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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If you travel around 1100k north from Adelaide you will find a dotted line that separates SA from NT. Rub it out. Then travel another 200k north and declare Alice Springs the new Capital of SANT. Shift every Tasmanian to SANT and repopulate Tasmania with endangered species including Kevin Rudd who is still searching for a meaningful role as a leader of something. Pobblebonk frogs will do.

SANT can then revert to a new renewable energy devised by its Aborigines who will show Premier Weatherill, only after he unplugs the double adaptor to Victoria’s coal power, how to rub two sticks together.

Those hideous windmills can double as fans for when it gets really hot and everyone can marry everyone else including kangaroos, emus and the odd wombat.

And Katherine can host the Aboriginal opera season

Okay, so that’s all bullshit, but the gerrymander that has supported Green Labor in South Australia for far too long won’t matter anymore. SA really IS the weakest link.

                           South Australians were not prepared to risk another red head

It’s astonishing that the SA Libs at the last election got 53 per cent of the 2PP vote yet Labor with 47 per cent retained Office. Under this mad system the Libs once got 57 per cent of the 2PP vote yet still finished up losing to Labor.

Not that the hopeless Libs deserved power with a red head as Leader, but successive SA Labor Governments (with around 15 years of Australia supporting their pointless existence) certainly don’t! 

Their only claim to fame is Eddie Betts who kicks a goal now and then and some tuna fisherman bloke who was an Olympic weightlifter. 

Oh, and there’s a rich sheila called Julia Gillard who holds an awful lot of records for something.

It used to have a car industry and a ship building industry that supported the union movement that was supported by the rest of Australia and now Christopher Pyne is supported by a Federally supported submarine industry that will produce submarines for double the cost of elsewhere... but hey, Chris is a nice bloke so they tell me.

But fair dinkum, WTF did we need SA for anyway? Of course we never did, and sooner or later there will always be a stock take. Oh well, I guess the US has its Puerto Rico and the EU its Greece.

                As Kermit once said, “It’s not easy being Green, except if you are a Crow.”


And listen to Shortarse & the Weather man trying to blame the power outage on everything except their inane, ideological, idiotic, assinine "renewables" policy designed to send us back to the Dark Ages where Labor & the Gangreens minds & policies reside. And Shortoneverything has a policy of 50% renewables for the whole country. Gawd help us if he ever gets in because we won't be able to help ourselves.

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So Donna hasn't eloped! . . . Still available? . . .

When someone without family dies and leaves the contents of the estate to some well meaning charity. What do you suppose happens to the valuable stuff. Does it end up in Oppo shops? Just asking. I can give you some clues but you may get offended.

If what I have said offends you Che, go to the places where bins are rifled, ask the managers why the bins are allowed to be rifled. Not secure? Start there and then do some research and then come back and tell us what you have found.

Che, the girl who ran the PreLoved Fashions shop. Where did she get her stock...the Oppo shop? Her mum and dad were both officers? and the daughter made a business out of it?

Made a discovery tonight. Could be 'something', hope it's 'nothing'. Noticed (couldn't help it) that the last few posts Elder has made, are calling Bruce 'bwoocey'. While I was offline tonight it occurred to me that - usually - the only poster who calls him that is the Donna troll. Back online, I checked the real id on Elder's name, & it came up capital I, 'Indignant Elder'. Curious. As my online friend Elder's name ID for a v. long time has been capital L, "Lndignant Elder". Got me wondering. Has Donna kidnapped the real Elder ? Is she posing as Elder? Will the real Elder please stand up? Also noticed that our Ig, has become 'Lg'. Has he been kidnapped too? Are we about to receive ransom letters, I wonder aloud. Ig, I'm not dating you if you're Donna. Not into females (esp that one)

Not as big an eejit as you, I mention in passing: at least, Bruce has the good taste not to keep company with the worst troll this site's ever had. And you need not smugly consider yourself exempt, because if it decides you're yet another cover name for her poor old vic, you'll cop it too. She thinks half the site is, so wait & see. Have another thing to post...

Che, you just said bins are rifled overnight of goods meant to go to needy people. I stand by what I have said because I witnessed it over many years. Yes, there are many well meaning people and I commend them. But I challenge you to donate something of value to a shop picked at random and see where the item ends up.

No, I don't. You raised it. I was just theorising. Good luck to you. :-))