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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The current debate is about capital punishment, not drugs, and conflating the two makes it hard to argue the case for either. The moment a case is made against yesterday’s killing of the Bali two, immediately there’s a tirade against the evils of drugs. Fair enough, so what do you want to debate? Drugs or capital punishment?

Okay, let’s take drugs first. Heroin, the drug the Bali two were attempting to import into Australia, is an insidious opium based substance that held back Asian development for centuries.

Drugs have always been a part of societal interaction, one of the worst and most destructive has always been alcohol.

Go to any adult party and you will find illegal drugs freely available, either for sale or use. The latest is ice and anyone taking that stuff had better be aware of its effects.

Actually everyone is already aware of its risks but bullet-proof kids still take it and they will continue to take it.

Supplying drugs is a crime but it satisfies a demand that no amount of legislation will dampen. Supplying drugs to underage kids is unforgivable.

There is a strong case for education, but there is no case for prevention... that simply can’t be achieved. So we need to come at it from a different direction. The problem with “educators” is that they are gifted a licence to misrepresent their case, just like with tobacco.

Of course tobacco doesn’t cause gangrenous limbs nor does it cause blindness or teeth to fall out and everyone can see the hideous pics are mostly those of aged animal parts.

Once consumers know they are being lied to, the message is immediately lost. It’s much better that “educators” tell the truth about drugs, including tobacco, but they never do because their budgets are far more important.

People will always die from driving cars... you can’t ban cars. People will always contract STDs but you can’t ban sex. But you can educate drivers and the sexually active with an honest message, so why aren’t the risks associated with drugs treated honestly in the same way?

The AFP causes many more drug deaths by seizing tons of narcotics. The ensuing shortage increases the street price causing amateur backyard labs to meet the demand with cheap toxic substitutes.

Kids then die from the toxic substitutes, and not from the drug they thought they were taking... there is no regulatory control.

Prohibition has never worked! Party drugs are a way of life we had better get adjusted to because people aren’t fools and have opted for these freely available party drugs rather than ingest the highly taxed, highly addictive, highly destructive and expensive alcohol.

Because I have always needed to know, I have taken every drug from acid in the 60s to ice today, but only ever in a party environment.

Cops, judges, politicians, TV presenters and doctors take exactly the same drugs at exactly the same parties yet the following morning they can be found lecturing kids as to the dangers of all drugs, indiscriminately. Is it any wonder the advice is ignored?

Ice is highly addictive and dangerous, it is causing death and misery at every level but, like alcohol, it’s here to stay and banning it will only exacerbate the epidemic.

Illegality is merely an added excitement factor to bullet-proof kids. It has a Russian roulette rate of a 70% chance of immediate addiction.

Marijuana is an anti-social weed that ranks lower than caffeine as an addictive substance and should never have been banned in the first place. And it wouldn’t have been had it been taxable... but it is far too easily grown to attract a tax. So you cop a fine instead.

Ecstasy (MDMA) is not addictive in any way but continued usage diminishes its effect leading to common overdosing which is blamed on the efficacy of the drug.

Opium is a base ingredient for other value-added drugs and was discovered in 1500 BC by the Egyptians. It’s highly addictive but rare in its original form and not a party drug.

Fantasy (GHB) is an upper and an aphrodisiac, it also is not addictive and can easily be made using nail polish remover, but the wrong dosage can prove fatal.

Heroin (horse) is no party drug, it’s highly addictive and the choice of unsociable users with a dirty syringe and a death wish.

Cocaine is giving way to the insidious ice. Basic powder cocaine is both a stimulant and an anaesthetic, it can be moderately addictive and can be made into crack cocaine in any kitchen using baking soda and alcohol.

It was formerly a Coca Cola ingredient and was sold over the counter as an elixir. The powdered form is pretty harmless if taken infrequently. Processed crack cocaine can prove lethal.

Acid (LSD) is a non addictive hallucinogen and a fungus derivative. If you like chemical infused, psychedelic, mind-altering substances, then go ahead.

Crystal Meth is highly addictive with euphoric effects of omnipotence. Stay away.

So when a Police Commissioner says all drugs are dangerous he is misleading a public needing to discriminate. We all take drugs in different forms. One bald faced lie leads to a distrust of everything that is said.

So there ya go, tear that to bits!

And so to the unrelated subject of capital punishment: People have been put to death for things like adultery since before Christ, who was guilty only of sedition. So if you’re all for capital punishment then so be it, let’s debate it but please, separately from drugs.

I listened to an Indonesian spokesman say the executions were not pretty but they were all about ridding Indonesia of drugs. Well, the Bali two were in the process of doing just that!

Their crime was intended to be committed against Australia and should have been adjudicated by Australia in which case the bastards wouldn't be dead but would already be down the pub pushing more drugs.

It comes down to whether you believe a fallible judiciary can order other fallible people to kill another fallible person. Personally I find that so final and so wrong.

And may I mention the Filipino mother of two who was in the Bali two batch to be executed. She was saved from the firing squad by minutes when another person decided to own up and tell the truth?

Hard to administer CPR in cases like that.


Ask not what Islam can do for your country! It seems the only question that matters is what your country can do for Islam.

Islam wouldn't give the infidel the steam off it's piss. And I have no issue with the Bali executions of Chan and Sukumaran. I too witnessed the carnage and misery of their trade. Shoot more traffickers, not less. Shoot them a lot. Save the victims, which includes addicts, their families and the innocent victims violated by the crimes of desperate addicts. Sod the traffickers. Hopefully Chan and Sukumaran will be buried 12 feet down. Deep down, they'd be good people.

definitely the Death Penalty is appropriate for Drug Dealers.

This site is very much 'under threat' .. and by the loons... hang in there guys!

Any truth in the rumor that 20kg of Heroin was found in the coffins, Just Asking! Interesting that Greg Craven (little grub) is giving scholarships in the bali duos honor ?? was dean at notre dame in fremantle .. a bully in the workplace. god only knows how he got to be a vice chancelor . what about the prior trips they made bringing drugs back to australia.... how many overdoses resulted in death ? I wish people would get a balance. clearly at asian airports the penalty is there in all languages warning about drug smuggling. idiots . and greedy with no thought for the deaths they will cause....

G'day Larry, can you please find out who is paying the cost for the repatriation of the remains of these two drug smugglers to Australia. One hopes it is not the Australian tax payer, that would be the final insult of this media circus. My sympathies and prayers go to the families of the drug users who have died as a result of the availability of drugs because of drug lords like these two disgraced "Australians" .

Response to BITS.

These two criminals are being made out as victims and Ned Kelly figures to the young, is this how distorted our values are now?

Chan had two other attempts at smuggling drugs, one successful, one aborted and of course the last attempt at $4 million dollars’ worth cost him his life.

Below is an extract from the Daily Telegraph:

In 2010 Chan told SBS that he hadn’t given a thought about the consequences of his actions — it was all about the cold, hard cash.
“I don’t think I was really going anywhere in life. I don’t think, you know, I was achieving too much, even though I had a stable job and all. Yes, I don’t think I was really heading anywhere, to be honest, you know, I’ve used drugs myself. I was a drug user.
“You know, I know what it feels like to — to be, you know, one of them junkies walking on the street I guess ... You don’t think too much about. I didn’t anyway.
“You know, most people think yeah, you would, but I didn’t. It wasn’t — more or less for me it was just a quick payday, that’s it. Just think to yourself, quick payday, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.”
A quick payday, that’s it.
Sukumaran was just as greedy. He told SBS that he, too, was in it for the cash.
After being approached by a university friend who took him for a lavish dinner, he was sucked in by pure greed.
“It was kind of funny to me, like, they pay for dinner and the nightclub afterwards and stuff like that, so I was like ‘Yeah’ ... it’s just the lifestyle, all the people that were living, you know, you want to be like those people, get the girls like those people, and I was hoping to buy a car, hoping to start a business.
“Those are the sort of the things like I didn’t see, like, myself working in the mail room for the next 50 years of my life. I thought, ‘no, I can’t do this’, then you see all these people like in night clubs with nice BMWs and nice Mercedes and there’s always chicks there, and they was buying drinks for everyone and you think, ‘f ..., how do you do this on a mailroom salary’?”
Had Chan and Sukumaran succeeded, they would doubtless have been smugly driving around in Ferraris or Porsches and thinking what a great life it was bringing drugs into Australia to sell to vulnerable kids.
Then, of course, there would have been no thought (or need) for either to look to religion or the arts to bring meaning to their lives.

in recent years us and other countries spent a lot of money in Afghanistan, lost some of their soldiers and the poppy fields are still in business. The UN tried stamping out the poppy fields and introducing other crops, all to no avail...

does anyone know if this was the first trip the Bali mules had made ? Or had they made a series of them ?

European Australians have enormous problems getting their foreign wives into Australia, even if they have been married for some years. MW Australians can go and get a wife/husband back in the ME no problem. It will be very interesting to see what comes out of this sham marriage that lasted a couple of days.Maybe the media will support her!!!

There's a big difference in the so called "party drugs" and alcohol, which I suppose is still a party drug. After a hard day in the paddock, coming home and ripping the top off a brew is very satisfying but it doesn't mean I'm getting pissed. It means I'm letting a nice stream of cooling nectar cut a channel in the dust. But ingesting some of the other chemical cocktail Larry has described has about as much appeal as a shower of shit. Any substance can be abused, petrol sniffing anyone?

That's what I've been wondering Darth, also the one that got married is the wife now an Australian citizen and if she happens to be pregnant do we get the privileged of supporting her via centrelink

I'd like to see how they manage without the tourist $ and do they also want to boycott the gov't aid?

they don't call it dope for nothing

An interesting / informative comment G20.----Dahijzh !

DRUGS….The way I understand all drugs medical and recreational, legal and illegal is on a graph the human body has a normal line, this normal line can vary from person to person depending on their individual genetic makeup, When someone feels down or has pain they take a drug to boost them to the normal (feel) line or perhaps a little above, now to speed this up when the drug/pain killer wears off they descend way below the normal line and then require a larger dose or more just to get back to the normal line (and addiction begins)… Speeding up again the drugs/pain killers they have been taking no longer do the trick to get to the normal line so they look for and take a stronger drug/pain killer and if they do not have the will power and strength to recognize the problem then they become fully addicted and from there on brain damage begins to occur. This was explained to me by my late older sister who had a lifetime in nursing. Educating the young in simple terms is the only way we will get through to them.

Andy 'n Gall sharing needles, supply courtesy of Tansy's hubby? Twits of a feather stick together!

Now we have another Australian (Mother) caught with 1.5kg of ice facing court in Indo.