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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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... you'll break his heart

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


For God’s sake make sure you include this in any comment you make: “This crime has nothing to do with Islam and nothing to do with religion.” It seems this memo went out to every politician, public servant and copper in the country. But it has backfired. You can fool some of the people some of the time but none of the people this time.

Okay, so we mustn’t upset the nice Islamic community because we need their help to tell us where the mad nutters are, but unfortunately there seems to be mad nutters everywhere and, if you really believe their mums and dads will dob them in, then you’ve got your hand on it.

A normal kid born in Australia would never think of bombing the MCG or cutting someone’s head off, so where exactly does this kid learn all this violent anti-Australian stuff?

I can think of only two possible places; either in the home or in the mosque.

A normal Aussie school has a sane Head Teacher and a few insane pupils. A normal Aussie mosque has an insane Head Teacher and a few sane pupils... and some of those sane pupils will turn feral.

At home, in any good Islamic family, a kid must pray five times a day, read the cover off the Koran and recite a hadith of Sharia law hanging from a magnet on the fridge. 

He will get as angry as hell when he can’t eat for a month during Ramadan and can only go out with sheilas he can’t shag (and probably wouldn’t want to if he could see them) so by the time he’s 18 and breaking out in pimples, a bevy of 72 virgins is sounding pretty bloody good.

Right now the kid has a permanent woody and is understandably besotted with these virgins and desperate to get his hands on just one of them... and that’s where the trouble starts. 

Before you know it he’s borrowed his mate’s vest and bought a ticket to Syria. 

But his dear old mum refuses to let him go, so he gets on his computer and learns how to make bombs out of stuff in the laundry cupboard. 

He then figures out how to set the bomb off with his phone and buys one of those toy drones with a remote control.

Now he decides to sit in Punt Road and rehearse flying the thing into the MCG at half time. But he only manages to knock over one behind post and cause a ringing sound in Tom Jones’ ears... and he is still not more than one pubic hair closer to those virgins.

“Bugger this”, he thinks, “I gotta cut some bastard copper's head off, that should do it!”

So he borrows his mate’s knife and a black flag with white Arabic words on it and drives into Endeavour Hills cop shop wielding the knife and yelling, “Allahu Akbar! I’m gunna kill you lot and f***in’ Tony Abbott too!” 

Well, now the kid’s getting somewhere... there are two cops covered in blood trying to keep their heads on and the kid’s begging to be shot, so they shoot him! Ripper! He’s as dead as a dodo, with a smile on his face and listening to these Muslim elders going off their heads about police brutality. 

Islamic preacher, Sheikh Ustadh Mohammed Junaid Thorne said, “Unfortunately, our young brother went alone to meet with these ‘ambiguous’ policemen, the violators of his privacy”. 

He complained, “What we are sure of is that he was murdered in cold blood right in front of a police station, in front of a place that is supposed to be providing security and comfort to our youth.”

Shiekh Thorne extended his prayers and deep condolences to the family of the kid without mention of the two coppers (one was rushed to hospital with knife wounds to the throat and chest) and both were lucky to escape with their lives.

The idiot Sheik continued, “This boy was not a casualty of an armed heist, nor was his death the result of some drug deal that went wrong, rather he was killed by the same people who are supposed to be protecting this country.”

On went the idiot Sheik, “We still ask and wonder why deadly force was immediately used against a teenager who was provoked in the first place and forced into such a situation. 

“I address the Australian community, the Muslims and non Muslims, when I say that the Government will try its best to frame this young kid as a ‘terrorist’.

“They will use all their efforts and resources to brand him a threat to the community, but we must not forget that he was nothing but an average teenager who once again fell victim to police brutality and murder.” 

WTF? Don’t these galahs really believe in this 72 virgins stuff after all? They should be happy for him.

Unlike the media and the Muslim elders, this dead kid reckons he’s really glad his first tilt at terrorism had something to do with Islam ‘cos right now he’s as happy as a pig in shit!


Seems we are all missing something. The Koran talks about 72 dark haired virgins, but nowhere does it say they are HUMAN FEMALE. They could be dogs, birds, fat men, skinny men, MEN!!!! So your reward for killing maybe 72 horny black Labradors.

I really don't like muslim. They are weird peope.

Having blown himself up, an 18-year-old suicide
bomber appeared before Allah.

He said, "Oh, Allah, I did your bidding but I have a request. Since
I'm only 18 and spent all my time in terrorist training school, I have
never been with a woman. So, instead of 72 virgins, who also won't
know what to do sexually, can I have 72 whores?"

Allah regarded him for a moment and then replied, "Actually, the 72
virgins are here in heaven because assholes like you murdered them
before they could experience the pleasure of sex. So you're here to
service them. Since they're virgins, they're quite sexually ravenous,
and frankly, you'll be on constant, exhausting duty.."

The bomber responded, "Well, I guess I can live with that. How hard
can it be to keep 72 women satisfied for all eterni

I seemed to have missed any one from the deceased's family or religion wishing the best for the two officers chopped up by this outrageous attack.

Great article Larry, but unfortunately there are plenty of these 18 year olds and older out there breaking out in pimples, to whom a bevy of 72 virgins and being martyrised is sounding pretty bloody good and honourable. This idiot Sheik is defending the undefendable Listen here you shit stirrer Sheikh Ustadh Mohammed Junaid Thorne "WE DON'T ACCEPT YOUR RHETORIC WE DON'T ACCEPT THE APOLOGIES AND EXCUSES OF ISLAM ANY MORE" the Islamic credibility in Australian society has gone and can't be trusted just like the credibility of Islam has gone throughout the world.

You aint alone in your thoughts M60.Trouble is there is not enough of like minded patriots like us , definitely not any pollies. In the mean time, I sit here wondering which way the bus went - did anyone get the bastards number?

Will Russia and China hold their fire until there is no alternative but war?

Obama's September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life. It is absolutely amazing that the president of the United States would stand before the entire world and tell what everyone knows are blatant lies while simultaneously demonstrating Washington's double standards and belief that Washington alone, because the US is exceptional and indispensable, has the right to violate all law.

It is even more amazing that every person present did not get up and walk out of the assembly.

Read more:

Hunter02: It's going to be a hell of struggle but since I'm the positive sort (my cup's always one tenth full) I live in hope still. But one thing is for sure, we as a country are in a lot of trouble, and perhaps the worst of it is 80% of the population don't or won't realise it. Good grief! We have Muslims on the AUSTRALIA DAY COUNCIL??? We still have lily-livered politicians, senior bureaucrats and law enforcement agency heads pissing-in-their-pants scared to tell us the truth or even to speak to us plainly and openly. In other words, these poltroons are lying to us. My country, my Australia, is in big trouble. Even some teenagers can see it now and many I speak with are worried, God knows they can't get the truth from their Generation X parents who simply don't know.

Yes, right at the moment the Politicians are scared of a public backlash against the Muslims, after all there is only 2% of them so they are well & truly outnumbered. It's time the Muslim community here decided what they wanted. A peaceful life in co- existence with the rest of us or perpetual confrontation. If they want the former they have to sort out their Islamic terrorist mess & the Mosques Muftis. And for God's sake ban that stupid ugly confronting burka. That type of crazy symbolism is totally foreign to Australia & absolutely unnecessary. And ban the Halal certification Islamic terrorist supporting con that's obviously costing companies like Cadbury/Kraft, SPC Ardmona (Goulburn Valley) & Bega Cheese & others a lot of money as well as the stupid people that buy it anyway. Something has gone wrong with the Muslims here. I was shocked to find that His Eminence the Grand Mufti of Australia Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mahommad can’t speak English even he’s been here for over 25 years. Maybe he thought he didn’t have to when he came here because Australia will be speaking Arabic by then?

I remember the discussion M60. I agree with you totally regarding the subs .Do you think we will ever get pollies who can raise their thoughts above the"Poof Parades" or offending musslimes long enough to do something beneficial for Australia?

Read Bolt's account of Junaid Thorne as a "bad boy" with his brother in trouble overseas in the past, and Tony Jones on Lateline phoning him to help, along with Bob Carr intervening for him. When he is back in Australia he becomes a "sheik" for Islamic State and the picture shows his flag. Jones is a lowlife to get them (the 2 brothers) back in Australia.

............and being told not to wear our uniforms is nothing new. We were told that on out return from Vietnam. (Yes, we had the usual traitorous Labor bastards around then too.)

Hunter: ......The Homosexual Brigade, is working full time on their 'float' for the Poof Parade, they don't have time for things like actual defense. That's left up to the real soldiers, thankfully we still have some left. (The sooner David Morrison and Malcolm McGregor are cashiered the better.)


Photo of Den The Neutered Hen Napthine bowing lower than the muslim cleric made me ashamed to be a Victorian. Ken Lay is a good man, the troops like and respect CY2 but this dreadful lack of public speaking expertise does him no good in the public's eyes. He does not exude confidence like Mr. Morrison, but I hope he gets the job done, he is the only Chief Commissioner we have.

PHIL: He crawled out from the bottom of the compost pile. HUNTER02: Nuclear capability: Exactly, Some months ago posed the suggestion we purchase or lease 'Virginia Class' subs from the US (if possible?). Just one of these would be more than enough deterrent to put the shits up any potential enemy for the next 50 years, but a fleet of say, 6 would be six times better and at around 2 billion each a veritable bargain. In addition atomic power would suit this country more so than any other place on earth and we should have and could have one of the largest and best atomic industries in the world.

I felt sick & frustrated watching the Victorian Police Commissioner flop & fumble with his answers on the ABC. He's a policeman for God's sake let alone the Commissioner of Police. It was very hard to watch that man groveling down to that low level for the Muslims like he did. He sure didn't look like a leader to me.

damn Clive gets on with his straight face or caring face and says that these guys armed with their tpvs (to paraphrase) will be able to go out and GET JOBS. And go to the country if necessary to GET JOBS. Well Clive, I wonder if the unions and people will start complaining, sounds like the 457's visas to me. And my emphasis on GET JOBS is because, where are the JOBS, particularly in the country. And if they are already getting some form of Centrelink payment, how do they make them go to the country. Most want to hang around big cities. Smart move Clive. Sorry I don't think so. Oh, Clive are you going to offer them jobs in one of your many establishments. The resort perhaps. Cheap labour.

I watched Lateline news with Scott Morrison talking about TPV's, some deal he had to do with Clive. Then Clive gets on all straight faced (or is it his

Yep! !! the name says it all 'HOTROCKS"