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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... but not until they turn 15!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Of course, by then it will be too late, they will already be legitimate citizens, they cannot be deported and their siblings’ teddy bears will all have their heads missing too!

It’s not the millions of unknown Islamic “refugees” who are pouring into Europe we need to worry about. It’s not the 12,000 coming to Australia, nor is it the one million settling in Germany, or the 30,000 going to Canada or the 10,000 off to the US.

We can never be sure who the parents are but in 12 or 15 years’ time we will know exactly who their children are and in 25 years’ time we will know exactly who their children’s children are... they will be the ones holding knives as they hoist black flags, declaring a world-wide caliphate in Europe, America and Asia.

I’ve done my best with 11 children but the Muslims will always win that contest hands down.

Tony Abbott chose an excessively humanitarian figure of an extra 12,000 refugees to be brought to Australia, he stipulated that they be persecuted Christians unable to afford the smugglers’ fees. People who were wasting away in squalid camps.

But Tony Abbott was unaware he was about to be deposed... you see, he still had Howard’s lauded immigration clarion call ringing in his head:

“We will decide who comes to this country and the manner in which they come.”

The figure of 12,000 remained unchanged under Turnbull but the decision on who comes here was handed over to the UNHCR and you can bet London to a brick-on that very few, if any, refugees will now be persecuted Christians.

The UNHCR will not allow Australia a choice... that could be conceived as “racism” and very un-UN.

 If Tony Abbott had looked into his deputy’s prescient black eyes, if he had been able to foresee his conspiratorial execution, the excessively generous figure of 12,000 would have been closer to 12.

The mandate Abbott earned fair and square in a landslide election is becoming unrecognisable. 


.... The mandate Abbott earned fair and square in a landslide election is becoming unrecognisable .... #auspol With the Visionary Prime Minister @TonyAbbottMHR - The Antiwhitlam - at the helm, Australia had a remote - very very remote - chance of surviving as a nation and as a component part of Judeo-Christian/Western Civilization. Now the Turncoat/Bitchup coup has ben effected and Australia's "leadership" has its Malignant-Envy-driven opportunistic eyes on First-Class & Six-Star UN-Gang and vice-regal gigs, Australia is in more danger than it has ever been. Including during two world wars. Turncoat is Whitlam redux, is the Liberals' JuLiar Gillard and the Sheilah Shyster is a cloned copy of the KRudd! -- Dick!

Morrison 2GB....We don;t want a hot headed response to terrorism.....Indeed we do not...and I sincerely hope an trust Morrison under instructions from Turnbull and Bishop and the mufti is not refering to the non Muslim average Australian...afterall a re we going around blowing innocents to buggery, threatening, harrasing demanding and causing chaos... ? We the average Australians have been successfully hogtied and silenced for decades by political correctness...and hotheaded shrieks of racists Islamophobes, morons, rednecks...and all the other belittling humiliations those responsible could, can and will heap upon us."You can;t fool all of the people all of the time" Abraham Lincoln.

Considering the first 50,000 immigrants let in by Rudd/Gillard/Rudd were all Muslims, why is it so offensive to let the next 12,000 in, who are non Muslim?

The Liberals have lost me. That's something I never thought I'd say.

I have written to my Federal member ( a Turncote supporter) on many occasions and have had only had one reply " kind regards".

Interesting piece in the Advertiser 21/11. How Molenbeek became a haven for Muslim radicals, Several years ago a fire burnt out a part of Molenbeek, the saudis gave the local gov, money , (obviously a lot of Muslims already living there) the local gov, responded by allowing a large mosque to be built (surprise surprise),soon after radical Salafist preachers were stirring up the locals with hate speech against Belgium and the west., and it soon became a hidy hole and a refuge for Islamics and petty crims.It has been down hill since then, We have been warned.

Shorten is only an idiot, Turnbull, is dangerous.

I will vote Green rather than support Turnbull, and I'm just to the right of Ghengis Khan

Oh I remember now,,they are locked in Labor voters...and they are likely to kill anyone who denies any of their demands.

Remind me why we have to appease Muslims.

Have confidence in yourself - you'll make the right decision when the time comes.

That's if you get the direction right.

Forgot to add BK...that I think this idea of removing 'God' is a pretty bad one.... I don't have to spell it out do I... you guys know how I think. It's just sickening.

Well now Wobbyone.. .think with the brain first up... then the heart - put them together in a good mix and sanity will prevail.

Yeah Lol, but looking for direction.

'Twas also printed in the Daily Telegraph today BK.... our country is going to the dogs methinks???

Wobblyone,... we're all 'plants'! You'd better believe it!

BK IS A PLANT .. WINSTON... You are on the money. Even if they got complete control of the Senate. A great start. Nothing could be approved.

I thought they simply called god, allah, and they claim he/she is the same "person". Actually "him" for a Muslim couldn't worship a "she". I like to see the Sun every day, and without it we're stuffed. Something tangible for me ;-) ..and I talk to it and get the same answers as someone talking to the other.

ALA must get the vote. We cannot allow this bloody Turnbull to screw and splinter this nation even further. He might be a genius at economics if he's connecting himself to it,, but has not one bit of interest in the people of Australia. Economics to men like him is more and more population for taxes. We need ALA more than ever to hold this stupid parasite at bay. As for Billy Big Tits he is a nothing and will be a nothing.