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Monday, 25th March 2019

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DON'T SCREW AROUND WITH THE GST... the solution is simple

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The GST carve-up is developing into an insoluble mess where no State can ever be happy. There always has been only one solution and that is to allow each State to raise (and/or lower) its own GST take. The States, not the Federal Government, should live or die electorally by its own administration of this tax.

It is inconceivable that WA still doesn’t get even 50 per cent back from what it raises. 

Other nations’ VAT or equivalent is never split up between States, provinces or boroughs as ours is.

The raising or lowering of the GST take is impossible when all States have to agree to any change as there is always one or more States approaching an election.

Five per cent of the total States’ GST take should go to the Commonwealth for topping up in cases of natural disasters and other anomalies.

Any further adjustments can be administered by the Commonwealth Grants Commission in the normal way.

States already have the infrastructure to administer a tax, so there is no additional cost.

What we have now is self-induced madness. 



A genuine query: In recent weeks, there have been many expensive adverts aired during the evening news for an outfit calling itself: "Arab Bank Australia", suggesting that Australians get their mortgages through them. It got me thinking...if a Christian Australian and a Muslim Australian both borrowed, say, $500,000 through this mob, would they both be up for the same amount of repayments and subject to identical terms? I thought that there was some sort of Koranic prohibition against the charging of interest on loans to Muslims. If the terms of the loan and quantum of repayments ARE different according to the religious beliefs of the borrower, is that legal under Australian law? Does anybody have an answer?

Meanwhile, silly Billy is over here spruiking his wares, reckons he is going to make the GST more equitable for West Aussies plus is promising $87 million for some obscure project at Midland - yeah, sure Billy!

Get rid of all taxes = no more Canberra. I'll vote for that!

As I said last Friday, there are about 3 million licenced gun owners in Australia. Take an average gun owner (like myself) to have 5 guns and there you have over 15 million legal guns in Oz. This does not count the estimated 2 million that were not handed back and the estimated 1 million that are stored in the Mosques and Bikies safes around the Country.

G.S.T. = Gonads Severed from Turncoat! What a man. In the immortal words of Keating, he is like: "...a shiver, looking for a spine to run up...". Get the 30 candles ready for his "Popularity Cake" - we're about to find out whether the A.L.P. taught him as much about blatant two-faced hypocrisy, as they taught him about disloyalty, backstabbing and losing the 1.5 million new First Preference votes and all-bar-one of the surplus seats that his predecessor brought to the Party.

There was a lot of deceptive information about the major tax reform including abolishing WST and introducing GST. First proposed by Treasurer Keating of Labor in 1985, then by Opposition Leader Hewson of the Coalition in 1993 when the Howard Government took office in 1996 a journalist repeatedly asked PM Howard if his government planned a GST and the reply was NO. Asked several times Howard said the words: "never ever" in frustration. But in 1999 announced a major tax reform plan including GST. Beazley Labor campaigned against at the next election but the Howard Government was returned to office, and then proceeded with the major tax reform programme, including GST. This indicates how propaganda is applied, never ever was used as a negative but the fact remains GST was an election issue

Remember that 10% Goods & Sales Tax replaced Wholesale Sales Tax levied on all goods in the range 17.5% to 27.5% so, retail price sales of goods became cheaper. Example: $100.00 wholesale 22% WST = $122.00 then retail margin, say 100% = $244.00 sale price. $100.00 no WST = $100.00 then retail margin 100% = $200.00 10% GST = $220.00 sales price. Saving $24.00

The Labor state governments reneged on the GST Agreement and failed to abolish most of the state taxes they agreed to get rid of such as payroll tax and stamp duty, so we pay stamp duty plus GST.

In a blink of an eye the GST will be @50%

'self induced madness' Larry..that is Australian politics through and through....the problem with that suggestion is that the States were meant to remove a host of their own taxes...this only happened to a limited other words the States cant be trusted...if they havent removed the state taxes, then they cant have a full quota of GST carveup..but of course such simple solutions are beyond the vision of the Zio Zombies we know as our in particular who has hijacked the Australian Government is now running a gaming racket for himself with power prices..and no-one is mentioning it..

OT It was all OK until the idiots introduced, and subsidised, unreliable wind and solar and sold the poles and wires. Like buying a cheap car that only works sometimes, because it's cheap, utter madness!

Sounds reasonable

Why can't the Government cumpulsorily aquire Liddell for the greater good. Just like it does when any of our properties when it's in the way of one of their roads. This happens even though they plan to sell it on to to the parasites for pennies on the dollar later.

Unfortunately, common sense has no place in government so letting states tax its voters is not going to happen. Perhaps the larger plan is for the abolition of state governance, not without its merits for sure but will make the road to socialism at lot easier & the same for the creation of a Islamic national socialist state a certainty. Oh! what a tangled web THEY weave......

Liddell could be put back into public ownership by declaring it's sale illegal , those who orchestrated the deal have a vested interest in that end of town which will show insider trading of public assets .

Said before and saying again; any taxation is nothing more than legalised theft.

John Howard is not the great PM we all believed. He was/is a very wily and cunning little politician.
He set up the GST such that it is controlled centrally (like a socialist government would).
He confiscated our guns such that only criminals have guns (like a socialist government would)
He introduced this climate change scam for Marxist Malcolm to run with (like a socialist government would)
He "reformed" the tax system to make life difficult for small businesses (like a socialist government would)
He eagerly stood with political conmen Bush and Blair in the Iraq war (he was effectively the younger Bush's lapdog)
He knew full well he was planning to hand over to the evil egomaniac Kevin Rudd in the 2007 election.
Johjn Howard has backed socialist Turnbull every time.

Put quite simply the GST carve up strategy punishes success and rewards failure.

5 ***** solution

At its conception I errantly believed the GST was a consistent nation wide tax grown or diluted upon the entrepreneurial prowess of the then state government, basically they taxed and spent on their respective capacity to generate GST. Factually the current GST formula is a Socialist-Communist formula where initiative is stifled and laziness rewarded. Granted the Feds have to levy the states but that's relatively easy that being they take say 5 or 10% of all GST collected by each state, the remaining 90% goes back to state that earned it. Propping up low rent states is a no-no think SA and Tazzy. WA should get the bulk amount back to grow and prosper their state as the people see fit, and wouldn't it be one hell of a state if they could do that!