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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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...anyway, where the bloody hell are ya Peter?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There will be an empty space on our barbeque grills today and an empty space in our stomachs, because our most Aussie GG ever, and Australian of the year, Peter Cosgrove will not be raising the flag or sharing a beer and a snag with us. 

He has decided our one day of the year is less important than deferring in person to the physically and morally decomposing corpse of a Saudi self proclaimed “king”.

When a tired old senile Leftie like Malcolm Fraser says, “it should not have happened” perhaps there really is something wrong with lowering Government flags for a dead Saudi. 

When Bill Shorten reignites the divisive republican debate to celebrate Australia Day then surely there must be something wrong. 

When our Prime Minister describes this dead Saudi as a, "strong proponent of international interfaith dialogue", you would be excused for screaming WTF! 

Has our Australia Day lost its meaning or are our leaders blind to Saudi inhumane decadence far worse than apartheid or any Bali bomber?

Peter Cosgrove would not have made such a sickening decision to forsake our one day of the year himself. No, that decision would have been made from somewhere deep in the diseased bowel of the Prime Minister’s Office.

I think I’ll go back to sleep and wake up again because something this wrong can’t be right, can it? Not on Australia Day!


Hi there. Couldn't remember the site I contacted u on about my avatar. Thank you for your help However, it's happened. Problem was my choice of pictures. This will do for the mean time but I do have one that I would prefer. In keeping with the HIGH standard that you have set. Cheers

don't blame phoney........the blame rests with Howard and his liberals who elected him.

Hellooooo! Flyingggggg!

the bluster does contain a grain of truth about the 2014 budget.

the epithets used above describe shorten, krudd2, juliar and krudd1.

DJT banned?, cant believe it, what for? being pedantic, obnoxious, obsfucatory......those are the rules of the game.

Who cares?

I read it and it but don't think it warranted banning - judging from the other stuff that gets posted here. I thought DJT pulled the plug, not the other way round.

Woof, woof, a lot really do follow when a dog or two barks.... very incisive observation Tman... Keep up the good work...

Your incisive repartee hasn't scaled any Heights here,Gollan.

Horse, you made a post without a really rude word. If this gets around the coffee shop you may be in for a reprimand.

Tony to be punished for honoring the Prince. On ABC24 , he will receive a public thrashing administered by Vitrioli ! Shades of Fawlty Towers ?

So hopeless, it has to be JG herself!!

Well, it's not Shaggin Shorten, he can't put a sentence together and I hear he cleared off over to the soldiers, after he organised the last failed doodle bomb on the PM.

Just my opinion G but I think this guy has had many identities on here including Trigger and Horse. He's a well known serial leftoid pest with a reputation for a potty mouth. Nasty piece of work.

What's your interest in Abbott's daughter Flying? Politicians families are off limits and I would ask you to keep that in mind before trying to spread your muck over them! Very grubby dear!

Yesterdays handbag, horse ?

Go and do the dishes horse, you lazy arsewipe .