock!

For "paedophile" substitute "narcissistic paedophile"

I wonder...If we all ignore Easter, will it go away? Please? Just another disruption to the even tenor of my progress through this world.

If you could be half the man your dog thinks you are, you will be twice the man you really are.

Explaining Spirituality to a Pagan is a bit like explaining colour to a blind man. Mankind’s arrogance is staggering. If I was God, and my dog thinks I am, I would leave the Pagans a clue. The caterpillar, the chrysalis and the butterfly. I’ll let all you caterpillar’s think about that.

Dream on Winston. You're so full of shit your breath stinks. Atheists do not need a bullshit invisible crutch to have a moral compass. You need to look at those pedophiles that are at the top of your church and ask yourself about your own 'moral compass'.

We believe in something Christianity has provided a moral compass for life for countless millions of people for 2000 years.....a way of life and moral compass which is obviously anathema to Islam, communism, atheists and others

Thanks Frank.

The real irony is that aside from the barbarity of modern day islam there is not much difference between them, christians and orthodox jews. Good old mohammed first raised his ugly head 500 years after JC was strung up so really they're at the same point christians were at in the year 1516, and wasn't that a wonderful example of mankind's love for one another? And Petra, what would you believe if they hadn't brainwashed you at an early age?

Breaking/Exclusive: Erdogan to Belgium, Screw you, we will do it again!
[ Editor’s Note: We have the confirmed story with multiple sources, Brussels airport bomber Bakraoui was recruited while an ISIS jihadi in Syria, because of his Belgian passport.
While in Raqqah, at a suicide bomber training facility, he was taken by Turkish intelligence across the border where he was “arrested” and “deported” to the Netherlands.
There, according to airline security sources, Bakraoui, as with other terrorists as well, was walked around security by employees of Israeli ICTS, the same company that aided “crotch bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab board Northwest Flight 253 in Amsterdam on Christmas Day 2009 without a passport or ticket, placing him in First Class.
As you will learn below, Bakraoui was arrested as a known terrorist by Turkey and not imprisoned or turned over to Belgian authorities but “allowed” to return, not to Belgium but to the Netherlands, on a commercial flight, despite the fact that the same records that led to both the arrest of Bakraoui and his “deportation” because of his known terror background, as Erdogan claimed in his press conference yesterday.

Hope you can grasp irony, Winston. Otherwise, according to wiseman GregDean you have no place here! He's funny!

Just me being myself I guess.

As a Christian....Anglican Protestant going back hundreds of years to the reformation I look forward to the ancient and much loved annual Christian festivals of the West. Always have always will....and wil continue to do so even after the West falls to Islam and our churches and cathedrals...what is left of them....become mosques.

If you can't grasp irony, why are you here?

You guys obviously value your own opinions. Just give the Christians a break on their special day!