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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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... both will eat away at your moral compass

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


I have to admit to misspending at least some of my youth. My friends were no angels. Many of them smoked pot. The more adventurous ones would occasionally take some speed or LSD. I wouldn’t describe it as “harmless” fun but, with a few notable exceptions, it was mostly under some sort of control. 

Heroin was different. Everyone knew it was a potential death sentence. At least I thought they did. I remember very clearly when the heroin epidemic arrived in England. It was Christmas 1982. 

Suddenly it was everywhere. 

At first it was just the crazies. You would expect these idiots to do something that stupid. Slowly but surely however, people you never thought would be so stupid began to get sucked into that destructive world. Some of them were good friends of mine, really good friends. 

It was heart breaking to watch. First you would try to help them, you knew they were worth saving. You tried everything. You gave them every bit of help you could. After losing half your valuables to trusted friends a few times over however, it was clearly time to wise up. 

Heroin isn’t just an addiction. It eats away at people’s moral compasses. They become capable of justifying any behaviour to feed their addiction. Junkies will sell their own grandmothers just to get that next hit.

Many didn’t survive. Overdoses, AIDS and other “at risk” behaviours took a dreadful toll. Many did survive however and their stories were often quite similar.

They would reach a point of absolute desperation and depravity. Perhaps waking up on the floor of a public toilet covered in excrement with a needle hanging out of their arm. Finally they would be hit with a realisation of how low they had sunk. 

They would realise that if they didn’t take drastic steps right there and then, that they would soon become just another sad statistic. This was the point at which many of them would turn their lives around.

This is common for people with destructive habits. Not just heroin but alcoholism, gambling or whatever. It also seems to be common in other societies too. Often we have to reach points of utter desperation before we make the decision to turn things around. 

My own feeling is that we are reaching that point in a number of areas. Finally, I am starting to see signs that people are so fed up that they are finally starting to do something about it.

I know many people still think I am wildly optimistic in my prediction that Islam will be finished within ten to fifteen years. 

Have a look around you however and think about where we are now and how things have changed. 

Poor old Craig Laundy has just been appointed the Assistant Minister for Multiculturalism. The first thing he did was to take a swipe at people who are opposed to Islam, saying they are “not well informed.” A couple of years ago, this would have been accepted without comment by everyone in authority and 99 % of those of us who aren’t. Instead, it set off a firestorm of protest on social media.

Thousands of well-informed Australians flamed his twitter and facebook accounts accusing him of idiocy and dhimmitude. Senate candidate Kirralie Smith tweeted him and journalist Chris Kenny, offered to debate him on Chris’s show. Chris Kenny thought this was a great idea. Laundy went very, very quiet. 

Meanwhile over at the ABC, Political Editor Chris Uhlmann recently wrote an excellent piece which was published in the Australian. In it he described his own realisation of how bad things have become after tweeting in favour of free speech. Unfortunately, the speech he was referring to didn’t agree with the progressive agenda. 

He copped such a barrage of hatred that he was left in a state of shock. What amazed me was that in his article, he accurately linked this “progressive tyranny” to the work of the radical left who took control of our education system decades ago.

Across the pond meanwhile, in the good ol’ US of A, Donald Trump is romping through the Republican primaries and doing to his rivals what Facebook did to Myspace.

If he wins he will be up against one of two Democrats, both of whom look unelectable to me. The Donald doesn’t just challenge political correctness, he turkey slaps it. 

He has promised to put a halt on Islamic immigration (hijira) until we can figure out what is going on. 

Everyone thought he would have to back away from this. The press began the usual howling indignation. Instead, he charged head on and “quell surprise!” his popularity soared. 

People have finally had a gutful of the agenda of the radical left. They look around and realise how low we have sunk. We have become like the national equivalent of the destitute junkie.

My own point where I said, “enough” was after reading about an incident in Cumbria in England. A young Englishman left the British Army and decided to apply to join the police force. He passed all the tests and exams and was sent for a medical. 

When he took his shirt off for the medical however, it revealed a tattoo on his arm of a Union Jack with the words “British Army” underneath.

He was promptly refused entry to the police force on the grounds that this was a “racist symbol.”

A RACIST SYMBOL!! This is the flag under which the British people and their allies fought and defeated one of the most dangerous and racist ideologies of all time. At that point I finally spat it. I knew then that we had to turn things around.

I’m sure Pickering Post readers all have their own moments to share. Strange as it may sound, I actually think that in one sense, Islam has been a godsend. Within the next year or two, even Blind Freddy will be forced to admit that Islam is a political ideology of intense hatred and destruction.

This will destroy the credibility of all those who have been jamming it down our throats for the last two or three decades. The idiocy of their logic is breath-taking.

How can someone claim to be a champion of women, the oppressed and religious freedom whilst promoting an ideology which is the polar opposite of all of these things? I can’t wait to hear them trying to talk themselves out of that one.

Once people see the moral bankruptcy of this position, they will turn against these idiots. Our challenge is to make sure that they don’t wriggle out of it. We need to watch these fools and keep a record of the garbage they are pedalling. In time, this will be valuable ammunition.

Let us make sure that this really is a turning point. Let us make sure that we can throw out this garbage and restore our society on the foundations and principles which made us great.


Look at the picture...the opium fields are being GUARDED BY AMERICAN & ALLIED TROOPS. The CIA have been heavily involved in drug trafficking of heroin at least since the Vietnam War, Cocaine from South & Central America in the '80's & now in Afganistan. Wall street & the American economy would have collapsed decades ago without the Drug Trade.

One of the sad indictments of our Afghanistan support is our troops are not allowed to destroy opium poppy crops, yet fully aware it will eventually make its way onto out streets and into the veins of our youth and provide money for arms for the enemy - The Taliban. Additionally, I was advised they protect some tribal leaders who keep harems of boys for they personal depravity, from the Taliban. All of this is contrary to UN conventions and international law.
Why isn't our CSIRO identifying a fungi or other pest which destroys opium crops and we never protect tribal leaders who practice depraved acts.

Good God, went to Underwood in Bris [shopping centre ww big w ,taken by mussies then looked in my car mirror and a mussie woman in a new Range Rover life must be grand on welfare while the dumb working aussies pay for it all

It always bugged me why we couldn't just destroy those Afghan crops!! It is the main financial support to the terrorist.

Well written mate, however I think most of our politicians and those who seek to appease everyone may need a little more force feeding. Trump is the harbinger of a world wide swing to the right.

On heroin that's exactly what the Brits used to get Hong Kong. Be aware the NWO are using mohamMADism to further their agenda (thanks for your good article HR) they have taken control of most education, if you don't believe it check the internet or some good books by Mark M Rich,Andrew M lobaczewski etc.

I can easily explain the reason why the Left are able to hold apparently utterly contradictory views on Islam and women’s rights. For the Left, it’s not whether something is right or wrong that matters. It’s their being able to sneer at whatever the mainstream values are.
What’s the key to understanding them? Look for conceit, arrogance and denial to the bitter end. Look at the Lefty mugs who visited Russia and complemented Stalin on his socialist achievements. Even after the massacre of the Poles at Katyn Wood became public knowledge, the Left said nothing.
That said everything. They’ll support Islam right up to the day they’re told to put their Burkas on.

Afghanistan was invaded by Bush very soon after the Taliban succeeded in STOPPING the poppy growing to close to 100% . Coincidence, maybe

To quote Wikipedia.........Rise of the Taliban (1994–2001)

During the Taliban rule, Afghanistan saw a bumper opium crop of 4,500 metric tons in 1999.[13]

In July 2000, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, collaborating with the United Nations to eradicate heroin production in Afghanistan, declared that growing poppies was un-Islamic, resulting in one of the world's most successful anti-drug campaigns. The Taliban enforced a ban on poppy farming via threats, forced eradication, and public punishment of transgressors. The result was a 99% reduction in the area of opium poppy farming in Taliban-controlled areas, roughly three quarters of the world's supply of heroin at the time.[14] The ban was effective only briefly due to the deposition of the Taliban in 2002.

For the first time in our lives, my wife and I (both aged over 72) encountered a "black ghost shape" outside our local hospital entrance a few days ago. As 'it' was accompanied by several recognizable small children, we assumed it must be a human, possibly a female. But the experience was sobering. How does such a person approach a bank teller in this day and age? What do you say by way of a polite greeting to a black object which moves: "What are you?" Which way are you facing?"

Went out for a walk the other day. Ahead of me was a woman on her own in head to toe Muslim dress.
About 20 feet in front of her was a swarthy looking bloke with a short beard and jeans and a normal shirt. I assumed it was 2 separate people who did not know each other.
Later on I came across the same people elsewhere in the park. Again it was the lady on her own and the bloke 20 feet in front.
Then it dawned on me. It was a husband and wife out on a walk in the park together.

Help me with the Maths. If 11 million are on some kind of benefits, say $25,000 pa each, that makes welfare at $27 and a half billion. So how come the welfare bill is $140 BILLION? Is the other $112 Billion the cost incurred paying the public service and rent on the buildings? If aged pensioners and DSP make up half that amount, and the moslem 'immigrants' make up 2 million ( $4.5 billion) and the rest are newstart and Family packages, I can't make anywhere near $140 billion. I'm assuming that each payment is $25,000pa, a single aged pensioner amount.

Harry - the socialist agenda in Sweden in the assimilation process of the 'poor' refugees some 8 years ago has created a complete fucked up system whereby the Swedes themselves are disinherited by the judiciary and politicians. Those in power are the biggest do gooders to everybody else except the Swedes themselves. That was 8 fucking years ago and the demographics show that a major increase of births by non Swedes is huge. They STILL DO NOT WANT OPEN DIALOGUE ON THE PROBLEM - they suppress any radical notion of a discussion on the merits of the sheer numbers of refugees that have applied to migrate. This socialist doctrine is part of basically every country in the western world - courtesy of the UN.

Kym, I do urge you to convert to Islam. You do know that the penalty for attempting to renounce Islam is death, don't you?

Enjoyed your article, thankyou. It will be interesting to see if this 'fed-up-ness' will translate into the upcoming elections. Qld. has council elections this weekend - a little upstart, with vacuous speech, is challenging current Lord Mayor. Palaszchuk is not sure which way to jump, with the real possibility of an election this year ...and of course there are the Federal elections. It seems that following the success of minor upstarts in last elections,we are to be again flooded with these minorities who have little difficulty distinguishing between the good for the electorate they represent and the good for their back pocket! I fear we still have not reached the point where our pollies will stand up for Australia as a nation - they still haven't developed any intestinal fortitude.

A thoughtful and delightful piece Harry. I read it twice. I sat and thought about, not whether I agreed with it or not, but about how far this 'mental weakness' has eroded our society. You are right and your example of the ex-soldier being rejected for the police force really brought home the pervasiveness of the disease of which you speak. I have usually just shrugged off those that espouse the left leaning views without realising just how powerful they have become. Those that scream at the majority of Australians as being intolerant are in fact the most intolerant of all. The best example I can think of to explain what I mean is the way that facts become irrelevant in the making of an argument to support a particular position. For example, the demonisation of Cardinal Pell. Pell was / is, as the evidence shows, not directly responsible for the paedophilia within the Catholic Church in Australia. Yet, he was pilloried on a daily basis by the ABC and many others. I do not particularly like Pell because he appears to me to epitomise the arrogance of the Church. The evidence clearly shows those that failed to act when it was their responsibility. Pell was attacked because he stood up to the hard left. Your treatise also explains why the left activists do not go into bat for the abused Muslim woman. Islam is the darling of the left at the moment and they will not countenance any criticism of it. The do-gooders will kick up a huge fuss about an animal or group of animals not being treated properly and turn a blind eye towards the repeated abuse of Muslim woman. A worthy piece Harry.

If the goobers are going to start a war, start one with those who harm Americans in their own country, and help prevent the 20,000 drug deaths each year. Send Sarin gas into the tunnels, after sealing the US side so innocents don't die, evoke in the luvvies more images of Hitler, the Nazis, but who cares, scumbag drug dealers will die and any in their employ and any in the vicinity. It will show that it does not pay to be involved, however innocently, with drug dealing scum. But no, odumbo, the resident raghead nigger, will just send over flowers and more money that just goes into the hands of corrupt spic officials. Hey, that sounds just like the blackfella monies in Australia.

All people who use drugs are idiots of the highest order, and if they overdose to me it is a strengthening of the gene pool. Have just recently read that there are almost 50,000 drug overdoses in the US, that being last year's effort. Who fucking cares? Good fucking riddance to idiots. 20,000 of those were attributable to illegal drugs, the rest to prescribed medicines and drugs. As for the ragheads doing the drugs, they are just like all the other scumbags in the trade, in it for the money. All should be shot, and not just the ragheads. The goobers should just head over into Mexico, with a full armoured division, or three or four, and air power, Warthogs, the whole shebang, and take out the drug cartels, and if the spics want to have a whine, let them.

Sound reasoning, Harry, though I'm not sure change and sense will happen so soon. Not with Turnbull praising Islam and fawning over the leaders, and Western Sydney over-run with these people who won't integrate and are forming a separate part of Australia, with its own rules and law. As long as free money is given to them, they will come.,

Luv Ya work Harry. You Da man

Who are you kidding Kym, you are already one.