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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... and the honest unionists he needs to protect

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If Dyson Heydon stands down he will have given credence and legitimacy to the worst Labor and its moribund unions can offer and he will have tainted his own reports... he will have agreed that there was a perception that he was biased. But whose perception was that?

Doubtless, this is the best beat-up since Shorten’s thugs bashed Bob Kernohan senseless, (Bob pictured outside the Commission) because it’s no more than a fabrication of events in order to give a concocted impression of judicial bias that simply doesn’t exist.

So, today Commissioner Dyson Heydon will either hand down a decision on himself or he will flick pass a ruling on to the Federal or High Court.

So, should Dyson Heydon have sought counsel from presiding colleagues on the Bench of either court... did he? If he does decide on the flick pass option let’s hope he didn’t.

This is a new low for Labor and its union masters and a predictable low for a decadent Fairfax Press and the ABC. This has nothing to do with bias and no-one even suggests it has.

Heydon wrote that, “If it (the Sir Garfield Barwick Address) has anything to do with the Liberal Party, I cannot attend”, but Labor’s unions have suddenly been blessed with the magical powers of knowing what a Royal Commissioner is thinking... and they claim he was actually “THINKING of going” and therefore he should stand down. WTF?

If Dyson Heydon bends to union demands and stands down he will have effectively sabotaged the integrity of all future Royal Commissions. When the evidence starts to go against politicians and union witnesses they will be able, with the assistance of the ABC and Fairfax, to cast doubt on the presiding Commissioner’s objectivity. It will be easy.

Find an old photo of him shaking hands with some politician, get the neighbours to suggest a political preference, or how they think he voted, what groups he supported, what donations were given to whom, etc, etc. Keep these bullshit diversions in the media for a week or so and voila! You have a “perception” of bias.

But even “perceptions” must have bases and this “perception” has no basis whatsoever.

Every Labor Party Member and union boss knows that Dyson Heydon is not biased. But they are prepared to burn him in order to trash the Commission and degrade its findings. They demand it be shut down. Now why would that be?

This possible outrageous position was foreseen in 1902 when the Royal Commissions Act was drafted. Section 60 imposed a jail sentence for anyone criticising the role of a Royal Commission or its Commissioner. Huh, but since when has Labor or its unions abided by anything legal?

If Dyson Heydon decides to go, the Commissioner’s role must go to Counsel Assisting, Jeremy Stoljar.

If Dyson Heydon decides to stay, the hollow bleatings of bias from Labor unionists will be lost in the 24 hour news cycle within a week and Commissioner Heydon can start adding to the list of 30 or more union crooks he has recommended be charged.

Perhaps PM Abbott should stop playing happy corroborees and start defending Dyson Heydon against a foul, baseless and illegal attack from the criminal Left.

But there’s not much chance of that, just ask Bronwyn Bishop who was forced to stand down because Labor thought she showed bias against its “honourable” Members.

Is Labor’s demand that Dyson Heydon stand down any different?

For God’s sake, is everyone who is not a supporter of the Labor Party deemed to be biased? Seems so.


@ TURC someone please tell Mr Morrison, that softly softly catchee worm..

So, if the stuff you post is 'over all their heads', Bruce. Why do you take the trouble? Just asking . . .

In the ring! DH's decision to 'stay the course' is a sort of TKO ! BUT !! ... a good fighter wants a complete KNOCKOUT!! DH needs a STRONG MAN in his corner ! Let us see if TA did learn anything in his college fighting experiences.

i have pulled your chain ever since you first came on here
i also made a strong stand against those that
used your persoal problems against you
and was severly treaed BY THE RAT GANG
Water of a ducks back''
but old mate'' - if you are going to write a column on here .
research is a must
keep on trucking brother

Do I detect a cryptic clue to the CONFUSED SENIOR?
Let that one thru to the keeper.

Don't know if I've hit any nail on the head, Bruce . . . would be a first time. I just make things up . . .

What does the informed gentleman on the Manly Ferry have to say on this?

(Clapham Junction is such a shithole ....we can do much better)

any one heard from billy big tits today ?

Hanson . . . ? Hanson . . . ? Rings a bell. Wasn't she the bird who used to hang around with some concerned senior dude?

The time is right to announce a Limerick competition
with the topic of the Commish and Shorten.
Judging will be by a panel of interested and like minded folk.

You have until noon tomorrow (Wed 2nd Sept) to submit entries below:

Andrew Bolt had Labor sussed out, when he said that Labor is running a protection racket for criminals.

From the Australian.
Penny Wong believes it's regrettable but necessary for the opposition to use parliament time to ask the governor-general to remove unions royal commissioner Dyson Heydon.

Labor's Senate leader was responding after Mr Heydon rejected an application by unions to remove himself for perceived bias for agreeing to address a Liberal Party event.

"It is regrettable that the Senate has to consider such a resolution given the circumstances but given that Tony Abbott is refusing to act ... really it's up to the parliament to act," Senator Wong told ABC radio on Tuesday.

The government's Senate leader, Eric Abetz, accused Labor of planning a "completely unprincipled" stunt.

The Senate clerk had indicated any such move would have no legal consequence, Senator Abetz told ABC radio.

Senator Wong said the clerk had also advised the motion Labor planned was an appropriate way for the Senate to express its view on the matter.

Senator Abetz said the opposition had found itself in a disgraceful position.

"I thought it was an article of faith of the Labor Party that the governor-general should only act on the advice of his or her minister," he said.

"If they've got a problem with Mr Heydon's decision they have the right to go to the courts to appeal that decision."

The trio of unions that mounted the challenge in the royal commission are considering whether they will make legal appeals.

Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg advised the unions to "cut their losses" and not continue to undermine respect for the judiciary.

Senator Abetz also accused shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus of "seeking to besmirch the best legal mind of his generation, Dyson Heydon".

"I trust that the independent senators will not fall for that stunt by Labor," he said.

Senator Wong would not say whether Labor believed it had the support of enough crossbench senators, saying only that discussions continued.

Thanks for taking my comment in good humour cs. We all know Bruce is bowling bouncers. You'd be well advised to let them run through to the wicketkeeper on this forum.

Ping Pong Wong on ABC radio this morning, rabbiting about taking a vote to the Senate to have another go at the good Justice Heydon.

May she and her cronies open their eyes and see what is written on the wall.

If you want to see what happens to Industry,just look at "Detroit"a basket case and almost a ghost town.Even the "Schools" have closed because of the "Teachers Union"

As the TURC is in session again today, tomorrow and Thursday this week... The senate sits again next week.
It won't take much of a race to uncover some very sensitive EXPLOSIVE details on union labor Shorten skulduggery that would assist the one eyed members of the senate to pull their bloody heads in.

Labor are in a panic, there certainly is a reason for that.

What a hoot!!! Shorten and his cronies must have had a toilet call after they heard the news.
Heydon is my hero!!! He is my nomination of Australian of the year (Instead of that creep Adam Goodes)
Lovely to see a man with guts and the country in mind.
I know the unions will fight to the death because many could face going to jail otherwise.
They will throw everything at him.
It was interesting numbers in a national poll that 72% of Australians believe he should finish the job. When you factor in the “Bolt ons” that is considerable.
Maybe the tide is turning against these creeps like it is in the US.

CS. Please play the ball, not the man.

In the most sincere way I must support Bruce on this.
Bruce does bring a balance to our offerings.

CS has some serious issues .. none of which belong on this forum.

OT - for a morning bout of indigestion - If you think these baby goons playing with their doodles and petty political power games are a worry, have a look at this. Read it through, one step at a time, and tell me why we (yes the whole shebang) are not ignoring the most serious threat to our existence ever. Sorry for the depressing news of just how deep in doo doo we are - and no one is paying any attention, far too busy playing with a Shortman's small life adventures