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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Earth Day should Celebrate “Engines and Electricity”

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Most chapters of human history are defined by the tools and machines that were used.

In the Stone Age, the first tools were “green tools” – digging sticks, spears, boomerangs, bows and arrows made of wood; and axes, clubs, knives and grinders made of stone. These were all powered by human energy.

Then humans learned how to control fire for warmth, cooking, warfare and hunting.
Another clever person invented the wheel and we harnessed animal power using donkeys, horses, mules and oxen, and made better tools like bridles, saddles and yokes from wood, fibre and leather.

All of these tools made hunting, gathering and trade easier and more reliable.

Then wooden ploughs revolutionised the cultivation of wild grasses for food for animals and humans. Farming started.

Trade and exchange was made easier with money using rare commodities like gold, silver, gems and shells.

Tool-making made a huge advance in the Bronze Age with the discovery of how to extract metals like copper, lead, zinc and tin from natural ores using charcoal. Brass, bronze and pewter made many useful tools. These were then replaced with better tools when man discovered how to smelt iron and make steel.

Then along came the game-changers – engines and electricity.

The steam engine, running on wood and then on coal or oil, revolutionised life with steam-driven pumps, traction engines and locomotives releasing millions of draught animals from transport duty. 

Then came electricity when steam engines were used to drive generators. All the windmills, coaches, sailing ships, lamps, stoves and dryers powered by green energy (wind, water, wood, animal energy, whale oil and beeswax) became obsolete.

Mankind made another leap forward with the invention of internal combustion engines using petroleum liquids and gases for fuel. An even bigger leap was the harnessing of nuclear power to produce almost unlimited clean energy from controlled reactions using tiny amounts of fuel.

Nothing in life is without risk, and every tool or engine can be misused. On balance, however, tools, engines and electricity have allowed humans to live better from less land and natural resources per person than ever before. Societies with an abundance of capital equipment are richer, have lower population growth and have the leisure and resources to provide far more environmental protection,

... therefore we should spend “Earth Day” celebrating “Engines and Electricity”.


Totally agree, Viv, though the illogical greens would have us back in the dark ages.

It was the same Labor who demanded a RC into the Banking sector who deregulated the Banking sector by a couple of Marxist vultures called Hawke & Keating . Those names should be treated with distain .

Check out a bloke called Cochrane who invented the rotary steam engine in England , the level of intellect from those times far surpasses inventiveness of modern day for what they had available with their bare hands , Cochrane invented the Thames River tunnel "shoring frame "that allowed the tunnel to be laid whilst the tunnel was being dug by hand .

The Qur'an is the most tried and proven Terror manual currently available on Planet Earth.......It’s Message is what YOUR Government is currently Promoting and financing, whilst members of this Terror Infused Cult continue to be imported, to walk among Your Children as they prepare to battle Australia to strip us of Our Western, Principles and Conservative Culture….The very same Principles our Soldiers Fought for, since Federation…Simple Logic…100% of the Terror attacks in Australia in the last 10 Years or more, have been carried out by the 3% of people in Australia whom are Islamic. All to the detriment of the other 97%.........Who would inflict this Cancerous Cult upon their own Kin, or Countrymen?....This is not about Inclusiveness, this is Suicide by Political Correctness. ..

If we had stuck to the White Australia Policy.....How much Crime and Terrorism would we have now????

If we go back to the stone age, 99% of humanity will have to die.

five harassing phone calls from the joos today ,tried to call back, but got a ''your call could not be connected '', seems they didnt like what i said about them on a you tube video,this morning how they are always trying to guilt shift onto the jesuits ,another one of their [countless] scams

I am hoping that the trolls are absent for the moment. I learned this morning that my Grandson is in hospital on xanax and something called DXM. I has shocked me. 20 years old.I have spent the day looking at xanax and DXM and I think he must be a dickhead for doing this. Dope I can understand. But jumping off a 2nd story building because he thought he could fly? Does anyone know anything about this shit? I am trying to learn but it is beyond me.

Ditti Australia.

Who's a lucky girl now >>>>

A cut-cornered rectangular step-cut fancy intense blue diamond weighing 3.47 carats set a price-per-carat world record for a blue diamond after it sold for $1.9 million per carat to reach almost $6.7 million at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction.

The gem’s final price nearly tripled Sotheby’s pre-sale estimate of between $2 million and $2.5 million and pushed up the auction final results to $26.2 million. The blue rock was previously owned by an anonymous midwestern family.

New post.

To the Politicians and Media whom are Supporting the Terror infused Cult of Islam and it's current invasion of Australia. They should think long and hard about what they are inflicting upon this Nation. History has shown us that Being a Do-gooder, will not save them when the local Imam knocks on their door and demands they recite the Pillars of the Qur'an, or their heads will be used as soccer balls at the local Islamic Primary school, but then it will be too late..This Cancer needs to be stopped and stopped soon...Just look at the examples both here and abroad, Londonistan,Melbourne,Lakemba,France,Germany and all the other Western Countries that have allowed this Terror infused Cult to fester in their lands..And this is just the Beginning. Every day it festers, it grows stronger and we grow weaker……We are at War, and our own Government are importing the Enemy as fast as they can….Who would infect their own Nation with this Virus??..

Syria: The Defining Issue of Our Generation
by Amir Taheri
April 22, 2018 at 4:00 am

How could we not understand that in the anti-war coalition's Manichaean world, the role of evil was reserved solely for the Western democracies?

Over the past decade or so, Russia has waged war against Georgia in Ossetia and Abkhazia, attacked Ukraine, annexed the Crimean Peninsula, turned Chechnya into a pile of rubble and driven thousands out of their villages in Ingushetia and Dagestan without the "anti-war coalition" waving a single placard.

So what we have is a "lukewarm war" in which Russia's assets consist mainly of the anti-West constituencies inside Western democracies plus the veto power that Russia has in the United Nations Security Council.

The Douma Chemical Attack – Fake News about Fake News on Russia’s Fake News

With any war crime in Syria receiving significant media coverage, there has been a concerted effort by pro-Kremlin and pro-Assad individuals and media outlets to spread claims attacking the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets), a major source of information and footage on war crimes in the conflict. These attacks generally fall into two categories: claiming that the White Helmets are Al-Qaeda or ISIS (or even sometimes both), and claiming that the White Helmets fake images of war crimes for gullible Western audiences and media outlets.

"Sessions Slams Door On $6 Billion Slush Fund For Ultra Left Groups!"

"Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!"

My bulimic neighbour was making so much noise last night that I banged on the wall and shouted...

"For goodness sake, keep it down!"

Tim Blair Blog Posts

My money's on LEFTOID being a Tim Blairism. Anyone beat 2005?

Least unpopular australian leftoid blogs - TIMBLAIR
Dec 30, 2005 - Leaving aside (ranking: 47,736) here are Australia's top ten lefty blogs, as determined by Alexa traffic counts (which may or may not be reliable; beats me how these things work). Note that the count for some sites are combined due to sharing a common domain: 1. Tim Lambert: 122,559. 2.

Concrete bollards, bag checks and vehicle blockers — why is all this necessary? Because of the possibility that some Muslims might try to carry out a jihad massacre. But don’t Sydney authorities know that it’s a Religion of Peace and only greasy Islamophobes think otherwise? How dare they suggest that there is a problem with jihad terrorism — even as, of course, they refuse to name it or identify the source of the threat in any way? They need “Islamophobia” reeducation, pronto.

My disgust with Australia's consecutive governments is beyond words. My grandfather fought at Gallipoli, was gassed, and as a result died at a very young age. He was protecting Australia from the very threats which our consecutive governments have simply let walk trough our front door and consequently put all Australian lives at risk.

My disgust is beyond words.

Is Earth Day on Lenin's Birthday a Coincidence? | Competitive ...
Apr 22, 2015 - It may be sheer coincidence, but it's all too fitting that the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, would occur on V.I. Lenin's 100th birthday, given that most of the modern environmentalist movement grew out of the far left student movement of the 1960s. In that milieu, it wasn't rare to see people brandishing and ...
".....................Wilson told me that the greatest coup was holding Earth Day on Lenin’s Birthday and that most of the environmental movement’s leaders still didn’t get it. You can find endless discussions on how April 22 was selected. It had to be in the spring. It had to be during spring break, when most college kids were free, and when there were no exams. On and on.
While it is entirely possible, and indeed probable, that Gaylord Nelson and other establishment greens did not deliberately pick Lenin’s birthday to celebrate Earth Day, I believe the young anti-capitalist students knew precisely what they were doing in selecting April 22. Was it sheer coincidence they would select Lenin’s 100th birthday—out of 365 days in the year—to celebrate the first Earth Day? I find it hard to believe.
Most environmental economists of the time believed that only socialist countries would ably protect the environment, because the governments there were acting for the good of all mankind, while capitalists in the West cared only about profit maximization and not a whit about the environment. Thus it was no surprise that the conventional wisdom would turn a generation of young people towards socialism as the only way to protect the Earth..............."