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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Greens’ unabashed Communist Senator, Lee Rhiannon, declared three years ago that coal production in Australia was finished. She was justifiably laughed at and she even drew derisory comments from the media. 

How can times change so quickly? But they can only change that quickly and that irresponsibly with the assistance of a Lefty interloper posing as a conservative after having backstabbed an elected conservative Prime Minister.

A political imperative is that you must not commission a report unless you are certain it will dovetail with what you want. PM Turnbull is a global warming nutter with an eye on a future with the UN. Just like other failed Labor leaders.

Neurologist and Government "scientist", a dickhead called Alan Finkel (above) has just written a report on Australia’s future energy needs that has more holes in it than a cheap crumpet and it makes no sense at all, unless of course you are a global warming wanker. It’s hard to imagine what similarities link neurological qualifications to a drastic energy shortage.

Turnbull’s brain fart of an idea to drive the Snowy water up hill so that it can be dropped again, indicates just how smart our current PM is. It’s also hard to equate dubious merchant banking qualifications with high-end hydrological engineering.

It seems our PM sat upright in bed one night, bleary eyed, still grasping his donger, and announced that he had just discovered the illusive theory of “perpetual motion”.

It’s not his silly idea anyway, it was suggested ten years ago and dismissed out of hand after it was quickly established the extra electricity gained did not cover the electricity required to pump the water up hill for almost one kilometre, in the first place.

                      Unabashed, self-claimed Greens' Communist, Lee Rhiannon

So we must not mine our own clean, efficient, coal so that other nations must now use the world’s dirtiest coal. Work THAT out. Doesn’t that sort of defeat what the Greens, Shorten and Turnbull are trying to achieve? Or is it just another example of Left logic?  

Turnbull evokes bitter memories of fools like Whitlam, Rudd and Gillard. We await the sage administration he promised us but all we have got so far is a combination of the supercilious ideological bullshit of those three former Prime Ministerial wastrels.

I am not going to abuse my new keyboard trying to explain the stupidity behind Turnbull’s thinking, so I will just iterate the fact that the Paris Accord is dead… stone dead. The Accord was only a verbal commitment anyway, and anyone who trusts India, China or Indonesia to keep their word needs a good shrink.

It seems only Australia is silly enough to keep its word.

         Just one of 45 coal-fired power stations Japan has signalled it will build ASAP.

Even nuclear-shy Japan has started on new coal-fired power stations. India and China are opening new stations at the rate of one a week, and they have promised they will continue doing so at least until 2030, by which time Al Gore will have tired of fishing for trout in the streets of Miami and will be flicking sardines to polar bears from his Fifth Avenue apartment.

Fair dinkum I’m over this shit! This Government reminds me of my aerobatic training when you drive the aircraft vertically at an idling throttle until it stalls. Then you give it full left rudder and pull back on the column at which time it will face the ground, stalled in a vertical, incipient spin. 

You watch the cows in a paddock going round in circles slowly getting closer… until at the last minute you decide life really is worth living and give the aircraft full opposite rudder and ease the stick forward increasing the throttle for straight and level, controlled flight.

But this Government has no intention to use full opposite rudder, and we are all in the back seats screaming our heads off with the cows also shitting themselves below.

This mad Left governance is hopefully like cyclical climate change... it must eventually complete the cycle before returning to normality.

                          Hmmm, but I’m not so sure about that with this bloody mob.


Paste this into your browser for an explanation of Global Warming that even the Greens would have trouble explaining...

And the SA Gubmint still can't see the forest for the trees:

I note that Canadian Provinces are banning corporate and union donations to political parties. Isnt it time Australian States and Government did this.

"Go Back To Europe"

If you are one of many PP posters who attacks me for being pro Anglo/Euro Christian Aasutralia and European society and are pro Jewish, don't watch this video. Go back to your Muslim friends.

Love the three stooges at the bottom

Whatever happened to the government working for the country,, as it was supposedly paid to do?? Doesn't anybody give a fuck any more??

12 months of mixing with other white collar crims would have given him a reasonable base apprenticeship on how NOT to get caught next time.....the greedy rarely learn their lesson!!

I remember we even had free milk Troops!!

Nuff-nuffs should have their own schools . . . just my opinion.

The US Criminal “Justice System” is Devoid of Justice

Paul Craig Roberts

In 1992 Fran and Dan Keller were convicted despite the absence of any evidence of raping a 3-year old, a crime that never occurred. Among the absurd charges was the transport of children to Mexico to be raped by military officials. The Kellers spent 21 years in prison before finally being exonerated by a conviction integrity unit that found no credible evidence for the conviction.

This kind of ridiculous conviction plagued child care providers during the 1980s and into the 1990s. The Amirault family who operated the Fells Acres Day Care Center in Massachusetts were ruined. The Massachusettes supreme court judge who kept the Amiraults in prison despite the completely obvious fabricated case is today a Harvard University law professor. In Wenatchee, Washington, scores of people were ruined by insane allegations of a church practicing Satanic Sex Rituals on children. There was the Little Rascals Day Care case in North Carolina, the McMartin child care case in California, and many others. Few remember that President Bill Clinton’s attorney general, Janet Reno, rose to name recognition based on false convictions from child abuse witch hunts.

The insanity spread wider. Young women with emotional problems were told by “therapists” that they had been raped by their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and brothers. Families everywhere were blown apart by wild charges.

“Child advocates” insisted that all male heterosexuals were suspect as child rapists. There was no such thing as a real trial, just a condemnation. Allegations alone destroyed people.

It spread into “wife rape.” States passed “wife rape” laws, and any wife could get rid of a husband by accusing him of rape. I investigated and wrote about the case of Wm. Strong. He was about to divorce his wife for her infidelity, but she struck first with a rape charge. Strong was the victim of wife rape law. His parole appeal is routinely turned down because of “the serious nature of your offense.” I myself have written to the Virginia Parole Board on several occasions pointing out that I covered the story and Strong was framed on false charges by his wife who outsmarted him. But the Virginia Parole Board has no interest in any evidence. The Parole Board exists for the purpose of protecting the system, not for admitting mistakes.

I wrote about many of the child care cases. Only in the Wenatchee case did facts that I helped to marshall result in the cases being overturned. During the entire process I was attacked by the local newspaper and radio station. Neither were interested in any facts. They knew the church was guilty. Period.

Evidence simply was not important. Juries were ramrodded by hysteria conjured up by “child advocates,” newspapers and TV reports.

Consider the case of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. He was framed by Republican US attorneys and Republican federal judges. A normal everyday political contribution was turned into an influence-selling case. In Siegelman’s case, even the intervention of 113 former state attorneys general led by New York attorney general Robert Abrams, who called Siegelman’s frameup an “enormous scandal,” could not prevent Gov. Siegelman from being sent to prison by corrupt Republicans.

The Republican federal judge who presided over the attrocity was subsequently arrested for beating his wife bloody in an Atlanta hotel and got off. Of course.

In America only the innocent go to prison.

Americans do not understand this. They have been deceived by “law and order conservatives” that liberal judges always let the criminals off and that any criminals that somehow are sent to prison despite the libeal judges are rescued from jail by liberal parole boards.

The fact of the matter is that only 3% of felony cases go to trial, and in these cases prosecutors are able to bribe and to pay witnesses for false testimony against the accused and to withhold exculpatory evidence that would clear the defendant of the charges. In other words, conviction regardless of the evidence is almost always obtained.

In the other 97% of the cases, the defendant’s attorney negotiates with the prosecutor a ficticious charge to which the accused will plead guilty in exchange for dropping the more serious charge for which the accused was arrested. The attorney knows that to defend against even a false charge is unlikely to be successful and that the accused will draw a longer sentence from going to trial than from agreeing to a lesser charge in a plea bargain. Both prosecutor and judge are grateful, because it saves both from days, even weeks, of court time, thus keeping the judge’s case load lighter and permitting the prosecutor many more convictions with which to embellish his record. A week of plea bargains can produce many times the convictions of a week in court dealing with one case. The fewer cases the judge has to study and to apply his understanding of the law, the better for the judge.

As only 3% of cases go to trial, the police evidence is seldom tested. The police know this. One result is that it is much easier for the police to pickup someone who had committed a similar crime in the past and charge him, than to go to the trouble of solving the crime by investigating it. Indeed, the police are so out of touch with neighborhoods, compared to bygone days when police walked their beats and knew the population, and crimes appear so random, that many crimes simply can’t be investigated. Much easier to pick up someone with a record and charge them. This practice explains the high recidivism rates. Once convicted, they will convict you again. It is how crimes are “solved.”

Don Siegelman was probably the best governor Alabama ever had. He had to be good in order to be elected as a Democrat in a Republican state. The fact that President Obama, who had the support of 113 state attorneys general in behalf of Siegelman, did not lift a finger to have the Justice Department look into Siegelman’s frameup or use his pen to sign a pardon demonstrates that an ordinary citizen has no chance whatsoever. When a prominent governor can be framed, the fate of a single mom or a black man is sealed when they are arrested.

In the “American criminal justice system” justice is totally absent. There is no such thing as justice in America.

The criminalization of US citizens by the Injustice System is now one of America’s largest industries. Prisons have been privatized, and their inmates comprise cheap labor for Apple Computer and defense industries among many others. The United States of America not only has the highest percentage of its population in prison, it has the highest absolute number, substantially higher than “authoritarian China,” a country whose population is FOUR TIMES LARGER than the US but a country with fewer people in prison.

That should tell Americans something. But they are too brainwashed to see it. The morons rush to the defense of the police, and they praise prosecutors for their wrongful convictions. In America, to be accused is to be guilty. Not even President Trump is safe from being falsely convicted by false charges and driven from office.

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I was reflecting on what the Earth would be like if there was a Virus that could only be cured by eating Pork and drinking Wine..

Quaran scientific FACTS, Adam was 60 cubits tall, 90 feet and the Earth was only 10% of today's size, all bullshit, impossible and no proof, but it's in the quaran so it has to be true and all muslims believe it

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Who's the conceited bitch who breast-fed her sprog in the Senate? The words "unseemly" and "stunt" spring to mind. Cory Bernardi should pull out a little mirror, some shaving foam, a bowl of warm water and have a shave next time Kenny Wong goes on one of her senate rants. Better still, the tiresome senator should let Billy Shorten borrow the little tyke in the Lower House to feed upon his ample tits during Question Time - now that would reflect Labor/Greens values!

The two men — an American identified as Kevin King and an Australian man identified as Timothy Weekes — were abducted outside the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, where they work as teachers.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid sent the video to media outlets on Wednesday.

In the footage, both King and Weekes say the date is June 16. The previous video of the pair, released in January, showed them appearing pale but in this one, they look healthier.

Both say they are being treated well by the Taliban but that they remain prisoners and appeal to their governments to help set them free. It is impossible to know whether they were forced to speak.

U.S. officials said in September that American forces had launched a rescue mission, but the captives were not found at the raided location.

Dan needs a good kick in the bollards .