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Sunday, 18th March 2018

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Dutton Plays The GetUp! Rentacrowds Off A Break

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


IMMIGRATION Minister Dutton showed why he’s considered one of the best government performers with his announcement ‘Baby Asha’ will be moved to an onshore community detention centre.  

GetUp! and their assorted rentacrowd frat mates are using a child - again - in another one of their campaigns geared to tearing down Australia’s borders. There’s no end to to their dirty tricks, but using kids is as low as anybody could possibly go.

Kids are easy fodder in a war. They don’t get a say.

The GetUp! crowds might fool themselves they’ve taken the moral high road while marching hand-in-hand with fellow opportunists all the way down the moral low road, but the rest of Australia can see right through the faux-outrage.

Shrill protesters badged with the ubiquitous Socialist Alliance, GetUp!, Union(s), Greens and Uniting Church logos are drawn to the rentacrowd rally du jour like ice junkies to a meth house.

“What are you protesting about?”

“Whatt’a’ya got?”
While the rest of Australia slogs it out at real jobs, family obligations and commitments, the online keyboard moralist is scanning the ‘net, the news, and GetUp!’s Facebook page for the next reason to be incensed, preferably involving a child. The younger the better, even if they’ve got to invent the age and the circumstance. Truth takes a back seat to the agenda.

Last time it was a 5 year old kid sexually assaulted on Nauru, so we’re told.

Facts surfaced, and it turned out to be a 10 year old who had ’skin-to-skin’ contact with a 12 year old. Again, the activist culprits were the Greens, the medical profession and politically motivated churches aided and abetted by their ABC to use the falsehood to argue for 267 asylum seekers in Australia to stay, not return to Nauru. Australians again treated as gullible idiots.

The latest exploitation of kids is ‘baby Asha’, burned by her parents.

Most fair minded Australians are prepared to accept it was an accidental burn, and if the Nauru medical facilities aren’t adequate to deal with burns then of course the child needs to be sent onshore to Australia for proper care.

That’s when opportunity strikes.

Australian Medical Association President Brian Owler, seized on the baby’s misfortune for a political opportunity.

Owler has form as an agitator. He’s an Abbott critic, an outspoken global warmist and refugee activist. His ‘rogue’ personal campaigns have resulted in resignations from the AMA by incensed doctors who say Owler does not represent their views.

Refusing to discharge ‘baby Asha’ back to ‘detention’ in Nauru was always going to excite the media. The trouble is there is no detention in Nauru and there hasn’t been for a long time. Owler know this, GetUp! knows this, the Greens know it, the left media knows it - but that truth would get in the way of the end game - tearing down our borders.

One activist protester, Katie, was quoted, unchallenged in the Sydney Morning Herald saying,

“It was disappointing to see Shorten speak about protecting vulnerable people from Medicare cuts whilst hurting the most vulnerable people fleeing war by locking them up in Nazi-like concentration camps.”

Spare us the drama - and the BS.

Asylum seekers on Nauru are free to come and go as they please. They work jobs in local businesses. Some have set up their own businesses.

That doesn’t stop activists from falsely portraying Nauru as a gestapo style detention camp. Australians are becoming awake to their propaganda.

‘Baby Asha’ is from Nepal. There is no war in Nepal. Her parents are not ‘fleeing war’ and they are not locked up in ‘Nazi-like concentration camps’.

It’s all lies.

‘Baby Asha’s’ parents are able to walk around the island. They are free to return to Nepal or India, neither of which are involved in any war.

Where is Samantha Maiden, reporting this fact? Where’s Laurie Oakes? Paul Bongiorno? Malcolm Farr? The Project? Their ABC?

How about some truth?  

Hiding or ignoring truth makes you complicit. You fail your reader and your fail your profession.  

The Nauruans would appreciate it for starters. They’ve had a gutful of having their island paradise portrayed as a Nazi hell hole by agenda-driven liars in Australia.

To end the farce, Immigration Minister Dutton struck a deal, one which was somewhat of a masterstroke.

He agreed to ’Baby Asha’ - who had effectively been kidnapped by doctors at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital - being released into Brisbane community detention. This means a home or unit under supervision by an officer of the Department of Immigration.

Immediately, the activists were ebullient, describing the deal as an “incredible victory”.

You bet it is - for the government.

Queensland Council of Unions general secretary Ros McLennan celebrated a "backflip of Olympic proportions".

She should have gone to Specsavers.

Dutton clarified the deal, saying the girl and her family would still be subject to normal refugee processing and a spokesman has confirmed they would not be settled in Australia.

“At some point, if people have matters finalised in Australia, then they will be returning to Nauru, and that's exactly the same treatment that we've applied equally."

Once the legal and medical procedures have run their course, ‘baby Asha’ and her family will be returned to Nauru or their home - Nepal.  

There can be no reward for bad behaviour, by the people smugglers and political activists. If they got their way the incentive to harm children would be immense.

Burning kids will be a ticket to Australia. In many third world countries children are maimed, limbs are cut off, and sent onto streets as beggars to solicit money from horrified and empathetic tourists. It’s a business model, just as kids showered with boiling water would be in a heinous enterprise specialising in one-way tickets to Australia.

Asha’s family are not asylum seekers.

They are not refugees.

Nepal is not at war.

They are illegal entrants, free to return at anytime to their peaceful country of origin.

This is no “victory” for the activists and there can never be a ”victory” for deceitful agenda driven activists.

Any so-called victory would risk more burned 'baby Ashas', firing up the people smuggling trade, resulting in more deaths at sea.

The activists say they will stay protesting for the rest of the day, despite 'baby Asha' being released, to "make our point".

That point can only be, burn your kids and get a ticket to Australia.

How can that dangerous, immoral message be in the best interest of any child?



Brilliant stuff wog boy keep it up!

BTW - Great article Paul. Love your work! Keep it up.

Every lefty protester and "refugee" advocate should have their personal details placed on a register and be forced to sign a legally binding contract allowing the government to seize a portion of their assets and income to pay for all costs associated with any "refugees" they wish to allow into the country. You want 'em - you pay for em'.

I don't understand why people think children's lives are more valuable than adults' lives. Children are often nastier than adults; and they're going to become adults. Very few of them will make significant contributions when they become adults. The 20 years of life I have left is more important to me than the 75 years remaining to a 10 year old, regardless of what its mother thinks.

Ha ha ha. The discredited racist furphy. Pull the other one Kymy.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the protest against the release of the baby was the interception of patients & hospital visitors & the search of their vehicles by protesters. Why this was tolerated by the state authorities - particularly the police - I can’t imagine. I don’t contest their right to a peaceful protest, but I do contest their right to violate the personal rights, person & property of bystanders.

That's partly why the migration plans from the 50's and 60's worked. These people had similar beliefs and values to our own. The other thing they had going for them was a desire to be accepted as white Australians.

The persecuted white Christian folk are by & large those who are hard working & skilled & contribute to the Australian economy rather than suck it dry. Recent examples are Zimbabwean farmers who have had their land seized by the goons of the racist Mugabe. White South Africans (whose fore-generations built the country) are now marginalised in their own country. These Jaapies are the skilled professionals (including medical professionals) who are building our nation. For the record, I am multi-generational Australian.

The plot thinnens - Now isn't it odd how this advocate's name, Natasha Bulcher, keeps coming up in relation to self-harm and refugees...?

Yeah, but no. We had 12,000 persecuted Syrian Christians (the most persecuted group of all in that country) identified. Turncoat dirked Abbott, then the 12,000 Christian Syrians became 12,000 Syrians after the lefties protested discrimination.

Sorry stringybark - you are quite wrong - Andrews is destroying Victoria like all the other useless labor premiers did. Throwing money around like confetti - typical labor politicians -

I read in the SMH, "Lady Cilento Hospital records stating the child spilt hot water on her chest and that there is 'no evidence that the burn injury is non-accidental'.
The injury occurred when [the child] pulled a bowl containing recently boiled water off a table onto herself."

This is beyond fishy. If it appears that hot water was spilt onto the child's chest, how can the geniuses conclude that it was an accident? One way they can't prove that is by asking the economic wannabe migrants. And why can't the lefties see more than one move at a time? If this unfortunate child and her parents beat the system by harming their child, will that not provide a surefire way for other non-refugees to slither into this country by hurting their kids and generating crocodile tears from SHY and her ilk?

These are dangerous very dangerous people. What is their agenda? and that doctor - he should be banned.

Today the only difference between capitalism and gangsterism is that capitalism has succeeded in legalizing its gangsterism and, thus, can strike a harder bargain than can the Mafia.

Heard on 7 or 9 news when I was half asleep this morning that 'asha's' mother is being questioned by police after a guard at Nauru reported that he saw her abuse her child with the boiling water. Won't he be accused of lying by the rotten left media.!!!

2 & 2 -
".......And what of Lord Victor Rothschild who, like his friend Kim Philby, was a wartime MI5 officer. He owned an apartment at 5 Bentinck Street in Maylebone. At various times this raucous establishment hosted soirees that included at least three of the Cambridge spies as well as the notorious Zionist traitor John Strachey who became a Labour MP.
No conclusive proof of betrayal by Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild has ever emerged, but rumours continue to swirl around his name. He denied any wrongdoing to the end of his life, but an Australian author and espionage expert Roland Perry was not convinced and accused him of being a spy in a book called The Fifth Man. Perhaps more time will tell.
Incidentally, what was the wealthy publisher, Viennese-born Lord Weidenfeld, doing among that nest of traitors in Bentinck Street? When he died last month he was lauded for his work in flying thousands of “Syrian refugees” into Poland and said it was the least he could do, having been a wartime refugee into Britain himself. What did he have in common with Philby, Burgess and MacLean?
It would be appropriate here to mention the well-known case of George Blake, who was born in Egypt to a Jewish father and English mother. As a communist schoolboy he fled from wartime Netherlands to Britain and returned the country’s generosity by spying for the Soviets. He was caught, sentenced to 42 years in prison, but then escaped and was spirited behind the Iron Curtain by British peace campaigners. He is still alive at 93 and the unusual circumstances of his escape created a mini book and film industry which invariably treats him and his co-conspirators with great affection.
How sad so few of these authors and film makers sought to spare a thought for Blake’s victims.

good point roo..damn I should have put that in!;)

...or SaudIS, c'mon Pel you can do better than that ;-)

Billy..I think you mean Saudis and ISrael?

Just remembered all the fuss last year when the government was being accused of 'closing down' Aboriginal camps. Surely some of those camps were even less safe 'home environments' for children with open fires for cooking and houses being little more than humpies. The lefties didn't seem so concerned about 'proper home environments' then...