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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Over five grand for a chopper from Melbourne to Geelong? Bloody hell! For a 15 minute leisurely flight up the M1? It seems the chopper hire company also needs to answer a few questions. That’s $21,000 an hour fly time, so what were the “extras”?

Perhaps champagne and caviar served by two bare-chested toy boys in bow ties?

Following the hors d'oeuvres, surely the curtains were drawn for a rub down with fragrant oils and a little light relief. Is our Bronny (who is only five hours younger than me) the latest inductee to the exclusive 500 ft Club?

This Agusta Power109 may be a classier chopper than my Jetranger but the most per hour I ever received was $1600 from wealthy American Generals or National Geographic crews.

I know the dear little thing believes she is really important with her self contained unit inside Parliament House adorned with all the trappings of a Speaker, but fair dinkum I thought her greatest expense would have been the pallets of aerosole needed to rid the unit of the smell of slippers and used undergarments.

Let’s face it, Bronny has been studying up on Standing Orders for five years, lusting after the Speaker’s job, just like everyone else who has nothing to contribute to debate.

No Lib, let alone Abbott, was game to deny her the greatest rort Parliament can provide.

Her travel in the last six months of last year alone, including a personal trip to Europe, cost taxpayers $131,000, and is completely out of order!

Maybe the Member for Mackellar is in danger of being asked to leave under 94A.

[NB. Ms Bishop has agreed to reimburse the relevant costs.] 


Does anybody know when Bronny’s chopper flight to Geelong actually took place?

is there a subliminal message concealed in the heading to this posting? could it be you too brother smut?

In a rare letter to Mr. Craig Fugate, the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), has disclosed that we are about to enter a potentially catastrophic period of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout the United States.
The letter was signed by SSRC President, Mr. John Casey, and delivered to FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C. today. In the letter, Mr. Casey outlines how the ongoing dramatic reduction in the Sun’s energy output will not only plunge the world into a decades-long cold epoch, but at the same time bring record geophysical devastation in monster earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
These cold climate periods called “solar hibernations” or “solar minimums” are well known phenomena in the solar physics community. The SSRC has done important pioneering work in the field of solar- climate modeling and has established itself as a leader in climate prediction and the study of these hibernations of the Sun.


Let's get rid of all the parties and let independents run the Country. As long as they are fairly elected.

No argument from here friends! Right on1

I see Bull Shitton criticizes that cow Bishop about her expenses, when the hypocrite pig himself has racked up $390,000 in travel expenses over the last 6 months. It is time we the tax payer revolted against this largesse from our stinking greedy trough sucking pig faced polititions.

What is the U.S.A.?
The actual Equity Contract that created the Federal United States is called “The Constitution for the united States of America”. It hasn’t been amended since 1860. It is a tri-lateral international treaty. It doesn’t have a Fourteenth Amendment.
Circa 1868 a Delaware Corporation doing business as the “United States of America (Inc.)” published its own “constitution”— a corporate charter deceptively named “the Constitution of the United States of America”. It was not only similarly and deceptively named, it adopted the Articles of the actual Constitution as corporate “Articles” and the Amendments as corporate By-laws. This is the “constitution” that contains the 14th Amendment being discussed— an “Amendment” which was simply proclaimed along with several others and which was never ratified by the Several States of the Continental United States, because as corporate By-laws of a private non-profit corporation, no such ratification process was required.

Congratulations Stoney! Wow!

Got better things to do

Get Up Failure Only 1 Turns Up, Idiot

And so they should have , that muslim apologist Burke has just wasted more of our tax dollars on the referal to the ploice or AFP , the fxxkwit . How much did it cost ?

As stated earlier Mrs Bishop our speaker is not responsible to the P.M. and the Ministers ( Executive Government) and is a free spirit, and her duty is to the whole parliament. She should now tell of her plan to have a fleet of helicopters in Canberra for the use of all MP`s for quick trips to Sydney e.t.c. It is to be called Commcopters. She believes that we should be all living in the twenty first century, and her recent research in Geelong on behalf of all M.P`s will prove to be a real hit. Just playing things close to her chest is our Bronnie.

Very good, Gentleman. That's not from the bible its even better and so pertinent to how we should treat others.

Just gets worse. Bronnie was driven there in her comcar.

Hey Gary Forskin 50 Aussie patriots are far from overwelmed. The totally outnumbered Rats of Tobruk held off the German & the Italian army for 9 months till they were called away to defend their homeland & suffered the japs their first defeat in WW2 so don't doubt for one minute the fearsome Aussie spirit gronk.

BTW. Peter Slipper appealed his conviction and it was over-turned. So court precedence determines Bronwyn Bishop is not guilty of an offence.

Tiger Moth :-)