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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Education has come a long way since I was at school. Now that everyone has a calculator on their smart phone, there is no need for children to spend time learning useless things like times tables. Kids are now free to learn much more useful things instead.

In term two of prep my daughter was already learning the benefits of “Diversity.” In year two, they spent a couple of terms learning about the negative consequences of “Stereotypes.”

My poor old Mum never learned these things at school. She never heard of the benefits of diversity and still honestly believes that stereotypes are useful pointers. She has always thought that Scots were prone to drink too much. She thinks that the Germans aren’t to be trusted and when Gypsies were in the area, she always used to make us put our bikes away at night.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a negative stereotype will know how frustrating they can be. When I was younger, I rode large, fast motorcycles. The police would often try to sneakily follow me, assuming that I would be travelling well over the speed limit. Annoyingly, they were usually right.

Sometimes though, stereotypes are quite wrong. Many of us Poms rarely complain and bathe regularly. Many French people are quite humble and some Americans are quietly spoken.

Religious stereotypes can also be very misleading. Catholics are not supposed to use birth control and yet Italy has one of the lowest rates of reproduction in the world. I have known Jewish people who would eat pork and more than a few Muslims who drink alcohol.

Usually however, religious stereotypes are quite useful. If you happen to be a pork salesman looking for a new market then a trip to Israel would probably be a waste of valuable time. While some Jews eat pork, most never will.

Despite what they preach to our children, the Australian Government also uses stereotypes, particularly in the immigration and foreign affairs departments. For instance, not all Afghans or Somalis are violent, yet the Government warns Australians of the dangers of travelling to those countries.

Not all people who have committed a crime will do so again. If you have three convictions for aggravated burglary however, then the Immigration Department think it quite likely that you could reoffend. They also believe, quite sensibly, that people with such a history pose an unacceptable risk to the people of Australia and refuse to give them access to Australian Territory.

The Australian Government has no such obligation to protect non-citizens living outside its borders, and for very good reason. In foreign countries, the Australian Government does not make, or enforce the laws. It does not run institutions overseas and has no jurisdiction without undertaking a military invasion.

If a gang or group in Bolivia is attacking, or even killing, other Bolivians, it is neither the fault nor the responsibility of the Australian Government. They may pressure the Bolivian Government to take preventive action or call the ambassador in to demand an explanation. Other than that, any responsibility rests with the international community and bodies such as the UN. 

A responsibility the Australian Government does have however is to ensure that such people of evil intention are not allowed into Australian Territory where they might cause harm to Australian citizens.

In recent times, our Immigration Department has had some disastrous failures in this respect. In this day, Jihadist ideology is not one which is followed by all Muslims, or even a majority of Muslims.

Unfortunately, by ignoring the jihadist threat completely, the Australian Immigration Department has exposed Australians to unacceptable and completely avoidable risks.

There are currently more than twenty Australian Muslims in jail for plotting the mass murder of Australians.  Scores more have gone to fight with fanatical terror groups in the Middle East and elsewhere and are now returning home.

Man Haron Monis was an Iranian with a jihadist mindset. He was granted citizenship by the Australian Government who naively believed his claims of persecution.

Once here, he was able to live for years at the expense of the Australian taxpayer.

He sexually assaulted around 40 Australian women and girls. He is suspected of plotting to murder his wife and is known to have sent poison pen letters to the wives of Australian soldiers who died fighting in Afghanistan.

His subsequent legal battles up to the High Court were all funded by the taxpayer and when he stormed the Lindt Café in Martin Place, two innocent Australians and their grieving families, paid the ultimate price.

The old excuse that he was just another “lone wolf” whose actions had nothing to do with Islam is starting to wear very thin, especially given the reported 63,000 likes on his facebook page. The claims that, “We could never have guessed that he would do something like this” are beginning to border on the criminally negligent.

People are finally waking up however. It is a long slow battle but I know from personal experience that there is a groundswell happening. Sales of my book exploded in January. On it is now the number 3 bestseller and second highest rated book on the subject of Islam.

Pickering Post readers are leading the charge but we must not let up. The Australian Immigration Department has a duty to understand the Jihadist threat and formulate policies which protect innocent Australians from it.

The sooner this happens, the safer we will all be.


MONIS was no LONE WOLF...he is a MUSLIM.......they all follow the evil cult .....they are the face of evil.

A bit of good news. Tony got a Rick Star reception in China town today. People waiting to shake hands and taking selfies with a patient PM. Margie was there also and she and Tony both looked delighted and relaxed. Good for him. John Alexander, the local member was there in support.

MASS exodus of Florida
Only 49 more states to go
Hooray for Florida

Highway I-95 and I-75 will be jammed for the next month or so with druggies and deadbeats heading North out of Florida, because this is the first state in the union to require drug testing to receive welfare.....

Hooray for Florida. In signing the new law, Republican Gov. Rick Scott said, "If Floridians want welfare, they better make sure they are drug-free."

Applicants must pay for the drug test, but are reimbursed if they test drug-free. Applicants who test positive for illicit substances, won't be eligible for the funds for a year, or until they undergo treatment. Those who fail a second time will be banned from receiving funds for three years!

Naturally, a few people are crying this is unconstitutional.
How is this unconstitutional? It's a legal requirement that every person applying for a job has to pass drug tests in order to get the job, why not those who receive welfare?

Forward this if you agree!
Let's get welfare back to the ones who need it, in Australia and New Zealand not to those who won't get a job

Our law evolves in parallel with our society ... and provided we have a compliant population then we "Evolve" from generation to generation ... that is ... we become civilized ...

A SUDDEN introduction of a more aggressive, less civilized group with alien beliefs and values who are NOT compliant ... will begin to undo decades of sacrifice and effort of our forefathers ...

So .... therein lies the problem ... socialists open the door ... the NWO is in play by both the LNP and the ALP /Greens .. the moslems are running amok ....

Can't argue with that. Should be more of it. I've got to look for a new avatar, this won't be needed after Tuesday.

No dampers for me, mate....

Bruce....I certainly agree. There will be hell to play if they start messing with our flags. Geeez, you would think there is more important/urgent business to take care of.... looks that way but it's funny how things pop up when you least expect them.

You need a bra alp...but otherwise you are right.

It was fizzer and got hi into more trouble. Don't know why he bothered. He said Julie was going to share a ticket with him and she denied it.

Political Correctness OVERBOARD;
The Yanks can no longer say "BLACK COFFEE"
It's NOW "Coffee without Milk .....or Cream"


Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner says Hicks not deserving of apology. Jordan has carried out a series of deadly air strikes against Islamic State, a day after the extremist group released a video showing the horrific murder of a captive Jordanian pilot. Local media reports 55 insurgents, including a top IS commander known as the ‘Prince of Nineveh,’ have been killed. In the 20-minute video, 26-year-old Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh is shown standing inside a cage wearing an orange jumpsuit. He appears to have been badly beaten. In the final moments, a masked militant lights a trail of petrol leading inside the cage and then stands back to watch as the young pilot burns to death. The video has unleashed a wave of outrage around the world, with Jordanian king Abdullah II declaring there would be a ‘severe’ response. “The blood of martyr Maaz al-Kassasbeh will not be in vain, and the response of Jordan and its army after what happened to our dear son will be severe,” the King said in a statement. On Wednesday, Jordan executed two al-Qaeda prisoners, including a failed female suicide bomber, both of whom were hanged. The King also vowed to further increase Jordan's role in the U-S led coalition against IS.
Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mamdouh Habib says fellow detainee David Hicks should not receive any apologies despite an admission of Hicks' innocence from the United States. Adelaide-born Mr Hicks pleaded guilty in 2007 to providing material support for terrorism, but his supporters and legal team have argued he only did so under threat of torture. Since the United States government pronounced his innocence earlier in January, Mr Hicks' lawyer has hoped for an apology and compensation for the former prisoner. But Mr Habib, who was also detained on suspicion of terrorism, says he's the one who deserves the sympathy. "I was...released without charge," he said in a statement. "Surprisingly, none of these men (Hicks and others) are incarcerated despite being given (sic) convicted of actions involving terrorism." "He does not deserve an apology from the Australian government or anyone else." Mr Habib was detained in Pakistan in October 2001 on suspicion of terrorism relating to prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks. He was released in January 2005 without ever being charged. Mr Hicks was 26 when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 by the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, which believed he was fighting for al-Qaeda. He was held in the US-run jail in Cuba until 2007, when he pleaded guilty to providing material support for terrorism. A 2011 Inspector-General for Intelligence and Security report found communication to the Habib family was not adequate and an apology was warranted. The government, however, has not since issued their regrets. Mr Habib added: "No human being, no matter what they have done ever deserved to be held in hell that was Guantanamo Bay."

Chidcare? Isn't this the dude that couldn't even buy a kid a pie without stuffing it up?

The real numbers of moslems in Australia cannot be accurately know - they lie at census - but it's nearer the 5% mark ... not the 2.2% ...

my hands are buggered....I am about to get voice activated...If I say something dumb in the future I plan to use that as my excuse

I have it - the NBN - I am on NSW South Coast, but it's all being done to node now not to house so unsure how good that is. Yes the huge refugee influx during the Labour years has placed an enormous burden on our economy and culture and I can't believe how hard it is to untangle their influence and restabilise our values - it works hand in hand with the NWO indoctrination doesn't it? I hope Pauline gets in, mostly to allow a discussion of Agenda 21, halal and deislamisation. I believe the msm will try to trash her at every opportunity. Aussies want her and want the discussion, they just don't know what can be said without being hit over the knuckles

Shorten is the last person who should be talking about CHILD CARE!!! Let's ask Kathy how she feels about this. He thinks he got away with it but guess what!!

The Maori's are always smiling though WASP. On my first visit I found them a happy bunch. Bruce is there a reason, why there are more Maori's in the North Island that the South?

Horse, I don't agree with Labour politics. To have spent the way they did with no thought to the debt they were leaving is unacceptable and yes I am aware there was a GFC. The LNP of Howard left us with a decent cushion, which is why we didn't go into collapse like so many other countries did and we had the mining boom to provide us with the tax etc revenue which further buffered our economy. It all comes down to voter perception, I have come to the conclusion, if LNP presents a united, stable front then that will reassure whilst the rest of the hard steps are put in place to turn the economy around (we still need income sources btw) once there are some good stats to offer the public which should be by the time of the next election she'll be fine

JofG....all in good time....patience is a virtue.